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Love-Struck Prince/C4 Forced Dismantling License
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C4 Forced Dismantling License

Xu Fangzhou frowned, hearing that the people were arguing about the construction site being in arrears with the payment, she did not care, but Jiang Siming who was at the side opened his mouth: "It's the construction project for the Ji Family."

From the Ji Family?

Xu Fangzhou did not doubt Jiang Siming's eyes at all. She immediately set the target of her investigation as the next target.

Jiang Siming glanced at her, then said indifferently: "You want to go?"

Xu Fangzhou did not deny it.

"I'll send someone to pick you up at seven tomorrow morning."

He had clearly said before that he would never have anything to do with her again, yet today, seeing her made him realize that his interest in her had not lessened one bit. She actually wanted to use her own strength to bring down Ji Family?

Seeing Xu Fangzhou's doubt, he paused for a moment and continued, This project is a joint venture between Chiang and herself.

Xu Fangzhou pursed her lips. Since that was the case, if she followed Jiang Siming in, it would probably be much easier than being alone.

"Then... "Many thanks to Young Master Jiang."

There was no need to ask him the reason. This was a project which was related to his own Chiang.

On the morning of the second day, Jiang Siming's driver went downstairs to pick her up and went straight to the construction site. After being informed that Jiang Siming was busy, she sneaked into the construction site to look around.

Just as he walked into the construction site, he heard voices quarreling. When Xu Fangzhou walked closer to look, he discovered that a group of residents who were originally living here had been forcibly evicted due to problems with the construction project. Furthermore, the compensation for the construction work was still far from enough.

It seemed that there was indeed a problem with this project.

She reached out to support a woman who had almost been pushed over by the contractor. "Are you all right?" she asked softly.

"Thank you, young lady."

The woman's face was filled with indignation, "These heartless bastards, they originally said that they would arrange a place for us to live, but now they actually didn't even give us the compensation and instead arranged for us to live in the moving board rooms! "Pfft!"

Xu Fangzhou raised her head to look at the arrogant head contractor, and asked: "If you force for the eviction, then where is the eviction permit? "Take it out."

Most of the residents here weren't legally aware, but she knew that without proof, the project could have been reported to the government and forced to stop work.

"What forced removal license."

The contractor was clearly feeling guilty, "Who are you to be making such a ruckus here!?" Get her out of here! "

After he finished speaking, he called for the people around him to chase Xu Fangzhou away.

"You can't take out the forced removal license?"

Xu Fangzhou laughed, "After I leave, I will submit an application to the government for them to come personally to verify."

"Who do you want to apply to?"

Suddenly, a strange voice came from behind the contractor in front, it was one that Xu Fangzhou was very familiar with, it was Shangguan Xinyan.

However, the two people who walked over made Xu Fangzhou feel that they were even more eye-catching. Among them, wasn't the person that Shangguan Xinyan was holding onto was the one who tricked the Xu Family into breaking down their rights?

"I didn't expect that I would be able to meet you after accompanying Lu Buji."

Shangguan Xinyan wore the newest little dress of the Heavenly Slave of Hua Lun, and looked up and down at Xu Fangzhou's white t-shirt and jeans disdainfully, "This is really bad luck, even the bartender shouldn't be coming to the construction site to move the bricks, hahahaha."

Ji Luyi who was at the side appeared to be embarrassed, he did not expect to meet her at this kind of occasion, but he quickly regained his composure and greeted her calmly, as if the culprit who caused the Xu Family's downfall was not him, "Xu Fangzhou, long time no see."

The moment Xu Fangzhou saw Ji Luyi, her mind started to wander. Her eyes darkened, this man, who she loved so much, was only so-so.

"What are you standing there for? Are we going to pester Lu Bai again? "

Shangguan Xinyan obviously knew about it, so she used her pain to poke at her.

"Forcefully dismantling the license, and even developing the documents."

Xu Fangzhou could not be bothered to waste her breath with them, and directly replied.

When Ji Luyi heard these two things, his face immediately turned ugly. "Why do you care about these?"

Shangguan Xinyan was obviously smarter so she laughed coldly and said, "Xu Fangzhou, if you want to find Lu Bai, you have to use a smarter method, right? Don't you think that you have no shame yourself?"

Xu Fangzhou couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Sir, miss, you're being too thoughtful, really."

She showed a sincere expression. "If you can't take it out, then we'll talk about it after we meet with the government tomorrow."

In the end, he didn't want to say more and turned around to leave.


Ji Luyi's face turned ugly, he stepped forward and grabbed her by the arm, "Xu Fangzhou, you're too young, your Xu Family is your own problem, if you don't have the ability to see your own shares, how can you blame others? Why are you still targeting me? "

These words almost made Xu Fangzhou burst out laughing: "Mister Ji, have you forgotten what you've done? Or are you simply being heartless? Are you trying to be fair to me? "

Just based on Ji Luyi's words today, he had let down the Xu Family, and would definitely make him pay back ten times in the future!

Shangguan Xinyan laughed coldly, "Stop acting out your grievances. Xu Fangzhou, you can't blame me for not knowing what's good for you."

The bodyguards around her were shocked, they immediately rushed forward to grab Xu Fangzhou, but they did not expect Xu Fangzhou to be faster than them.

A clear and loud slap on the face shocked everyone present.

Xu Fangzhou did not hold back this time, she shook her wrist that was in so much pain, and revealed a beautiful smile: "Shangguan Xinyan, you were a dog before me, now, you are still a dog."

It was just a dog, yet the Xu Family wanted to change anything just because of a fall. Dream on!

"Damn it!" This bitch! You actually dared to hit me! "

This time, Shangguan Xinyan lost all sense of propriety. Stepping forward, she ruthlessly sent a slap towards Xu Fangzhou's face.

In the next moment, Xu Fangzhou was grabbed on the shoulder by someone and took half a step back to avoid the slap.

Xu Fangzhou suddenly raised her head.

It was indeed him, it was him again.

"It's rare for Miss Xu to be so unyielding this time."

Jiang Siming raised his eyebrows slightly, walked to Xu Fangzhou's side, and stood there, holding his chin up high, he looked at Shangguan Xinyan who was burning with anger, yet did not dare to release it, and Ji Luyi who had a deathly pale complexion, "Young Master Ji Er, you don't have the face to do this, right?"

"Young Master Jiang ?" "What does that mean?"

With a bad premonition rising in his heart, Ji Luyi asked.

He looked at the man in front of him with a smile that was not a smile, and started to panic in his heart. In his mind, he quickly thought of a solution, and as everyone knew, if he went against Jiang Siming, the outcome would be miserable for sure.

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