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Love-Struck Prince/C6 Bokonon's smile
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C6 Bokonon's smile

"The development of the real estate requires a" Land Transfer Contract ", a" State-owned Land Use Certificate ", a" Land Construction Planning License ", and a" Fixed Assets Investment License ". Otherwise, the project will not be set up. Once traced by the authorities, as a builder, he could immediately leave, but the developer with whom he has a partnership would have to bear all the responsibility. "

Xu Fangzhou paused as she spoke, she looked at the man in front of him and gritted his teeth as she said, "My Xu group was conned by him in this way, my father died from anger! Young Master Jiang asked where the evidence is? I am the proof! "

Xu Fangzhou's luminous gaze stunned the person in front of her for a moment. She did not expect that her petite body would be able to emit such a strong power in an instant.

He couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "Since Miss Xu is so sure, then let's go check if he has the relevant documents or not."

At this time, a cheerful bell came out from Xu Fangzhou's bag.

She opened her cell phone and saw that the boss of the clubhouse had called a dozen or so Life-Risking Calls. She couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

Originally, Xu Fangzhou had applied for leave, and this was still her working time.

Jiang Siming smirked, "I never thought that Miss Xu is busier than I, the CEO of Jiang Group. So many calls just a little while ago. "

Xu Fangzhou wiped the sweat on her forehead, and heard Jiang Siming say, "My Jiang Group has many seats, I wonder if you are willing to do that ?"

Before he could finish, Xu Fangzhou shook his head.

This woman had a beautiful face and fair skin. Her eyes in particular were as dazzling as black pearls.

At this time, the pair of black pearls were staring at Jiang Siming without blinking.

"Young master Jiang, please don't make a mistake. I'm not your target of help, but your partner," he said as he stretched out his hand.

As if bewitched by her, Jiang Siming also subconsciously reached out his hands, placing both of them together.

Xu Fangzhou said confidently, "We are partners, I want to take revenge against the Ji Group, and you want to avoid a losing investment, where mutual benefit and win-win are our common goals."

Jiang Siming's finger joints were distinct, his fingers were slender, and when Xu Fangzhou held them in his hands, she felt a little embarrassed, so she quickly took his hands out.

Jiang Siming looked at her soft and small hands that had pulled away from his, and felt a sense of loss in his heart for no reason.

When the two of them reached an agreement, Jiang Fangzhou stopped choking and emphasized, "I get off work at 7 PM. Remember to pick me up."

"Oh," The man slightly narrowed his eyes, "It's rare for Miss Xu to send me an invitation, I wonder ?"

"I'll provide you with information on Ji Group's illegal construction." Xu Fangzhou raised his chin, and then quickly left the extended Lincoln.

Seeing her graceful back, Jiang Siming slowly retracted his hand and gently put it under his lips.

Her gaze pursued her until she completely disappeared.

Only then did he say to the driver, "Let's go to the Planning Bureau."

When the bureau chief saw Jiang Siming visiting, he came out to receive him personally.

Jiang Siming took off his sunglasses, his handsome face showing no emotion at all, "Bureau Chief Wang, I'm here for a favor. Did you get me to check the documents for the AKUYXXXX project?"

When Director Wang heard the number, he frowned and said, "To be honest, Young Master Jiang, I'm afraid this project will fall through ?"

Jiang Siming nodded, and indicated for him to continue.

"I know that this project involves the investment of your Jiang Group, but it is true that I did not obtain the fifth certificate. Last time when I called the Young Master Ji Er, he promised that the other witnesses would be ready within a month. But it's already been two months and other than urging us to submit another batch of documents, he didn't provide anything else. "If it wasn't for you, Young Master Jiang, we would have already sent people to seal it."

Jiang Siming nodded after hearing what he said.

The man pursed his lips, "My Jiang Group will never do anything that goes against the law and rules, or disrupt normal business competition. As for the investment for the Ji Group, we will immediately withdraw our funds. Please do your business, Director Wang, and be fair with the residents who were violated. "

Director Wang nodded again and again. He grabbed the phone on the table and started instructing his subordinates.

Seeing that, Jiang Siming did not stay any longer, he waved his hand and called special assistance Zhao Ran over, "Go and find out who approved this project, then open him up."

Zhao Ran was Jiang Siming's special assistance, and also the Fourth Young Master of the Zhao Group. He was very smart, but a bit cynical.

The moment he graduated, he was dug over by Jiang Siming.

He used the phone to contact the company headquarters, at the same time, he winked at Jiang Siming, "This investment is at least 10 billion, Young Master Jiang can definitely catch up to us and bring us back, Miss Xu has done a great deed, how does Young Master Jiang intend to thank them?"

The man's cold brows slowly furrowed as he spat out a single word, "Scram."

Xu Fangzhou didn't think that Jiang Siming would personally come to pick her up.

The man was wearing an Armani casual suit and a world-limited version of Patrick Philippe's mechanical watch.

The side of his face was as sharp as a knife or an axe. He was abnormally handsome.

Those that know that this is the business tycoon Jiang Siming, those that don't know where does this international giant star come from?

When he casually stood on the street, people on the street cast sidelong glances at him.

Xu Fangzhou looked at herself again. She couldn't help but be annoyed by the loose T-shirt and ordinary jeans.

Who knew that in just an instant with his head lowered, Jiang Siming had already walked up to her with large strides. He raised his watch and said, "Miss Xu is rather punctual, not more than a minute, not less than a minute."

Xu Fangzhou also did not show any weakness. She first forced out a smile, then lifted her chin, "No way, of course I can't catch up to Young Master Jiang. There's obviously a situation we're in, but he arrived earlier than me ~"

Jiang Siming frowned, "Who told you I had a plan?"

Xu Fangzhou stopped laughing when she heard this, and started sizing Jiang Siming up from head to toe.

"Young Master Jiang must be joking, to be dressed so elegantly, it's not like you're just coming out to bathe ?" Member, could it be that you want to accompany me in resolving this case? "

Xu Fangzhou knew that Jiang Siming was extremely picky of women. All these years, there had been countless of girls that had pounced on him, but not a single one had survived.

However, this did not mean that Jiang Siming was an old monk. He was a legendary figure of this city, and even more so, a business tycoon.

If such a proud son of heaven were to say that he had no nightlife, she wouldn't believe it even if she beat him to death.

It was just that Jiang Siming's personality was deep and reserved, if it was directly seen through in front of him, it was unknown whether this Young Master Jiang would harbor any hatred in his heart.

Thus, he gave a gentle reminder and treated it as a smile.

Who knew that not only would the 'Jun' not laugh, it would even stare at Xu Fangzhou with its deep eyes without blinking.

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