Love Thorns/C6 The unexpected
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Love Thorns/C6 The unexpected
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C6 The unexpected


I heard my alarm clock beep several times as I lay awake on my makeshift bed.

I haven't been able to go to sleep at all last night.

My mind was pretty much occupied with what that filthy rogue said. There haven't been any troubles in the past between our pack and the Rosewood pack so why would their Beta want my parents dead? And of course, the beta wouldn't act without receiving orders from his alpha, would he?

So what is exactly happening? Why would they want them dead?

The thoughts were jumbling in my head and I couldn't think of any motive for them. Every time I think of a reason why, my mind finds a closure to it and I'm back to square number one.

I grabbed my phone from its hiding place under my mattress and sent a message to Hugh.

'I need you to check the financial records of the Rosewood pack seven years ago and check if they asked my parents for any financial help at the time.'

I sighed deeply and hid my phone back before getting up to start my day.

I took a shower and as usual wore baggy clothes. I wore the earpiece today so that I can hear what Hugh finds out. It was small and colourless so there won't be any problem. Plus, it's placed deep inside my ear so I bet anyone would be able to see it.

'I have the ear piece on.' I sent Hugh to notify him before leaving the room.

I walked into the kitchen and gasped in surprise when I saw Uncle Adam inside, sipping on his coffee.

I quickly lowered my head and started my acting.

"G-good morning Alpha." I fake stuttered in a low tone.

"Whatever." He mumbled under his breath. "We have important guests coming today so I need the pack house to look flawless, starting with my office." He ordered as he got up from his place and left the kitchen.

I scrunched up my face in confusion at what he said.

Important guests?

Maybe it's an alpha of some pack coming down here for some business. Maybe later, I'll place a hearing device inside his office.

I walked up towards the fridge and started preparing breakfast as usual when Hugh sang in my ear.

"Morning April." He said in a singy song voice.

"Morning Hugh." I replied with a faint smile, making sure that no one heard me.

"So, what are up to?" He asked making me raise an eyebrow at him.

"Get to the point." I said in amusement.

I heard Hugh sigh which was not a good sign.

"I've checked their financial records in that year and it appears that they were pretty well off. They never, actually, faced any financial crisis. Their alpha had a good grip on their money. He spent well." Hugh informed.

"Did they deal with my parents in any way in the past?" I asked in curiosity. Maybe it was something personal.

"Uhm...No. it's weird actually, since both pack territories are close. So how come they never had any relationship before."

True, packs always try to join forces with their neighbors just in case something happened and they needed help. Alphas loved it when they've got a lot of allies on their side.

I hummed in response as I placed the food plates on the table. I made a dozen stacks of pancakes today so I got out both the chocolate and maple syrups from the fridge.

"Only one person can tell us why." I mumbled to myself but I was sure that Hugh heard me.

"Why they never acknowledged each other?" Hugh asked.

I nodded even though he couldn't see me.

"But you can't just go up and ask him. He might beat the shit out of you for snooping around. You know how he never wants you to deal with anything related to the pack." Hugh stated the obvious.

"But Rose can." I heard Rose, my wolf answer and I knew exactly what she meant.

"Yes, Rose can." I repeated so that Hugh can know.

I heard him sigh, but say nothing.

"Oh and Hugh." I called.


"Find out who's visiting the pack today." I ordered in a plea-full tone.

"Sure." He replied back and cut the connection.

Members of my pack started filing into the kitchen and digging into their food as I, like always stood there and watched.

It didn't take them long to luck their plates clean and leave without acknowledging my presence.

"Soon. They'll bow to us, soon." Rose grumbled I side my head and I only nodded in agreement.

I then started getting the house cleaned up.

"It's the king." Hugh suddenly said through the ear piece making me halt my mopping.

"What?" I asked, not sure if I heard correctly.

"The king and the prince are the ones Adam is waiting for. They'll be here in an hour or so." Hugh repeated.

"Why? The king never visited our pack."

"Do you think it's..." Hugh trailed off making a war start in my stomach.

"But it's not possible that someone knows it's me. I had both my face and scent hidden. I didn't even shift into my wolf." I whispered.

"Maybe someone saw you and followed you here." Hugh stated.

By now, all my thoughts were flying around in my head and I couldn't think straight. This can't be the end. It's still too early.

"Just in case, go hide your scent and don't make eye contact with anyone." Hugh said to which I nodded.

I quickly finished mopping the floor before running to my room.

I sprayed the scent masking liquid on my body and wore a hoodie to hide my face a little.

I removed the hair clip which held my bangs, making them fall onto my forehead. I let the rest of my dark red hair fall onto my shoulders, hiding both sides of my face.

I looked at myself in the mirror and watched as my emerald green eyes stared back at me.

"It'll be okay. I'll be okay." I chanted to myself.

"And I'll always be there to protect you April." Hugh spoke softly making me smile.

"I'll know." I whispered back.

I heard a commotion downstairs and knew that the king and prince have arrived.

I took a deep breath before leaving my room and heading straight to the kitchen.

Uncle Adam led them upstairs towards his office and I quickly started pouring some fresh juice for them before placing the glasses on a clean tray and carefully ascended the stairs towards Uncle Adam's office.

"April wait." Hugh all but yelled into my ear making me halt my actions as I was about to knock on the door.

"They really are here because of the rogue killing." Hugh stated. I remained quiet and waited for him to continue.

Thank god for the hearing device that I placed under the desk.

"It seems that one of the King's guards saw the bodies of the three rogues and then saw you there in the scene. He only saw your back though and saw as you 'skilfully' jumped to a tree branch." Hugh continued, emphasising the word skilfully.

"He tried running after you but soon lost you in the woods. However, he was lead to near our pack's borders making him assume that the killer was one of our packs."

"Damn it." I cursed under my breath.

"What are you going to do April?" Hugh asked.

"Nothing." I replied nonchalantly.

"Nothing?" He repeated in shock.

"Yeah. You said that he didn't see my face so that's good. Plus, they'll just a resume that it's some pack warrior since I'm nothing but a weak slave to them. Uncle Adam wouldn't suspect a thing, especially if I kept up my act." I explained.

New confidence surged inside of me. Nothing will go wrong I'm sure.

I balanced the tray on one hand again before using the other to knock, making them halt their conversation.

"Come in." Uncle Adam barked.

I slowly opened the door and enter the room, making sure to keep my eyes lowered. However, as soon as I opened the door fully, the most amazing scent knocked all senses out of me.

It smelt like the forest after a rainy night. It smelt woodsy and warm. Like a warm cup of mint tea before bed.

I honestly never smelt anything like that before.

I couldn't help but look up in search for the source of that enticing scent.

My eyes landed on a man, sitting right next to the king. He was looking out the window, dreaming, staring like he was in a whole different world.

His dark raven hair accented his sharp features and I could see that he has chocolate brown eyes hiding behind a cloud of thoughts.

His body was well built, fit for a strong alpha male and he had a light stubble on his face.

The captivating scent and the pull I was feeling towards that specific male made it all clear to me.

My mate. The prince of werewolves is my mate.

And just then, and for only a second, I wished I didn't mask my scent.

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