C13 Escape

After a while, the driver said that they had reached their destination. Ding Manman stretched her head out to take a look, and to her surprise, it really was a hotel.

Although he scolded the old pervert in his heart, he still smiled decently on the surface and got off the car with Director Cai.

Director Cai had long since been impatient and wanted to eat some dessert in the car, but this woman was too smart, no matter how smart she was, it was useless. He had already booked a room, and when he thought about what happened next, Director Cai became extremely excited.

"Director Cai, I believe you have already booked a room. However, I didn't bring any change of clothes with me when I left today. Can you take me to buy some clothes? "Intense, I also have clothes to change."

Just as Director Cai planned to bring Ding Manman to his hotel room, Ding Manman suddenly turned into a charming demon, her every word carrying a bewitching aura.

Director Cai felt that his blood pressure had started to rise. He didn't even notice what Ding Manman had said and just nodded his head.

"Alright, alright, alright. Little Tianxin, I'll satisfy you with anything you want!"

Seeing that her plan had succeeded, Ding Manman could not help but heave a sigh of relief. When she left the restaurant, she had an idea in her mind.

Since Zhong Shaoting had said that during the meal, it didn't mean that he had abandoned her, and she could recover his freedom, just like when she was about to get on Director Cai's carriage.

She also looked around carefully. Other than the group of luxurious cars, Zhong Shaoting's car did not appear, which made Ding Manman even more sure of what she was thinking. That was why she dared to sit in Director Cai's car.

Because when she reached her destination, she would find a random excuse to get rid of this lewd old man. When that time came, she would truly be free without Zhong Shaoting's restraints.

Furthermore, when she went out of the hotel, she did not see anyone chasing after Zhong Shaoting either. This made her extremely excited.

Therefore, when Director Cai appeared at the clothing store with Ding Manman, it was probably because they were about to be free, so Ding Manman gave the Director Cai a very sweet smile. After all, if not for this Director Cai, she wouldn't have had the chance to leave.

Ding Manman picked a shopping mall that was filled with people and walked into a ladies' clothing store that seemed to be very popular.

After picking up a few similar clothes, he walked into the changing room. Director Cai was chatting with the young miss at the front desk while the other employees were busy with other customers, too busy to pay attention to anything else.

Ding Manman who was in the locker room took note of all of this. While Director Cai's eyes were glued onto the sexy and hot woman, she pretended to be calm and slowly moved from the corner to the door.

From time to time, he would flip through the clothes displayed. When Ding Manman moved to the door, Director Cai had already touched the beauty's hands.

A good chance! Without hesitation, Ding Manman turned and left the shop, and without hesitation, she walked towards the entrance of the market.

When she stepped out of the mall, the golden sunlight shone on her body. She couldn't help but squint at the warm feeling.

How long had it been since Ding Manman last felt such relief? She could no longer remember, just when she felt free.

Suddenly, a van stopped in front of her, and the car door opened up. Ding Manman felt that something was amiss and wanted to run, but the people in the van were faster, so he grabbed her hands and quickly covered her mouth with a white cloth. The next moment, she was dragged into the van.

Ding Manman, who had wanted to shout loudly for help, was sealed by the white cloth, giving off a faint, strange smell. She accidentally choked on it a few times, and her consciousness started to blur.

She could only watch as the car door closed bit by bit, until the last bit of sunlight was completely isolated outside. At the same time, Ding Manman fainted.

The entire process took less than ten seconds. Everyone on the street had their heads lowered as they played with their phones. They didn't know that a person had been kidnapped here ten seconds ago.

At this time, in the lobby of the hotel, Sun Linger was planning to go out and walk around when she saw Zhong Shaoting coming back from outside. Sun Linger immediately ran over excitedly.

"Brother, you're back. Where's Sister Manman? Why didn't she come back with you?" Sun Linger asked curiously, her gaze never left Zhong Shaoting's back, but she realized that there was no one there.

"Don't mention her." Zhong Shaoting originally had a bad complexion, but when he heard Sun Linger mention the lady's name, his eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty light.

On the contrary, she was wholeheartedly trying to persuade her brother to treat Ding Manman better.

"Brother, don't be like this, Sister Manman looks pretty good, I was really bored these two days. I had originally planned to let Sister Manman accompany me out of the house today, but who knew that both of you would not be here, it's really too boring."

"I warned you not to go near her." Sun Linger wanted to say something, but Zhong Shaoting coldly spat out those words and walked into the elevator. Her back looked to be in a rush, as though there was something urgent.

Sun Linger made a face as she looked at the closed elevator door. She was truly a heartless person and deserved to be alone for the rest of his life.

"The person you wanted has arrived." A rough male voice sounded. However, the voice was not very clear, as if it was saying something.

"Yeah, go out and get your reward." It was a magnetic voice this time, eh? Where had she heard this voice before?

Ding Manman thought vaguely. When she opened her eyes, she discovered that she was sleeping on a large, soft bed. The wallpaper on the ceiling looked so familiar.

It was as though … The wallpaper at Zhong Shaoting Hotel was the same.

Wait! Hotel! Ding Manman seemed to have thought of something and sat up abruptly, but because her movements were too fierce, she could not help but feel dizzy. She forced herself to sit up and observed her surroundings anxiously.

In the end, this was the hotel room she had left in the morning in despair. It was completely the same. How could it be like this …?

In the afternoon, she was clearly outside the shopping mall, but why did she come back here?

Just then, the thought of the van flashed through Ding Manman's mind, she immediately understood that she had been kidnapped, and looking at the familiar hotel now, she could tell with her toes who the person who kidnapped her was.

At this moment, the door to the room was opened. Zhong Shaoting's tall and big figure walked in, at the same time bringing about an endless sense of despair.

That's right, to Ding Manman, there was nothing more despairing than being dragged back into hell the next second after she gained her freedom.

She thought that she could get rid of Zhong Shaoting's control, but in the end she realised that in his eyes, her cleverness was like a clown.

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