C14 The punishment of anger

As night fell, the lights in the room were not turned on, the light from outside shone in, just enough to light up the place where Ding Manman was lying, and now that Zhong Shaoting was in the darkness, his expression could not be seen.

However, Ding Manman could clearly feel that after Zhong Shaoting had entered, the temperature of the entire room had instantly dropped by several degrees, to the point that even she couldn't help but tremble.

Ding Manman was quick to realize the problem. Although she couldn't see Zhong Shaoting's face clearly now, it made her more afraid and frightened.

"How does it feel to be back?" A sexy voice spread out in the room, but it sounded like the mumbling of a demon to Ding Manman's ears, causing her to tremble uncontrollably. She did not answer Zhong Shaoting's question.

Zhong Shaoting had long expected her to do this, so he slowly walked from one spot to the next, and finally stood in front of the bed where Ding Manman was lying on, looking down at her from above, like a king looking at her lowly slave.

"Looks like you've been enjoying your life recently. You're actually thinking of running away." If he did not send someone to watch, she might have really escaped, even though Zhong Shaoting knew that she would not be able to escape from his grasp in the end.

However, she was still in a bad mood when she found out that she had escaped. He hadn't tortured her enough, so how could she escape!

If it was possible that Ding Manman really wanted to tell her in front of him, she wouldn't let go of any opportunity to escape from his side, but she didn't dare.

Especially since the current Zhong Shaoting was like a thousand year old ice, with ice shards all over his body. If she were to charge into it at this time, he would definitely die a miserable death.

However, Ding Manman's silent appearance caused Zhong Shaoting to feel an indescribable sense of irritation. She extended her hand and pinched her chin, forcing her to look straight into his eyes.

"Why not? Didn't you say it in front of Cai Wen this afternoon? You've become mute now?"

Zhong Shaoting's voice hid her overflowing anger, the strength of her hands continued to increase, and even though Ding Manman was in so much pain that she grimaced, she did not let go.

"How come I didn't realize that you were so despicable before, that you could even swallow such an old person? You really make me feel disgusted!"

As long as he thought of how she laughed at that old fellow Cai Wen in the afternoon, the anger in Zhong Shaoting's heart burned non-stop. Whether or not she recognized who she was, the woman he used, actually dared to laugh at someone else.

"Heh, he is …" No matter how disgusting … "Better than you." Ding Manman endured the pain that came from her jaw and mustered up the courage to look directly into Zhong Shaoting's eyes as she spoke in an intermittent voice.

He clearly caused all of this, and he said that she was the Female Pr, to make the customers happy. Then if she only did what he said, then what's wrong with it?

No matter how disgusting Cai Wen was, he didn't make her feel more nauseous than when he came. He pushed her into the pit of fire with one hand, and when he saw her struggling in the pit of fire, he could only blame her struggling in the end. Her posture was too disgusting and made him nauseous.

"Say that again." Zhong Shaoting seemed to not believe what he had heard, his pitch black eyes stared at Ding Manman's painful expression as he spoke without emotion.

If it was any other person seeing Zhong Shaoting's current state, they would probably beg for forgiveness a long time ago. However, in some aspects, Ding Manman's character was exceptionally stubborn, especially in matters where she disagreed with him.

"I say, compared to Cai Wen, you're the most disgusting one." At least from the looks of it, Zhong Shaoting was someone who made her feel even more disgusted.

"Pah!" As soon as she finished speaking, a loud and clear slap sounded out, and Ding Manman could clearly feel a burning pain on her left cheek. In the next second, a blush quickly rose up on her face, and she could tell that Zhong Shaoting was truly angry.

"Disgusting? Today, I'll let you experience the taste of being disgusted. "

With that, Zhong Shaoting shook off her chin and tore off her clothes. Ding Manman wanted to resist, but her insignificant strength was not even worth mentioning in front of Zhong Shaoting.

Then the rags she brought her clothes with tied her hands to the headboard, ignoring her red, struggling face.

"Zhong Shaoting! You bastard! Let me go, I don't want it! "Beast!" But no matter how much Ding Manman cursed, Zhong Shaoting remained indifferent.

The current Ding Manman was truly panicking, even when she was beaten up by Zhong Shaoting, he was mostly furious, but she was never this afraid. Looking at Zhong Shaoting's expression, which was akin to that of a ferocious wolf plundering, Ding Manman's body couldn't help but tremble.

She was truly regretful now, but there was no medicine for regret in this world. When Zhong Shaoting pressed down the pressure, Ding Manman's tears instantly fell.

When Zhong Shaoting saw Ding Manman's tears, he was stunned for a moment. However, when he remembered how she smiled sweetly and sat in Cai Wen's car in the afternoon, that feeling of devastation assaulted his once again, that bit of pity also disappeared without a trace.

"Do you think I will let you go just because you're crying? "You're too naive. I want you to remember that what you endured tonight was all because of you."

Zhong Shaoting said coldly. In the next second, he had already fiercely barged in, and the pain made Ding Manman scream uncontrollably.

"This is only the beginning. The night is still very long." Zhong Shaoting spoke slowly beside her ear. Then, ignoring her cries, he started to plunder.

In the morning of the second day, Song Chen was ordered to bring over the most important contracts in the company, because these few days, the Director Zhong was here to participate in a party.

He temporarily ignored the matters at the company, but there were some important matters and some important contracts that needed Zhong Shaoting to look over personally.

But when Song Chen pressed the doorbell in the President's room, in the next moment, his own CEO walked out from the other President's room!

This feeling shouldn't be too exciting! Song Chen could not help but widen his eyes, and glanced at the tightly shut door in front of him. He probably remembered the room number correctly.

What made Song Chen even more surprised was that the CEO came out from Miss Ding's room! The president's messy shirt still had a dubious smell, which made people want to look at him.

"CEO, these are some important documents from the company that I need you to handle for me." Despite being shocked, Song Chen did not forget what he was doing. He handed the document in his hand over to Zhong Shaoting.

"Yes." Zhong Shaoting took the documents, and then opened the door and walked in.

"Oh yeah, there's one more thing, CEO. Director Cai called me last night to tell me about the Miss Ding."

Hearing about Ding Manman's matter, Zhong Shaoting did not stop his footsteps and continued walking, placing the documents on the table, he did not make a sound, but Song Chen knew what he wanted to say.

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