C15 The president was upset!

"Director Cai said that he was very angry with Miss Ding for running away on her own. He will think about the cooperation project for the H City Resort."

In fact, when Song Chen received the phone call, he was also surprised. He did not expect the delicate Ding Manman to do something like running away, and even had not been discovered by Cai Wen. It was really bravery, but seeing that the CEO had come out from Miss Ding's room, it seemed like Miss Ding had safely returned.

Then let's switch people, give the activity of developing the vacation area to Shaoling, he knows what to do.

If the vacation project was done well, Cai Wen could make a profit of at least 500 million. The reason why he cooperated with Cai Wen was because the two groups worked together and the Cai Group was more advantageous to the vacation project.

Zhong Shaoting always had the advantage when doing things, so when a lot of companies rushed to his side to obtain the project, he directly gave the development rights to the project to the Cai Group.

This also gave Cai Wen the illusion that he had to cooperate with him on Zhong's. Therefore, Cai Wen's actions these days became more and more unbridled, and he even did the actions of someone who wanted him at yesterday's dinner.

But in Zhong Shaoting's eyes, choosing Cai Wen was just because it was convenient, so if it was someone else, it would not be much of a problem.

Cai Wen didn't know that he had lost five hundred million yuan in profits just because of his grumbling phone call. If he knew it was going to be like this, he wouldn't even say half a word.

"Alright, I'll go notify Young Master Ling now." After Song Chen finished speaking and was preparing to leave, he saw in the corner of his eyes that when his CEO took off his shirt, there were obvious scratches crisscrossing on his back. Song Chen seemed to know some shocking gossip and exploded, but he still calmly left the room.

God! The CEO was in a bad mood! At first, Song Chen was not so sure, but with that casual glance, he could tell that the scratches on his back were from a woman.

This was simply too unbelievable. He had been by the CEO's side for so many years, and every day, there were many women who wanted to be with him.

However, the CEO had always kept herself clean. The group of women were not even worth mentioning and the CEO would not even look at them. Just when he thought the CEO would keep her calm, she started acting last night!

This news shocked Song Chen even more than the news of the third world war. When he looked at Ding Manman's room again, his eyes were filled with admiration.

To be able to take down the CEO of this Ten-Thousand Year Iron Tree, he really hid his strength well. It seemed that in the future, he had to treat this Miss Ding with extreme respect, and not be careless at all.

Ding Manman didn't know that she had invisibly changed Song Chen's opinion of her, because when she woke up, it was already the afternoon of the second day.

She was awakened by the pain from her lower body when she turned around. The piercing pain caused her to suck in a breath.

What followed the pain was the terrifying memories of last night. Last night, Zhong Shaoting was like an extremely ferocious beast, his actions were extremely rough, and there was not a single trace of gentleness in his words.

It was more a punishment than an outburst. She remembered that every time she was about to faint, he would force her to wake up and then crazily seize control of her body. When she finally lost consciousness, he would continue to press down on her without any intention of stopping.

"Damn beast!" Ding Manman fiercely cursed, her heart was filled with hatred towards Zhong Shaoting, and she wished that she could crush him and shatter his bones to vent the anger in her heart.

However, all of these were impossible. After yesterday, she had a rough understanding of Zhong Shaoting's abilities.

Although she didn't know how big Zhong Shaoting's group was, it wasn't hard to tell that there were many successful people who were well-known in the business world as well as the chairman and general manager of the large group. However, Zhong Shaoting was always very careful and cautious, which proved that Zhong Shaoting's power was not ordinary.

Therefore, Ding Manman clearly knew that if she relied on her to escape Zhong Shaoting's control alone, it would probably be impossible. Because no matter where she ran, Zhong Shaoting would clearly know where she was, and then catch her and bring her back without anyone knowing.

Even so, she didn't despair. If there was a chance, she would still run away, but the most important thing right now was to immediately clean herself up. The sticky feeling below made her feel uncomfortable.

The bedroom she was sleeping in naturally had a very spacious bathroom, but in a short distance, Ding Manman spent at least half an hour's time and had only just moved to the bathroom's door. After walking around lightly, her lower body was in excruciating pain, and during this period, Ding Manman had also cursed Zhong Shaoting no less than a hundred times.

After completing the cleaning with great difficulty, he spent about half an hour to lie back down on his bed. After all this tossing and turning, his stomach couldn't help but start singing an empty city plan. Thinking about it, he hadn't drunk a single mouthful of water since he had a meal at the table yesterday afternoon.

Her stomach was already starving from all the exercise, and just as she was about to call the front desk for food, she heard the door open and a few waiters enter with a trolley.

After simply filling her stomach, Ding Manman fell asleep once again. After all, she was really too tired, and she had never known that girls would be this tired after this sort of thing.

While she was sleeping, Su Hao, who was far away in H City, finally could not bear the nagging of his family. Hiding away from his parents, he bought an apartment and directly moved from home to live in it.

Although he did not believe that Manman would betray him, the video from that day clearly revealed everything. Despite that, deep in his heart, Su Hao still chose to believe in her.

It wasn't that Su Hao had not sent anyone to look for his whereabouts, but he had gained nothing in the end. His mother would always tell him that it was because Ding Manman had done something unscrupulous, and hence, she had hidden herself from him. But he felt that it was different, and reality made him believe that, so he continued to get drunk night after night, trying to confuse himself with alcohol.

"Charm" was a place where Su Hao often got drunk. It was a very forward decorated bar, only a few people knew about it.

Su Hao's mother and father did not know of this place, so whenever Su Hao's mood was bad, he would come here to drink.

He did not go back to the apartment immediately, it would be useless even if he went back.

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