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C17 What is called a good friend

"Su Hao, I know you were drunk last night, I won't blame you, but how can you say that to me? I was clearly just passing by …"

An Ya said with a mournful tone, as she picked up the clothes that she threw to the side last night to cover her naked body, looking like a pitiful victim.

If it was someone else, Su Hao would still believe it, but the target was An Ya, then it was worth investigating.

"You said that I got drunk last night and that's why you had a relationship with me. But I'm very curious, is this door closed by me as well?"

Su Hao looked in the direction of the door. The private room's door was not locked, and could only be closed. This was a "Charm" measure, but this door was currently blocked by a table, and no one could enter from the outside.

An Ya's eyes started to panic, how could she have forgotten about this? Su Hao did not let go of even a single movement.

"How do you explain this? Could I have blocked the door last night when I was drunk? "

Towards Su Hao's questioning, An Ya's expression was clearly tangled, and only when Su Hao lost his patience did he slowly speak out.

"I heard that you were upset because of Manman recently, and that you spent all your time drinking wine to alleviate your worries. I was afraid that something might have happened to you, so I came to see you."

"Last night when I passed by the entrance of the private box, the door wasn't properly closed, and I just happened to see you drink inside, so I didn't come in because I was afraid something would happen to you, but you were drunk, so you hugged me tightly and said that you won't let me go, and you kept on yelling at Manman. "That's how it ended up."

An Ya's words caused Su Hao to be a little flustered. After all, he was still quite hazy about the matters that happened last night, and only vaguely remembered that Manman had returned. He was very excited, and couldn't remember anything else.

Thus, he could only half-believe and half-doubt An Ya's words. Furthermore, Su Hao had a nagging feeling that An Ya was lying.

Thus, she lowered her head with a downcast expression and spoke with a wronged tone.

"I know that you've always been prejudiced against me, but I won't blame you for what happened last night, and I won't say anything about it, not even if I meet Manman in the future. If you're still not satisfied, I can leave immediately."

After saying that, he really did put on his clothes. Su Hao subconsciously turned around to not look, and not long after, he heard the sound of the private box's door opening and closing.

When Su Hao turned around again, the room was already devoid of people. The only thing that remained was a mess that was left on the ground, an indication of the chaos and insanity from last night.

Su Hao's expression was a little complicated. His current identity was still Manman's fiancé, but he had actually gotten into an affair with his fiancee's good friend. Su Hao could even imagine Ding Manman's sorrowful look.

Thinking about that, Su Hao couldn't help but kick the table in front of him, causing him to be confused.

As for An Ya, who had just left the private box, she directly walked to the Charm room's main entrance. It was already noon outside, and the originally depressed An Ya had risen in the next second.

A smile of satisfaction appeared on her gentle face. Her proud expression was completely different from when she was in the private box.

, so what if Su Hao is your fiance, in the end, didn't he still get together with me? So what?

And Ding Manman who was in A City did not even know about these things, because she was troubled by someone else.

"Sister Manman, let's go, we're going shopping. You have been resting in the hotel for the past few days, it's time for you to go out for a walk." Sun Linger casually sat on Ding Manman's bed, waking her up from her rest, and had even kept on saying that he would take her out to play.

"I don't want to go out." After saying that, Ding Manman covered her head with her blanket once again. Early this morning, Sun Linger ran in to let her go shopping with him. She rejected him for an entire morning but it was obvious that she had underestimated Sun Linger's perseverance.

Sun Linger patiently took off her blanket, and lightly shook Ding Manman's arm as she said coquettishly.

"Aiya, Sister Manman, if you go on like this, you will get sick. People should exercise more and not stay in their rooms forever. Even if you go out, he wouldn't notice you, so let's go, Sister Manman. "

Hearing Sun Linger's words, Ding Manman's expression was slightly sarcastic, how could he not realize that right after she walked out of the room, there would be someone who would inform Zhong Shaoting immediately.

In the end, Ding Manman was still not a match for Sun Linger's perseverance, and helplessly got up, washed up, changed into clothes, and followed her out.

They smoothly walked out of the hotel, but Ding Manman knew that there must be someone behind the scenes reporting her actions to Zhong Shaoting.

This kind of feeling of being watched by someone made Ding Manman a little tired, so when Sun Linger was excitedly walking around, Ding Manman could only watch quietly by the side, while expressing her shock at Sun Linger's abundant energy.

Just then, they walked into a well-known jewelry shop. The jewelry shop had the latest version, but the price was outrageously high, too, but a rich girl like Sun Linger didn't really care about money, she just wanted to buy whatever she liked.

It had to be known that they had only been out for less than an hour, and both of them were already carrying big and small bags, both of them belonging to Sun Linger herself.

When Sun Linger was shopping at the jewelry store, Ding Manman was quietly sitting on the shop's sofa. At this time, Sun Linger, who was choosing a necklace, looked at Ding Manman, who was sitting on the sofa and not saying a word, and said: "Big Sis Manman, don't just sit there, come pick out a few of your favorite necklaces. The style of the necklaces here is not bad, if there are any that you like, I'll give you some."

Ding Manman rejected indifferently, but Sun Linger did not care about it at all, directly pushing her to the glass counter where the necklaces were placed, excitedly pointing at the shining necklaces, letting her choose.

"Don't mention it, just pick. I saw that you were not in a very good mood these few days. It is said that all women vent their displeasure by buying and buying, so Sister Manman, please pick."

Sun Linger said heroically. To the Zhong's Group s, this was nothing at all.

Sun Linger's words moved Ding Manman's cold heart a little. Previously, because she was Zhong Shaoting's younger sister, she more or less rejected him in her heart.

But today, when she saw the concern in Sun Linger's eyes, Ding Manman realized that this was just a child who didn't understand anything. The one who was at fault was Zhong Shaoting, she could not blame an innocent person.

"Okay, thank you." Sun Linger's concern made her heart warm, and the corner of her mouth slightly curved into a beautiful smile.

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