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Sun Linger looked at Ding Manman's empty smile, and was stunned for a moment, before recovering.

As a girl, she couldn't help but to be attracted to it when she saw it. When Sun Linger came back to her senses, she was staring at a necklace on the display cabinet in a daze.

Initially, Ding Manman only wanted to look around casually. After all, she didn't have the desire to pick these out, but her gaze was attracted by one of the day necklaces.

When Ding Manman saw the necklace, her eyes immediately turned red.

This was the birthday present Su Hao had given her when she was twenty years old. She still remembered the scene when he first gave it to his.

"Manman, this is for you." Su Hao passed a red velvet box to Ding Manman.

"What is this?" Ding Manman was a little curious, but after opening the box, an extremely exquisite necklace instantly appeared in front of him.

"The name of this necklace is Eternal. It represents the eternal love between us."

Under the dim yellow light, the young and immature man's sincere words deeply moved Ding Manman. It was also the same day that she agreed to his proposal.

Later, Ding Manman found out that this necklace was designed by the Tiffany Designer, and that the new product would take at least one to two years to come out. For her, Su Hao went to Paris to find many connections before he was able to make this necklace.

This moved Ding Manman even more. From that day onwards, she wore the necklace around her neck and did not take it off even when she was bathing.

However, the necklace that she had meticulously protected the entire time had disappeared the day Zhong Shaoting kidnapped her, causing her to feel sorrowful for a long time. He didn't think that he would actually see it here.

The necklace inside the showcase was brand-new, but she and Su Hao was separated by two places now. Furthermore, she couldn't forget the look Su Hao gave her that time, it was filled with disappointment and puzzlement.

Even if they met again, Ding Manman wasn't confident that they would be able to return to their previous loving appearance.

When he thought back to his beautiful days with Su Hao, Ding Manman's tears uncontrollably flowed down his face. The bitter tears just happened to fall on the glass case of the Eternal Necklace.

Ding Manman's abnormal behavior had attracted the attention of other people, causing Sun Linger to suddenly cry in fright.

"Sister Manman, what's wrong?" Sun Linger asked with concern.

"Nothing, just thinking of the past." Ding Manman quickly wiped the tears off her face, but they still flowed down uncontrollably. Sun Linger was a little worried and wanted to say something.

Suddenly, a group of robbers broke into the shopping mall. When Sun Linger and the others heard the scream, they subconsciously turned around to look, but what they saw shook their souls.

A group of masked robbers ran into the mall like madmen. They all held guns with varying lengths, and madly fired at the ceiling once they entered the mall.

The moment the gun fired, the whole mall was scared out of their wits. Screams filled the air, and many people frantically ran towards the exit. Those robbers took the chance to run into the jewelry store and start robbing.

Ding Manman and Sun Linger had never seen this kind of situation before, they were scared witless by those terrifying gunshots. Ding Manman was the first to react and run.

But when she held Sun Linger's hand and wanted to escape in the chaos, Sun Linger was so scared that she squatted on the ground, not daring to move.

"Get up, or else they'll be finished!" Ding Manman looked at those terrifying robbers and was extremely anxious.

"But …" My Legs... "I don't have the strength." Sun Linger cried out anxiously. She also wanted to run, but as a naturally timid girl, when she saw the bloody scene, her legs went weak and she did not have the strength to run.

"Don't say anything for now. They're coming." Ding Manman's words were filled with unconcealable fear. Those robbers moved extremely quickly, and it was clear that they had planned this beforehand. After looting the other jewelry stores, they quickly headed over to them.

Ding Manman immediately pulled Sun Linger and squatted under the chair, but they couldn't run now, so they could only hide under the chair, hoping that this group of robbers would only take the jewelry and not hurt anyone.

"CEO, Miss Sun brought Miss Ding out today." Song Chen passed on the news that he received to Zhong Shaoting, but Zhong Shaoting, who was sitting in the back of the carriage, did not have any reaction.

Zhong Shaoting did not want the last incident to happen again. He had not tortured her enough, and she was not even qualified to die.

He hadn't looked for her since the day he'd taken her, either because he'd seen her left cheek swell up when he got up the next day, or because he'd seen her disfigured from the night he'd tortured her.

Towards such a weak Ding Manman, Zhong Shaoting couldn't really say what he felt, he only felt that it was a little difficult to face his, and so he hadn't seen her for the past few days.

However, he would still send someone to observe her every move. After knowing that she had kept him in his room for a few days, he began to worry that she would start to commit suicide again. That strange feeling made him very uncomfortable.

Until he heard the news that Song Chen had went out today, he didn't know why, but he finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed like his little sister wasn't someone who only knew how to cause trouble, she was still somewhat useful.

Zhong Shaoting praised Sun Linger in his heart once, and in the next moment, Song Chen picked up the phone, but the words that she was about to say directly slapped her face.

"CEO!" The news said that a group of armed robbers broke into the shopping mall with Miss Sun and Miss Ding. Now that the shopping mall is closed, our people can't see what's going on inside, but we can confirm that the Miss Ding and Miss Sun did not escape from the shopping mall! "

Song Chen's tone became flustered and flustered. One had to know that those robbers were armed with spears to the point that even Zhong Shaoting had opened his eyes wide.

"Go to that mall!" Zhong Shaoting said in a serious tone, his face started to turn gloomy, Song Chen did not dare to hesitate and immediately turned, heading towards the shopping mall.

By the time they rushed to the shopping mall, it was already surrounded by armed forces and the crowd was blocked from entering.

"CEO, what do we do now?" Song Chen looked at the armed forces waiting outside, and could not help but be a little anxious in his heart.

"Call Shaoling and have him move out." Zhong Shaoting looked at the shopping mall that was surrounded by layers of people. His expression was gloomy and unclear, and in the end, he said coldly.

"Is Young Master Ling willing? After all, that is Young Master Ling's most important army. " Song Chen's confidence was lacking, Young Master Ling's temper was extremely weird, no one could truly determine his temper, and even more so, no one could order him around.

"If I'm going to let you hit me, then just hit me. Stop wasting your breath." Zhong Shaoting immediately glared at him and killed him, causing Song Chen to immediately shut his mouth and make a phone call.

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