C19 General gu shaolin

After he had arranged everything, Zhong Shaoting once again placed his gaze on the market. The moment he thought of Ding Manman trembling and squatting on the ground, or perhaps he had already encountered an accident, his heart became even more agitated!

Song Chen looked at her CEO's wrinkled eyebrows, his little heart couldn't help but shiver. This was the prelude to him becoming angry, quickly answer the phone, if not he would lose her little life.

Fortunately, the call was picked up very quickly, causing Song Chen to feel relieved as if he had received an amnesty.

"What is it?" From the other end of the line came a lazy male voice that looked as if it had just woken up.

"Young master Ling, our CEO has something that he wants Young Master Ling to help with …"

Song Chen did not dare delay and briefly explained the situation to him. After hearing it, the man on the other end of the phone went silent for a moment, which could be said to be extremely torturous for Song Chen.

Just when Song Chen was suspecting that Young Master Ling was still asleep, a voice came out from the phone.

"Got it." With that short three words, the phone call ended. Song Chen had no choice but to pass the message to Zhong Shaoting.

"He agreed." After Zhong Shaoting finished speaking, he continued to look towards the shopping mall, but the expression in his eyes had calmed down a lot.

After a while, the leader of the team received a message from the people he had sent. No one could break through the defense of the mall.

"Captain, this group of robbers activated the mall's defense system. Right now, the entire mall is like an iron bucket, there's no way to break through."

The captain was so angry that he almost crushed the communicator in his hand. If someone who could afford to spend money in this mall were to do something to the person inside, then he, the captain, would not have to do anything.

Just as he was getting anxious, a helicopter suddenly landed in front of the mall's front door. The armed forces immediately took precautions against the sudden appearance of this helicopter as they raised their guns to aim at the unknown helicopter.

Under the nervous gazes of the crowd, a man in pajamas slowly walked down from the helicopter. Even though he was wearing a pajamas, they still didn't dare to slack off.

Only the commander widened his eyes in disbelief when he saw the incoming person. Heavens! Why did this giant Buddha come!?

"The crisis is over!" As the commander shouted, the soldiers immediately withdrew their weapons. The captain got down from the carriage in a panic and walked to the man, performing a proper military salute.

"Squadron 477, Second Lieutenant Wu, has arrived. I await orders from my superior!"

"There aren't any orders, just stand there. My people have already entered."

The man scratched his head. His tone was rather casual, as if he was talking about how good the weather was today.

However, when Wu Hai finished listening to the man's words, his face instantly turned pale. Half an hour ago, he had sent several teams back and forth to break into the mall, but the defense was too powerful.

Several teams had failed, but this man said his men had already entered. How could Wu Hai not be surprised.

The man waved to Wu Hai and he walked towards him subconsciously. The man checked his watch with his left hand and said.

"At most five minutes. It should be over."

If it was anyone else who said this, Wu Hai would think he was just bragging. However, the man in front of him had the ability to do so. This wasn't difficult for him.

Gu Shaoling was the most legendary genius in the history of the army. Relying on his exceptional intelligence, agility and reaction speed, he brought a small team and took down the big drug lord, who had caused headaches to the army for many years.

After that, he gained a lot of battle merits, and at such a young age, he became a general that others would never be able to imagine. This man was born to be perfect.

Not only was his status extremely high, even his appearance was first-class. Many people who had seen Gu Shaoling before called him a demon, and wasn't he, who had strength and looks that defied common sense, a demon?

The general was just a small first lieutenant. The difference between him and the general was not just one or two levels, but a huge chasm!

Not long after, a few gunshots came from the shopping mall. Wu Hai's heart tightened and he could not help but look at Gu Shaoling.

However, he was actually yawning. Wu Hai didn't know what attitude people who yawned under such tense conditions were in, but the rumor was that this young general had a weird temper, and it seemed to be true.

After a while, the defense of the mall was completely removed. Wu Hai immediately led his men and rushed into the shopping mall. As expected, they saw the dead robbers lying on the ground. Some of them were captured and controlled, and had no ability to fight back at all.

However, there were no deaths in the shopping mall, only a few people were hit by the stray bullets and suffered some light injuries, so it was nothing serious.

Seeing this, Wu Hai could not help but admire Gu Shaoling's god-like mind from the bottom of his heart. It only took 5 minutes for all of this to happen, and it should be done soon.

After Gu Shaoling, who was outside the market, informed his team that they should withdraw, he did not return to the helicopter. Instead, he walked towards Maserati, who was standing at the side of the market with his window closed, revealing Zhong Shaoting's cold and indifferent sculpture-like face.

"Your sister is fine. Even if it's for the last vacation, please don't wake me up the next time I'm resting."

Gu Shaoling leaned on the side of the carriage. Although he was wearing a lazy pajamas, his enchanter appearance and unique temperament still attracted the attention of many.

"I'll do my best." Zhong Shaoting said blandly. If it was not because of the urgent situation, he would not have had to wake him up. After all, what he hated the most was being woken up when he was sleeping.

"If there's nothing else, I'll go back and sleep." There were more and more people spectating, most of them were women, and some of them had already taken out their phones to take pictures. Gu Shaoling frowned, threw down those words and left.

And Ding Manman and Sun Linger, who had been worrying in the mall for a long time, had finally escaped from danger.

"Sister Manman, I thought I was about to die." Only after Sun Linger was teleported to a safe place by the special police did she come back to her senses. The moment she thought about the feeling she had after passing through the gates of hell, Sun Linger felt like she had survived a disaster.

"Me too." Ding Manman had a blanket over her body and was holding a cup of hot water in her hand. She used this water to quell her shock, but the hand she used to hold the cup couldn't help but tremble.

Sun Linger shook her head in disapproval of Ding Manman's words. If not for Sister Manman, she might have been targeted by those robbers.

"If it wasn't for Sister Manman who reacted in time and dragged me under the chair to hide, I'm afraid that those robbers would have taken me as a hostage."

The situation back then was extremely dangerous. When that group of robbers barged in, Ding Manman's reaction was very quick.

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