C20 Survival

There were two robbers who were specially controlling the hostages. From their conversation, Ding Manman and the others understood that the reason the robbers controlled the hostages was to use them to threaten the police outside. This way, it would be easier for them to escape.

Initially, they thought that they could get out of this danger alive, but when the group of robbers was robbing the jewelry store, a group of police suddenly rushed in. At that time, there were exactly three robbers at the place where Ding Manman and Ding Manman were standing, and both sides were engaged in an intense battle.

At that time, Ding Manman and Sun Linger were so scared that they did not dare make a sound, afraid that the bullets would hit them. Amidst the exchange of fire between the police and the robbers, a robber was shot down right in front of Ding Manman and the others.

Fortunately, Ding Manman had covered her mouth quickly and not made her make a sound, because at that time, the police were outside and the robbers were inside the jewelry store. If the robbers discovered their existence, they would probably be held hostage.

If Ding Manman had not reacted so quickly, they might not even be able to leave the mall today. Ding Manman only smiled faintly, but her trembling hands still revealed the panic in her heart.

"Big brother …" Just as Sun Linger was lamenting about how she was still alive, Zhong Shaoting appeared. As Song Chen rushed to the back, he was immediately stunned when he saw his big brother.

It's over, she had secretly brought Sister Manman out! It was already miserable enough for her to be sent a letter, adding that such a dangerous thing had happened, Sun Linger felt that she was completely done for.

"Time to go back." Zhong Shaoting only glanced at Sun Linger and noticed that she was unharmed, and turned to look at Ding Manman who was at the side. When Ding Manman heard Sun Linger calling him big brother, her body suddenly stiffened, but she did not raise her head, and only stared at the cup in her hand in a daze.

It had been a few days since he last saw her, but when he saw her, he couldn't really describe the feeling. The originally weak and delicate her now looked extremely pale, as though she was obviously too frightened.

When this thought came out, Zhong Shaoting immediately felt that it was a little funny. What right did she have to get her hands on Ding Manman? But when he saw his powerlessly stand up, Zhong Shaoting still subconsciously went over and picked her up.

Ding Manman jumped in shock. When she raised her head, she saw Zhong Shaoting's perfect profile, and her body was pressed tightly against his chest. It was as if she could feel his strong heartbeat, which made Ding Manman's initially flustered heart strangely calm down.

Sun Linger was shocked by her brother's sudden gentleness. That expression of her that was filled with shock could be said to be extremely funny. Song Chen and Sun Linger watched as the two left, and Sun Linger opened her mouth, somewhat in disbelief.

"Is this still my brother?" It must be known that the first time she came close to Sister Manman, her brother got really angry. At that time, her brother was very harsh to Sister Manman, but now, he was actually hugging her like a princess, the speed at which he changed was simply too fast.

"Yes, this is the CEO. However, Miss Sun, we should leave now. Otherwise, the CEO and the others would be waiting anxiously for us." If the target was someone else, perhaps Song Chen would be a little shocked. But if it was Ding Manman, then it would be very reasonable.

"Carry me." Sun Linger said all of a sudden and even stretched out both of her hands as if she was waiting for someone to carry him. Song Chen couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

"Miss Sun, you don't seem to be injured." It means that if you have hands and feet, why don't you walk on your own and ask him to carry you? He's the CEO's assistant, not her nanny.

"I'm not injured, but the situation just now was too much. I was so scared that my legs went limp and I couldn't move." Sun Linger said honestly, she was not embarrassed to open her mouth because his legs had gone weak.

This was truly the first time he had seen someone who could call himself a coward. In the end, Song Chen had no choice but to resign himself to his fate and walk outside with Sun Linger in his arms. Sun Linger even took the opportunity to hug Song Chen's neck, and leaned on his entire body, causing Song Chen's body to unconsciously stiffen.

"Miss Sun …" Why did Song Chen feel like he had suffered a loss? Didn't he say he could just hug her?

"There's nothing I can do. I was quite scared just now and now, my entire body is powerless, so I can only lean on you. However, I believe that you won't mind." Sun Linger laughed very brightly, after that, he continued to lean on Song Chen's body, towards him, Song Chen only wanted to loudly say one sentence.

He didn't mind!

When Zhong Shaoting carefully placed Ding Manman on the back seat of the carriage, Ding Manman was still floating around. This kind of feeling was as if she had been treating you very badly and suddenly started to treat you extremely well. This kind of feeling was very strange, it was kind of unspeakable.

Zhong Shaoting did not think too much about it. When he saw that the blanket on Ding Manman's body had fallen off, he immediately took off his clothes and covered her up, and then naturally sat down.

Ding Manman was very suspicious of Zhong Shaoting's overly gentle actions, especially when his jacket covered her, the doubt in her heart became even more severe, but her fearful heart gradually calmed down. It was probably because the scene at the market was too terrifying, and she was still afraid even now.

The moment Sun Linger got on the car, he saw his brother covering Ding Manman with his coat, and received another shock, then seeing the two of them facing each other with their backs facing the scenery outside the window, a great idea suddenly popped out in her mind.

Brother, why are you here so quickly? Didn't you go to the meeting today, I remember that there is a long distance between the meeting place and here, and it's even brother who is worried about Big Sister Manman, so he has always been by our side protecting us. It seems that Big Sister Manman does not have a normal place in Big Brother's heart.

Sun Linger's dubious gaze flitted between the two of them. Her brother would never take the initiative to take care of others, not to mention hugging someone else and letting her put on her own clothes. The reason she did so meant that that person must have a certain position in his brother's heart.

Sun Linger felt that she could not continue like this, and thus had the thought of helping the two make up their minds. However, when Sun Linger opened her mouth, not a single person from the other three people in the carriage answered her, making the atmosphere awkward for a moment.

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