C3 The last hope destroys

Ding Manman should not have received any of his soft-heartedness and sympathy!

If it wasn't for Ding Manman's despicable father, how could his father have been imprisoned? Her twin brother, Shao Yan, would not go to prison for him.

Zhong Shaoting would never forget the instructions that Shaoyan gave him before he went to prison. He said that he had met the person he wanted to protect the most in his life, and he hoped that he could take good care of her.

However, the moment he went to jail, he was ruthlessly abandoned by his most beloved person, which was Ding Manman. Like the last straw that crushed his camel, and the shadow of his life imprisonment, he finally committed suicide.

"The reason why Shao Yan helped you go to prison was because he wanted you to live a good life." Dr. Liu saw that Zhong Shaoting was immersed in his own thoughts, his expression becoming more and more painful, he couldn't help but to shake his head, "Don't torture yourself with the past anymore."

Hearing that, Zhong Shaoting's gaze became even more ruthless, "I will only say it once, a person like her is not worthy of my pity, he deserves everything."

After he finished speaking, he ruthlessly extinguished the smoke under his feet, causing the last bit of the starfire to extinguish on the tip of his feet, never to be found again.

And the voices of the two were heard by Ding Manman who was in the room.

Ding Manman's words continuously echoed in her ears, over and over. It was like a nightmare, or a curse.

Shao Yan is dead? How could that be?

Her heart was in panic, and it was because of this that Zhong Shaoting had treated her like this.

With that thought, Zhong Shaoting pushed open the door and entered. Behind him was the servant Xiao Fang.

"Miss Ding, time to eat." What Xiao Fang brought over was still a bowl of thin porridge and a bit of small dishes. Ding Manman lowered her head and took a bite of the porridge.

Immediately after, she raised her head to look at him, "Zhong Shaoting, regarding Shao Yan …"

Before she finished speaking, she saw Zhong Shaoting's gaze turn sharp, "What qualifications do you have to bring up his name?" Seeing how weak and cautious she looked, he became even more agitated. "Don't pretend to be pitiful in front of me."

With that, he flicked his sleeves and left.

It was rare for Xiaofang to see such a scene, so she could only whisper, "Miss, hurry up and eat. There are still a lot of lives waiting for you to cook."

Nodding her head, Ding Manman suddenly caught a glimpse of a silver light at the entrance. If she was not mistaken, it was a bunch of keys.

After getting the key, Ding Manman took the chance to go to the rose garden to cut it. Then, opening the shackles on her feet, she quickly escaped the Zhong Family residence.

What she didn't know was that not far away, Zhong Shaoting saw her fleeing figure. With a gloomy face, he dialed a number.

"Follow the plan."

Fang family.

Fang Hao stopped his car at the door, but did not immediately get down, he gloomily listened to the assistant's report, and instantly smashed his car seat, "It's been so long, why is there no news at all?"

Ever since Ding Manman went missing, their marriage had been cancelled. Fang Hao had suffered heavy injuries and had stayed in the hospital for a week before coming out. He wanted to look for Ding Manman wholeheartedly, but he seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

"Boss Fang, the surveillance cameras at the wedding were broken. We couldn't find any clues regarding Miss Ding's disappearance." The assistant was also helpless on the other side, "I have already found all sorts of channels, but they were all blocked in the dark. The background of the people who brought the Miss Ding away is unfathomable."

"Bastard!" Fang Hao thought about the man who kidnapped Ding Manman that day, and the crease between her eyebrows grew tighter and tighter. This city couldn't be considered big, but it couldn't be considered small either.

"Increase the scope, including everyone around Manman, look carefully! There must be traces left behind. " Fang Hao calmed down and instructed the assistant to find someone. At the same time, he saw his mother walking over with a beautiful woman in tow.

He quickly hung up the phone and greeted Fang's Mother without looking back, "Mom!"

Fang Hao ignored the lady beside Fang's Mother, but the lady was extremely friendly. She walked over to Fang Hao and extended her hand out, "Hello, I am Song Xin."

Seeing that Fang Hao was ignoring her, Song Xin pursed her lips and took the initiative to say: "This is my first time coming to your house, this place is pretty big, can you take me somewhere?"

Fang Hao shook hands with her perfunctorily, then looked at the smiling Fang's Mother and said, "Mom, I'm tired, I'll go back and rest first!"

Song Xin's expression stiffened. He did not expect Fang Hao to ignore her like this!

She felt wronged as she looked at Fang's Mother, and sure enough, Fang's Mother's face changed, she immediately went over to protect Song Xin, and scolded Fang Hao, "What happened? How can you be so rude when there are guests at home? "

Fang Hao frowned in disgust, how could he not know his mother's intentions?

However, Ding Manman had disappeared, and he was not interested in this woman at all.

"Mom, Manman still hasn't been found, I'm already tired enough. Can you not create any more trouble for me?" Fang Hao rubbed his forehead, then turned and left.

Fang's Mother grabbed his arm and nudged him. "Ding Manman! Ding Manman! She was a jinx! I didn't want you to be together, but you refused to listen. You insisted on marrying her! And the result? Not only did this jinx flee on its own during the wedding ceremony, it even caused you injuries! I don't like this woman! "

Fang's Mother was like someone pouring beans, he sputtered a bunch of words, and finally said, "Obediently get along with Xin Xin, as for Ding Manman, just give up!"

Although Ding Manman had obtained the consent of the family and married Fang Hao before, it was only because Fang Hao liked him very much, while the Fang family's people looked down on him. They felt that Ding Manman was just an ordinary daughter of an aristocratic family. There was nothing special about him, and she was also unlikeable.

Especially Fang Hao's mother, she did everything she could to Ding Manman.

To make things difficult for this woman, he didn't like her at all.

However, Fang Hao was completely loyal to Ding Manman, which made the Fang's Mother have no choice but to compromise and allow Ding Manman to enter.

Coincidentally, Zhong Shaoting had taken Ding Manman away during the wedding ceremony, and her own son was injured by someone Zhong Shaoting brought over.

"You're not allowed to go anywhere, just take Xin Xin around." Fang's Mother dragged Fang Hao in front of Song Xin and said forcefully, "If you still dare to resist, don't recognize me as your mother!"

After Ding Manman was taken away, she immediately went on a blind date with her son, asking him to marry the other daughter of the Wang family.

But Fang Hao had never been able to let Ding Manman go, so he was very conflicted on his mother making him a blind date. Not only did he not accept the arranged blind date from his mother, he even angered the Wang family's daughter and ruined the marriage.

That was why the Fang's Mother was particularly anxious about the marriage with the Song Family!

Fang Hao clenched his teeth, looked at the stubborn and unreasonable Fang's Mother, and said coldly. Manman and I are engaged, even if the wedding is temporarily cancelled, Manman and I are still an unmarried couple! "

After pausing for a moment, he turned to Song Xin, who had a displeased look on her face, and spoke in an even colder tone, "Could it be that Miss Song wants to be a third party?"

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