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C5 He is not engaged to someone else

What Dr. Liu said was not wrong. Time and time again, Zhong Shaoting had tortured and possessed for no reason, making Ding Manman on the verge of collapse.

And at that time, Fang Hao's departure and the image of Fang Hao and the others were the last straw that broke the camel's back!

It was said that when one was in despair, death was the final release. When the red spread and the warmth of the blood left the body, it would take away the body's temperature and gradually cause the body to become cold and stiff, until the heart finally stopped beating.

As Ding Manman lay in the ice-cold bathtub, her gentle and doting past flashed past her eyes, and then, the cold water around her once again calmed down. She thought in despair: Maybe she should have died when Zhong Shaoting humiliated her the first day!

That way, she wouldn't know the news of her lover's transfer to another person's embrace!

When Zhong Shaoting rushed into the bathroom, what he saw was Ding Manman's defeated look and the blood in the bathtub.

His heart tightened and he couldn't tell what it felt like.

"How is she?" Zhong Shaoting sent Ding Manman to the hospital with the fastest speed possible. The main patient was the Dr. Liu, and only patient was Ding Manman on the whole floor.

"She? "Not good!" Dr. Liu glanced at Zhong Shaoting at the hospital, seeing a flash of absent-mindedness in his eyes, she shook her head slightly. This time her tone became more serious, "I told you, she's already been forced into a dead end!"

Zhong Shaoting's throat was dry. He suddenly did not know what to say, and when he saw the bathtub being dyed red by Ding Manman's blood, he suddenly realized that he might have already started to care about that woman.

It was ironic that he cared about her.

But this time, facing the pressure of death, his guilt towards his brother, regret towards his father and hatred towards Ding Manman, it was not even worth a glance.

"I know." Zhong Shaoting sighed, his heart was still at a loss, slowly filling his entire chest.

He turned around and entered the sickroom. Although the Dr. Liu did not remind him, he still turned around and extinguished the smoke, and intentionally blew at the window. After the smell of the smoke had dissipated, he sat back down on the bed to guard Ding Manman.

Dr. Liu stood at the door and watched as a pair of eyes that had experienced the ups and downs of life flickered with a deep glow of wisdom, tempering a kind of faint sense of loss.

He was still young!

He could do it!

When Ding Manman slowly woke up, and saw Zhong Shaoting guarding beside the bed, she subconsciously closed her eyes.

Zhong Shaoting saw that she was still stubborn and angry, but the bandage on her wrist caused him to hesitate for a moment, and then he opened his mouth and asked: "Ding Manman, what's wrong with you?"

No one responded.

Zhong Shaoting became angry, "Do you think that just because you're dead, everything will end?"

Still no one answered.

Zhong Shaoting suddenly stood up, seeing the person lying down stiffen, he slowly released his fist, and could not help but say: "Fang Hao is not betrothed to someone!"

These words seemed to ignite the despair in Ding Manman's eyes, but in the blink of an eye, it quickly dimmed down.

This time, Zhong Shaoting really didn't know what to do with Ding Manman. A person who wasn't afraid of death, what could she possibly be afraid of?

Zhong Shaoting looked at Ding Manman silently, and in the end, only turned around and left, only leaving behind one sentence, "Have a good rest!"

When Ding Manman heard the sound of the door closing, she gradually curled up his body. His entire body was ice-cold, and hot tears fell from her eyes, yet it was soundless and soundless.

Ding Manman did not eat for an entire day, but in the end, the Dr. Liu had no other choice and she gave him a call. In less than half an hour, Zhong Shaoting hurried over from the company with some hot porridge in his hands.

"If you don't eat, do you want to starve to death?" Zhong Shaoting chased everyone out and then held Ding Manman's shoulders, pulling him up close to her chest.

Ding Manman was like a puppet, neither moving nor speaking. She couldn't even raise her eyes.

Zhong Shaoting's eyes gradually dimmed down, and the dark storm gathered inside, causing the air in the room to drop by a few degrees.

The person in his embrace had become stiff without batting an eyelid. Zhong Shaoting's eyes flashed as he suddenly lowered his head to take a sip of porridge.

Ding Manman subconsciously wanted to vomit, but Zhong Shaoting easily covered her lips, forcing her to swallow the hot porridge.

"Eat by yourself?" Or should I? " Zhong Shaoting looked at Ding Manman's bloodshot eyes. She looked like an angry beast, but also like an aggrieved kitten.

Ding Manman originally did not have much strength, but now that she saw how powerful Zhong Shaoting was, she was forced to submit. She wiped her mouth and wanted to eat.

In the end, she could only stare dryly at Zhong Shaoting. The man curled his lips and fed her a spoon.

Ding Manman's eyes widened, and she couldn't help but guess: Could Zhong Shaoting have poisoned the porridge?

After he finished the porridge in a trance, Zhong Shaoting finally tidied up and stood up. Luckily, he helped Ding Manman to lie down and let the doctor change the medicine for her.

Very quickly, Ding Manman discovered that Zhong Shaoting didn't seem to be as harsh on her anymore.

Although Zhong Shaoting would still look at her coldly from time to time, he still wouldn't give her a good face. However, he didn't continue to make things difficult for her.

Zhong Shaoting would never mention any of Fang Hao's information in front of Ding Manman, and she was tactful enough to not dare to say too much. But since he was still alive, he knew that Fang Hao wasn't engaged, and that hope still existed.

After cooperating with the treatment, Ding Manman recovered rather quickly and was sent back to the Zhong Family very early.

Standing on the pavilion in Zhong Family, he gazed out of the narrow window, his heart suddenly clear. She was one of Zhong Shaoting's figurines, he had not gotten tired of her, so he did not let go.

Just like last time, letting her go was only because it was more fun.

When Zhong Shaoting came out from the study room, he just so happened to see her by the window. The wind blew past her beautiful hair, making his look indescribably charming. She was very beautiful, but his figure was too slender, making his seem somewhat fragile.

However, her eyes seemed to lose interest in the space in front of her, giving off the feeling that she would be blown away by the wind outside the window in the next second, never to be imprisoned again.

Zhong Shaoting frowned, he raised his hand and pressed the switch, and the window automatically closed, following that, he carried Ding Manman and prepared to send her back to her room.

"Do you really want to die so badly? If I die, I won't be able to see the person outside. "

Ding Manman's empty eyes suddenly lit up. Could she still see that person again?

Thinking back to what Zhong Shaoting said just now, he seemed to be afraid of his pondering, right? This person was truly strange. He was clearly torturing her, yet he didn't want her to die. Didn't he always loathe her?

"I just, want to see the sun."

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