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C6 You are the redemption of the young master

Ding Manman's voice was so soft that it was hard for people to catch, if not for the light in her eyes, Zhong Shaoting would have suspected that his ears were hallucinating.

Zhong Shaoting's movements paused for a moment, as if he was considering.

However, Ding Manman didn't wait for him to reply. Breaking free from his embrace and returning to the ground, she slowly walked back to her own room.

"I don't really want to see it either."

Her hair gently slid across the tip of Zhong Shaoting's nose. It had a nice smell of Jasmine's, mixed with the astringent feeling of green tea, it actually caused the tip of his heart to feel an indescribable itch. He wasn't ignorant of love, so he naturally knew what a bad omen this was.

Ding Manman walked slowly with her back straight, as if she did not care about it at all.

From the moment she returned to the Zhong Family, she clearly knew that there were some things that had been insulated from her, such as sunlight, freedom, such as Fang Hao …

She tried her best to be obedient so that at least he wouldn't be angry with anyone else.

Seeing Ding Manman whose edge had suddenly disappeared, Zhong Shaoting felt stuffy, but he could not explain it clearly. It was like he had punched cotton, the feeling of helplessness was unbearable.

"Take good care of it. If it dies, you won't see it again."

With these cold words of ridicule, Zhong Shaoting withdrew himself and before he left, he even closed the door with good intentions. And at the same time, Ding Manman opened her eyes, which were very bright.

Zhong Shaoting seemed to be very busy recently, but Ding Manman was also very happy, just that she couldn't go out, and his every movement had to be monitored. It was really getting more and more unsightly.

The room was rather large, but there was nothing to amuse her. She used simple things to draw her graffiti, but no one could understand it.

When Zhong Shaoting came over, Ding Manman had his back facing him, as she used all her strength to coat a piece of paper, and beside him was a small pile of colored paper.

It was as if Ding Manman didn't notice his arrival, as she continued to painstakingly paint with an indifferent expression.

Such a state was something that he would see almost every day he left. Every day when he came back, he would be able to see a Ding Manman like this.

Zhong Shaoting took a deep breath and suddenly closed the door. He saw that Ding Manman's body had stiffened instinctively, and the curve of her lips was completely pressed down.

He stood firmly behind Ding Manman and suddenly asked, "Do you want to go out?"

Ding Manman was a little confused. She thought that because he was angry, he would torture her, but in the end he actually asked that?

She slowly turned her head, and the doubt in her eyes hadn't completely disappeared before she said, "You …" "What do you mean?"

Because she hadn't talked to Zhong Shaoting normally for a long time, her voice was extremely low and hoarse. It sounded a little unpleasant, like the sound an old millstone made when it was pulled out.

"Tomorrow, come with me to a party." Zhong Shaoting took a deep breath, afraid that he would regret this decision the moment he turned around.

Ding Manman's eyes lit up. She suddenly thought of something, if she went to participate in the royal ball, would she be able to meet Fang Hao or someone she knew?

Looking at her bright eyes, Zhong Shaoting suddenly snorted and walked over with large strides, looking down at her from above, "Put aside your little thoughts, this time, we are going to T City!"

The light in Ding Manman's eyes shattered. The T City was a thousand miles away, and the Fang and Ding Families were located in this city. Since Zhong Shaoting was going to bring her there, then no one would recognize her!

"Don't want to go?" Seeing her disappointed eyes, as if he had lost interest, Zhong Shaoting turned and left.

Ding Manman immediately took two steps forward to catch up, she pursed her lips, and only after a long while did she say: "I'll go!"

As long as he could leave this depressing place, he could go anywhere.

Knowing that Zhong Shaoting was willing to bring Ding Manman to attend the banquet, the butler was the happiest one. He had followed Zhong Shaoting for a long time, and was able to see the effect that Ding Manman had on the young master. She had been in contact with the Miss Ding for a long time and had suppressed her temper so that she would fall sick sooner or later. It would naturally be good for her to be able to go out for a walk.

Before he left, the butler also specifically pulled Ding Manman and instructed him, "Miss Ding, Young Master will never speak nicely, but his heart has never been bad. As long as Miss Ding is willing to submit, maybe Young Master will not treat you that way."

Ding Manman felt that the butler was probably speaking coldly, but out of good intentions, Ding Manman did not refute her.

The butler felt that Ding Manman's reaction was dull and continued to speak, "Miss Ding, you are my young master's savior. Other than you, no one else can save him, I do not wish for you to follow my young master's lead, but please do not oppose my young master, otherwise the consequences will be … It cannot be borne with the current state of the Miss Ding. "

When she said that, Ding Manman suddenly remembered that the villa was actually Zhong Shaoting's spy. If Zhong Shaoting really wanted to do something to her, it would be a piece of cake.

Ding Manman shook his head, treating it as if it was just a coincidence, and pushed the old butler away, "Stop joking around!" This big paragraph about Zhong Linger actually didn't have much meaning. It could directly write that the female lead had been brought back home by the male lead, and after Zhong Linger came back to understand what had happened, she started to persuade the male lead. After that, the male lead decided to take the female lead to attend the royal ball.]

Zhong Shaoting watched as Ding Manman walked over. Even though this gown looked really good, it revealed a large portion of Ding Manman's fair skin on her chest, causing him to unconsciously frown.

Seeing Zhong Shaoting walk over with a frown, Ding Manman subconsciously took a few steps back, but instead, Zhong Shaoting grabbed onto his shoulder. In the next moment, his suit coat fell on top of her, covering up the entire scenery.

Ding Manman, "..."

"I don't want to!" She wanted to take off her clothes, but Zhong Shaoting said nothing and dragged her away, "If you move again, I'll send you back."

This way, Ding Manman didn't resist anymore.

T City was a famous tourist city, it was filled with beautiful scenery and fragrant flowers. If the one following him was not Zhong Shaoting, Ding Manman would definitely be very happy.

The royal ball was held in one of the most famous hotels in T City. The banquet hall was filled with wine, crystal lights were scattered everywhere, and the hall was brightly lit.

Everyone who came was a celebrity in T City. As they raised their glasses, the taste of champagne filled their mouths and everyone wore a polite yet distant smile.

Zhong Shaoting's status was clearly not low, the moment he carried Ding Manman in, many people looked over, and even the host of the party, Boss Zhao, personally came to welcome them, "Director Zhong, to welcome you, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling, it is your honor!"

Zhong Shaoting was usually indifferent, and socializing with others on the market did not seem to be that gentle, he indifferently extended his hand out, "It's my honor to be invited by Boss Zhao!"

Although it was just a compliment from a social gathering, the words that came out of Zhong Shaoting's mouth were the most ordinary of intentions, carrying a bit of courteousness and estrangement.

Ding Manman was actually very beautiful, Zhong Shaoting would never deny that. After dressing up, she followed beside Zhong Shaoting, stunning the entire audience.

"Director Zhong, a few friends want to get to know each other." Seeing that Zhong Shaoting's eyes were focused on him, Director Zhao smiled meaningfully and said, "Your female companion can go over to rest."

Ding Manman wished she could stay away from Zhong Shaoting. Hearing what was said, she immediately let go of Zhong Shaoting's arm and said softly, "Go and busy yourself, I will go and rest on my own."

Although Ding Manman did not know them, she could feel that Zhong Shaoting's gaze was on them like they were on tenterhooks. She immediately gritted her teeth and walked even faster, then sat down beside them.

"Sorry to bother you."

Seeing that the few ladies had turned towards him at the same time, Ding Manman felt a little awkward, she turned to look at Zhong Shaoting and sighed a breath of relief when he saw that she had already gone over to talk to her business partners.

"You and Director Zhong … "What's the relationship?" One of the girls who was wearing a black skirt looked at Ding Manman, and asked in a testing tone, "Girlfriend?"

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