C7 Encountering harassment

Ding Manman immediately shook her head, she did not want to have anything to do with Zhong Shaoting at all, "No … I'm not his girlfriend! "

Unexpectedly, after these words were said, those few people revealed looks of understanding, "I said, I've seen the Director Zhong before at the royal ball, but I've never seen you before … You must have taken a new fancy to it, right? "

Ding Manman did not want to talk about Zhong Shaoting too much, so she turned her head and quietly ate her food.

The few famous women seemed to look down on Ding Manman very much. After discussing for a while, they turned around and left, not willing to sit together with Ding Manman.

Ding Manman did not care about their contempt. Not long later, the sofa beside him caved in again, "Isn't it boring to eat alone?"

An unfamiliar man!

He was dressed in a wine red suit, and he looked very white. He looked especially like a white ball wrapped in red silk. He looked very rich.

"Sir, is there something you need?" It wasn't that Ding Manman hadn't seen jade from the small family before, she had participated in this kind of reception many times as well.

The light in the man's eyes was fragmented, making her loathe him!

Ding Manman sat further away without batting an eyelid, but the man sat closer, "Why don't we dance together?"

Ding Manman quickly dodged her hand, looking displeased, "Sir, please show some respect."

She wanted to leave, but that person didn't give in and directly chased after her. "How about you follow me?"

"Sir, please behave yourself!" Ding Manman hated this kind of man who pestered her to death. However, due to the public, she didn't shout out loud and only warned the man in a low voice.

However, her warning did not make the man retreat. Her serious look made the man's heart itch even more, and he suddenly grabbed Ding Manman's hand, as he spoke in a wretched tone.

"What are you pretending to be pure for? I heard what you said just now. I'm only giving you face by showing such women off. Don't be so shameless."

The man's humiliating words made Ding Manman extremely angry, but she, who had never experienced such a situation, was at a loss for what to do. She could only subconsciously and crazily get rid of that man's hand.

She wanted to ask for the help of the people around her, but the gathering place was chaotic and everyone was busy getting to know more business opportunities.

No one would pay attention to this little bit of chaos, even if they found out, they would pretend not to have seen it. This made Ding Manman feel extremely desperate.

The man's strength was exceptionally strong, so much so that no matter how Ding Manman struggled, she was unable to struggle free.

Just as Ding Manman was running out of patience, the man who was holding onto his arm was suddenly kicked away fiercely, freeing Ding Manman's wrist.

"Thank you …" Ding Manman subconsciously thanked the person who had made the move, but when she raised her head and saw who it was, her expression suddenly froze.

Zhong Shaoting was initially talking to the organizer of the party, but he unconsciously looked in her direction. When he heard that she was anxiously trying to distance himself from him in front of those girls, Zhong Shaoting's heart sank.

His expression immediately darkened. The person who was having a very pleasant conversation with Zhong Shaoting saw his expression and was startled, could it be that he said something wrong and provoked the great Buddha?

"Mr. Zhong, is there something wrong?" The organizer said carefully, but Zhong Shaoting didn't even give him a glance. In the next second, he was already walking in a certain direction, leaving the organizer completely confused.

How could the organizer know that when he saw that Ding Manman's wrist was grabbed by that strange man, Zhong Shaoting even had the urge to kill that man.

So when Ding Manman saw Zhong Shaoting's expression which looked as if he wanted to kill someone, he was so shocked that he couldn't even speak.

The man who was kicked laid on the ground for a long time without being able to stand up. From the pained expression on his face, it could be seen that Zhong Shaoting did not hold back at all with that kick.

"You dare to touch even my person? Who gave you the guts?" The cold and domineering voice was like that of a devil's, and entered the ears of everyone present. The man who was kicked, in particular, twitched on the ground due to Zhong Shaoting's intimidating aura.

But no one present dared to help this man. It was a joke, no one didn't know Zhong Shaoting's position at home or abroad, daring to touch his woman, this was simply suicide.

The last man was dragged out of the venue like a dead dog. The venue became lively again, but Ding Manman was not happy at all.

Just when Zhong Shaoting had taken care of the rogue, he had thought that he would be furious at her, but he only glanced at her coldly before walking away with large strides.

However, those who knew Zhong Shaoting well knew that the more angry he was, the calmer he would become, so even though he looked very calm on the outside, his heart was probably filled with overflowing rage. This kind of feeling caused Ding Manman to have an indescribable fear.

So much so that on the road back to the hotel after the two of them were in the carriage, Ding Manman's heart was filled with apprehension. Even when Zhong Shaoting accidentally touched her skin, she couldn't help but shiver, and then, he swiftly hid in the corner.

In Zhong Shaoting's eyes, her movements were like sparks falling into gunpowder, causing Zhong Shaoting, who was already in a bad mood, to become even more infuriated.

Perhaps because she felt that Zhong Shaoting was in a bad mood, when he arrived at the hotel, Ding Manman could no longer suppress the fear in his heart and ran back to her room.

Just then, the door opened. Ding Manman turned in shock to find that Zhong Shaoting had walked in openly with the key in his hand, as if he was in his own room.

"Here... It's my room. " The implication was that she did not welcome him and invited him out.

"You think I'm going to leave you alone so you have a chance to escape?" Zhong Shaoting's tone was sarcastic, and then ignoring the resistance in Ding Manman's eyes, he started to remove the bindings on his body.

"I'm not running away." When she said these words, Ding Manman herself, who had a weak voice, didn't believe it. Her desire for freedom, was something she herself knew best …

"You think I would believe you?" At this time, Zhong Shaoting only took off his only shirt, the loose shirt was worn so casually, yet it still made him look perfect. However, only Ding Manman knew that hidden under this perfect leather bag was a terrifying madness.

"Why didn't the man break her grip on your hand?" Zhong Shaoting walked in front of him, his expression still as calm as before, but Ding Manman could still clearly feel the anger radiating from his body.

"What I have is that the person's strength is too great." At that time, she desperately wanted to get rid of that man, but the difference between a man and a woman was just that, because her wrist had already turned red.

However, Ding Manman's words didn't seem to be convincing in Zhong Shaoting's eyes at all. At that time, it was as if she and that man were pulling each other's leg.

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