C8 Angry men

"Why do I feel like you don't want to let go of me? Are you that lacking in men?" Zhong Shaoting raised her chin and said with a playful tone, but his words were humiliating her.

"I didn't!" She who did not dare speak loudly in front of Zhong Shaoting, suddenly shouted.

Towards Zhong Shaoting's slandering of Ding Manman, Ding Manman felt an unspeakable rage and shame, but she had no idea where she got the courage to roar back so loudly.

Zhong Shaoting was startled for a second, maybe he did not expect her to be angry, and furthermore, he did not expect her to speak to him so loudly, as though he was an exquisite puppet without a soul, suddenly seemed to be injected with life, and started to shine.

This was precisely the case with the current Ding Manman. His normally pale and bloodless face had a faint blush on it due to anger, and her originally lifeless eyes had become bright and spirited as well.

This kind of Ding Manman was full of charm, even when she was angry she made people feel cute. Zhong Shaoting was entranced for a moment.

The angry Ding Manman did not notice Zhong Shaoting's blurry expression. When she looked over again, he had already returned to normal.

"Then why don't you stay by my side? If I don't have a past, have you thought about the consequences?"

Ding Manman was a person who was good at everything, just that her personality was too innocent, and she easily trusted others, just like last time when he lied that Su Hao was already engaged, she quickly believed it.

If the man had a few words to say, would she have run away with him?

Although it was clearly a rebuke, there was a hint of concern in his tone. Zhong Shaoting did not realise it, but the sensitive Ding Manman did.

"Are you worried about me?" Ding Manman said hesitantly. She seemed to have heard the concern in his voice, but how could demons care about people?

It was obvious that he wouldn't. Zhong Shaoting's following words made his previous thoughts sound extremely laughable.

"Ah, concerned? Do you think you're worthy? You're the woman I brought out, and if something happens, it will affect my reputation. I don't want my face to be ruined by a shameless woman. "

Care? How laughable, Zhong Shaoting thought. On what grounds did Ding Manman have to be so concerned about her, he thought to himself that way, but in his heart, there was a light, strange feeling. It wouldn't affect him, but he couldn't ignore it either.

Zhong Shaoting's words made the rarely seen trace of anger in Ding Manman become silent again. He was the one who had caused her to become like this, and now he was saying that she had no sense of shame. It was ridiculous.

"I'm sleepy." She suddenly felt very tired, tired to the point that it was difficult to even look at him. After that, regardless of whether Zhong Shaoting was angry or not, he just laid on the bed with his arms over her eyes, attempting to cut off the world from the world outside.

With regards to Ding Manman ignoring her own actions, Zhong Shaoting had originally wanted to pull her up in anger, but when she saw the bruise on her wrist and then thought about the scene at the venue, her gaze abruptly turned dangerous.

"Stay by my side when you go out in the future, don't embarrass me everywhere." Zhong Shaoting said indifferently, after that, regardless of whether she heard or not, he left the room. Taking out his phone from his pocket, he dialed a number.

"The man who met Ding Manman at the auction today, investigate his background for me."

"Ok CEO, what do we do after we find out?" A gentle male voice came over the phone.

"Destroy him, including the family behind him." This was Zhong Shaoting's true strength. With just a few words, he could determine the life and death of a family.

"I understand CEO, I'll do it right away."

When Ding Manman woke up the next day, she did not see him at all.

After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Ding Manman's gaze fell on the door to his room. His heart moved and he could not help but walk over to the door.

Ding Manman's eyes slowly dimmed. She had already expected such a result, but she still could not help but be disappointed.

For a moment, she was thinking, was she going to be imprisoned by Zhong Shaoting for her entire life?

Just thinking about this thought caused her hair to stand on end, and goosebumps arose all over her body.

Shaking his head, he tried to throw this scary thought away, but it was to no avail. In the end, he could only switch on the TV in his hotel room to divert his attention.

She was just casually reading it, but a piece of news caught her attention.

"News flash report, H City's well-known group found a variety of illegal activities last night, such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, labour force exploitation, and so on. Now, all major public security organs have been involved in the investigation, and because of this, this large group, which has been established for more than 40 years, has suffered a crash in the stock market overnight and is facing a bankruptcy crisis. Now, the founder of H City and his son are suspected of breaking the law and have been detained by the public security organs …"

There would always be news like this, which was originally nothing new, but when the television turned towards the son of the person who established this illegal group, Ding Manman was suddenly stunned.

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