Love with Dangerous CEO/C1 The Tempest of the Teaching Building
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C1 The Tempest of the Teaching Building
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C1 The Tempest of the Teaching Building

From the abandoned classroom on the first floor came an unbearably loud sound.

Bai Jinjin stood stiffly outside the door, his face red. Through the cracks in the door, she could clearly see what the person inside was doing.

This was a student from her class who had met her once this morning.

The man was the construction department's top student, Shen Chang. The woman was the music department's top student, Meng Jiaru.

She had never thought that the two of them would be together.

In the morning, she had said in class that she would ask her students to come and sign in every morning, but …

Bai Jinjin grabbed the receipt in his hand and hurried over.

Her heart was still beating very fast. When she arrived at class, she didn't have many students. In a fluster, she placed the signed watch on the table. Zhang Yuan, who was also a counselor, walked over and asked, "Jin Jin, what's wrong? So red? "

Bai Jinjin shook his head in panic, "He ran over just now, he's probably in a hurry."

Zhang Yuan acknowledged with an 'oh' and laughed. "It's good to be young. You're the youngest instructor in our school."

Zhang Yuan's praise made Bai Jinjin smile in embarrassment. His mind was still filled with the scene from the classroom.

After graduation, she should have entered society together, but when the construction department's counselor went to give birth, the situation was very urgent, so they couldn't find a suitable candidate for it in a short period of time. Thus, everyone set their eyes on Bai Jinjin, hoping that she could temporarily replace her as a counselor, in exchange for entering Xichang Group with a high salary after the graduation.

The Xichang Group was Bai Jinjin's dream and also the largest company in Mingzhou City. Many people wanted to enter, but the other party didn't want to be too smart, and those that could enter were the elites of the industry. With just her, a recent graduate from the university, it was almost impossible for her to enter the city.

The good news is that the chairman of Xia-Tang Group is said to have graduated from Mingzhou University in the early years, so every year, an excellent student can enter Xia-Tang internship.

Bai Jinjin is one of the most talented students who entered the Xichang Internship this year.

Seeing her in such a daze, Zhang Yuan thought that she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to fill this position. He patted the table and said, "Actually, it's easy to be a counselor. Just follow your tutorial and do whatever you want as long as nothing happens to these students."

Nie Li pouted. He didn't know if he should say what had just happened …

After all, this sort of thing …

But what if the girl got pregnant? Shen Chang, what the heck, you have to do it well to ensure your safety. Why don't the university students have any idea what to do?

She felt both melancholy and fear.

Just then, the students walked in one after another.

Seeing that there were many people here, Bai Jinjin started to call out names. After the whole process, Shen Chang was the only one missing.

Bai Jinjin was anxious and anxious. Just as he was about to ask his classmates, a lazy voice suddenly came from outside the door, "Instructor, I'm right here."

His voice was low and hoarse, exactly the same as the low gasp he had heard in the classroom earlier.

Bai Jinjin turned around and saw Shen Chang standing at the door. She was about 1.85 meters tall, and was very conspicuous in the crowd. She was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, and her hair was a little sticky.

She did not dare meet his eyes. Shen Chang was an influential figure in the school, a talented student in the construction department, and also a handsome and handsome student. There were so many people in the school who liked him by his name that it was hard to count them all.

In a panic, she hooked up Shen Chang's name and said, "Then come in, don't be late next time."

Shen Chang smiled and walked in. When she passed by Bai Jinjin, she heard him say, "Teacher, are you looking good?"

Bai Jinjin looked up in surprise, only to see that he had already started walking towards his own position, as if the words he just spoke were just a hallucination …

She hurriedly walked onto the stage and said, "Since everyone is here, then I'll say this first. It's the start of the new semester, but in three months it will be New Year's Day, and every class will be performing, so I hope that you can go back and think about it. As long as you have talent, you can report it and then, remember to come and sign it here every day."

After he finished speaking, Bai Jinjin hurriedly walked off the stage. After saying a few words, he ran out in a panic.

It wasn't until she stood behind her teacher's dormitory that her heart finally started to feel at ease …

This Shen Chang, she had been staring at him all this time …

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