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C14 Sit on Him

However, Shen Chang suddenly thought of what Bai Jinjin had said to him, and she seemed to have understood something.

Actually, in her eyes, dignity was more important than money, right? Why else would she react so fiercely when he insulted her with money?

Thinking of this, Shen Chang could no longer sleep.

On the afternoon of the third day, the school held a basketball competition. Shen Chang had always played the best basketball in the department, so she was sent to participate in the competition very quickly. He thought that it was just an ordinary competition, but who would have thought that it would be a friendly match between the teachers and students?

Of course, Bai Jinjin was also present. She was probably wearing a white dress, with her hair tied into a ponytail, and there were two sure victories pasted on her face.

Her smile was very happy, her eyebrows were curved, and the corners of her lips were upturned. One could even vaguely make out the faint dimples in her cheeks.

In truth, Bai Jinjin's smile was extremely beautiful. Her beauty wasn't as flamboyant as Meng Jiaru's, but was rather gentle and gentle. He stared at her in a daze. Even though the distance between them was only a few meters, it seemed very far.

She stood in the crowd, cheering up the students, carrying a box of water.

He passed one bottle after another to Shen Chang.

She smiled, as if that incident from a few days ago did not leave her with many bad memories. She gently placed the water in Shen Chang's hand and subconsciously said, "Thank you."

She turned her head to look at him in shock, only to see him forcefully turning his head away, unwilling to look at her.

However, when he looked carefully, he could see that his face was slightly flushed …

After everyone had arrived, Bai Jinjin sat in the audience seating and chatted with Zhang Yuan, roughly discussing about who would win and who would win.

Not long after they started chatting, a commotion broke out in the crowd, and girls started screaming.

When Bai Jinjin heard the sound, he looked over and saw Wen Chu slowly walking in, wearing a loose white t-shirt.

The current him was excessively handsome. After taking off his glasses, he lacked elegance and elegance. It was hard to imagine that a man would be able to see such a state.

Both the girls' seats and the cheering squad were shouting out Wen Chu's name. He smiled and nodded, then walked to the side of White Gold Gold Gold Coin and sat down.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that there was a spot beside her, or perhaps it was due to some other reason, but in that moment, Bai Jinjin's entire body stiffened as he sat there with a straight back, not daring to move or look around. His heart was pounding like a drum.

Yes, she liked Wen Chu, very much. Ever since she saw his scholarly and handsome face on the platform, she liked him, but she knew in her heart that there was no connection between Wen Chu and her. If there had to be one, it was the last time he had seen her kick Shen Chang in the toilet …

Perhaps it was because Wen Chu had seen that scene, so his heart felt like it had a knot in it, which he could not suppress no matter how hard he tried.

Zhang Yuan whispered, "Jin Jin, are you alright?" Why did it suddenly turn stiff? "

Bai Jinjin cautiously shook his head, then abruptly stood up and said, "About that, I'll go to the bathroom."

However, when he turned around, he discovered that he had to pass by Wen Chu to get to the restroom. Thus, he could only pretend that nothing was wrong and walk to the front.

However, the act was too deliberate. He did not manage to see what was beneath his feet. It was as if he had stepped on a mineral water bottle, and he suddenly fell forward.

The moment she lost her balance, she really wanted to find a hole to hide in and embarrass herself in front of Wen Chu a second time! Was there anything worse than this?

However, who would have thought that at the moment when she was about to fall to the ground, two hands tightly grabbed her waist, and with a twist, she sat down steadily on Wen Chu's thigh.

Yes! She sat on Wen Chu's thigh!

She could even feel the warmth of her hands on her slender waist, the heat that seemed to burn her skin through her clothes.

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