Love with Dangerous CEO/C15 Intense Competition
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C15 Intense Competition
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C15 Intense Competition

Her heart began to beat fiercely. Even her brain had turned white, and she could think of nothing.

At that time, she seemed to hear Wen Chu say in a low voice, "Be careful."

She suddenly came back to her senses and stood up with a 'whoosh' like a spring. Her entire face was so red that it couldn't even be covered with powder. "Thank you …"

After saying so, she didn't even dare to raise her head as she crazily ran towards the washroom in front of her.

She took a quick glance through the corner of her eyes and saw her figure leaving in a hurry as well as her shy face. Shen Chang, who was in the distance, could not help but frown.

Was Bai Jinjin shy? Afraid? Shen Chang frowned. Her chest felt a little stuffy and the basketball in her hand was spinning uncontrollably …

Bai Jinjin, who had left in a hurry, had already rushed into the bathroom with a face full of rosy clouds. He pressed his back against the door and panted heavily …

Her mind was still filled with the scene from before. She could still accurately feel the feeling of sitting on Wen Chu's body.

His chest was pounding and his face was burning red. He just wanted to calm down. If he was like this, how could he have the face to go out and see warmth?

Outside the door, the students' conversation could be heard. It was unknown who it was, but a sweet and melodious voice rang out, "When Teacher Wen walked in just now, he was simply amazing!"

"Humph, that's why so many people would drool over such a superior item. We can only watch and see."

"I don't agree with that. We've seen Teacher Wen for so long, but we haven't seen any women around. Who knows, maybe he doesn't even have a girlfriend."

"That's true."

The girls all burst out laughing, while the White Gold Coin in the cubicle felt his entire body heat up.

Wen Chu really did have the ability to attract attention. He was already a Doctor of Finance at the age of 28. It was said that he even opened a company outside of the city, which was not small. The most important thing was that he had never seen him go to any place that he shouldn't have. He treated his students with modesty and courtesy and was simply the legendary Monk Tang …

Bai Jinjin tried his best to control his emotions. After combing through everything, he opened the door and walked out.

The match on the court had already begun. Shen Chang was battling against the design faculty's teacher. When Bai Jinjin's gaze landed on Wen Chu, he couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement.

She carefully walked back to her seat and sat down. The moment she sat down, Wen Chu asked, "Are you alright?"

Bai Jinjin's words caught her attention once again, and she hurriedly replied, "I'm fine, I'm fine."

Wen Chu did not say anything, but only slightly nodded his head and concentrated on watching the match.

However, how could Bai Jinjin have the mood to watch the match? He focused all his attention on Wen Chu.

Shen Chang scored goals again and again on the field and quickly gained the upper hand. A wave of cheers and screams rang out and Shen Chang ran around the field in high spirits.

Only when Bai Jinjin looked carefully did he realize that Shen Chang had beaten him to the top half.

He didn't say anything. He just smiled at her, as if to say: Am I very, very handsome?

Bai Jinjin couldn't help but laugh at him. In fact, Shen Chang's nature wasn't bad, and from what happened at Tong Mingshan, it could be seen that he was just a child who was raised in luxury. As long as he was guided properly, he could still walk the right path.

In the second half, the entire cheerleading squad began to call out Wen Chu's name in unison.

Wen Chu lightly pursed his lips, then stood up and walked off the court.

Bai Jinjin looked at his back, and his heart started to beat faster.

It was as if Wen Chu's entire body was enveloped in an eye-catching halo, emitting an aura that no one could ignore. Even if he were to gaze at him from far away, his chest would still fiercely beat.

Shen Chang looked at Bai Jinjin out of the corner of his eyes and followed her gaze. When he saw her staring straight at Wen Chu, a trace of displeasure appeared in his heart.

He fiercely hit the ball on the ground and said coldly, "Teacher Wen, don't blame me for not showing mercy."

Wen Chu raised the corner of his lips and calmly replied, "Okay."

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