Love with Dangerous CEO/C17 Shen Chang's Anger
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C17 Shen Chang's Anger
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C17 Shen Chang's Anger

Looking at this scene, Shen Chang felt a sudden rage in his heart. He kicked the water tank beside him and shouted angrily, "What are you fighting for, is there a point?!"

This move of Shen Chang made the entire venue quieten down. He glared at Wen Chu, threw down another stool and left.

Bai Jinjin stared at Shen Chang's departing back in a daze. He felt a little weird, 'What happened to Shen Chang?' What was he angry about?

Wen Chu followed her gaze and a trace of emotion flashed across his eyes. He threw away the ball in his hand and said, "It's good that you're fine."

Bai Jinjin's gaze returned, but he didn't dare meet Wen Chu's gaze. He only lightly nodded his head and didn't reply.

Zhang Yuan rushed down and shouted, "Jin Jin, are you alright?"

Bai Jinjin shook his head, but his gaze was still locked onto Wen Chu.

Due to Shen Chang's departure, this game had no results. No one dared to call for Shen Chang, as they were all aware of Shen Chang's uncertain personality.

After Wen Chu packed his stuff and prepared to leave, Bai Jinjin bravely walked up to him and said softly, "Thank you."

Wen Chu slightly raised the corners of his lips. "No need to thank me."

"No …" Bai Jinjin's face turned red as he mumbled, "Not thanks this time, but last time …"

"Last time?" Wen Chu frowned slightly, as if he couldn't figure out what Bai Jinjin meant by 'last time'.

Bai Jinjin reminded her with good intentions, "That's right, the men's restroom …"

When Wen Chu heard this, he immediately recalled the night when Bai Jinjin had kicked Shen Chang in the vitals …

His smile widened as he stood up and said, "Looks like you are very smart to have taken care of Shen Chang."

Bai Jinjin quickly explained, "It's also thanks to Teacher Wen for not mentioning my whereabouts."

Wen Chu nodded slightly.

When he turned to leave, Wen Chu seemed to recall something. He took out a book from his bag and passed it to Bai Jinjin. "I heard that you're going to work in the brothel. This is the company's introduction. Take it and take a look."

Bai Jinjin slowly received the book. The undulations in his heart were like ripples, rippling through his heart.


Shen Chang trotted all the way to the dormitory. She kicked open the door without even bothering to open it.

A 'clang' sound was heard, scaring the surrounding people into looking over. The fatty who was following behind hurriedly explained: "Stop looking, don't look anymore, Young Master Shen is in a bad mood."

After saying that, he carefully closed the door, moved a stool over and sat beside Shen Chang and said softly: "Young Master Shen, what's wrong with you? What's there to be angry about? "

Shen Chang gulped the water and grabbed Fatty. "Am I good-looking?"

The fat guy shook his head.

Shen Chang asked again, "I don't have any money?"

The fat man shook his head again.

Shen Chang let go of the fat guy, not saying a word. Her face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Fatty was not a fool, he understood after thinking about it carefully. He carefully tried to probe: "What kind of woman does Young Master Shen have his eyes on? "So arrogant."

Shen Chang kicked him fiercely, "I like her? My eyes got shot by a cannon, right? "

Fatty rubbed his aching feet and said timidly, "Then why are you so angry?"

Shen Chang's angry words were stuck in her throat like cotton stuck.

Yes, what was he angry about? Was it due to the fact that Wen Chu saved her, or was it due to the fact that he was staring straight at Wen Chu?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. He stood up and said, "Anyway, it's definitely not like what you said!"

He rolled over onto his bed. He was sticky and didn't want to take a bath.

Fatty moved the chair over and said, "Young Master Shen, isn't Meng Jia Ru your girlfriend? "What, don't tell me you've fallen for someone else and don't like her?"

"Meng Jia Ru?" Shen Chang sat up and stared at Fatty, "She is the same as all the other women. I like her just as much as I love all the other women."

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