Love with Dangerous CEO/C18 All Women Are the Same
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C18 All Women Are the Same
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C18 All Women Are the Same

Fatty rubbed his nose and laughed. "That's right. If Meng Jia Ru had broken up with you and liked others, would you have reacted this way?"

Shen Chang waved her hand and lay back down, saying without a care, "She can be with whoever she wants to. It has nothing to do with me."

Fatty laughed and sat beside Shen Chang saying, "Then, who was it that made our Young Master Shen angry today?"

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. He sat up abruptly and grabbed Fatty's clothes. "It's none of your business who I like!"

The fatty hurriedly explained, "Yes yes yes, it's none of my business, but Young Master Shen, don't be so crazy! Will you go if you like her? Don't be so weird all the time, I'm in the same dorm as you, so the one who's out of luck is me! "

Upon hearing this, Shen Chang was infuriated. She kicked the fatty hard and shouted, "Scram!"

The fat guy walked down dejectedly and sat back in his seat, wiping the sweat off his body.

The more he thought about it, the weirder it felt. He turned around to look at Fatty's back and asked again, "Hey, damn fatty, how does it feel to like girls?"

"Me?" Fatty turned around and looked at Shen Chang. After some thought, he said, "If I fall in love with any girl, I would definitely be dreaming. I would even dream of battling with her for 300 rounds tonight."

"The head is full of unhealthy thoughts." Shen Chang retorted.

The fatty was displeased. "I just don't have your money and I'm not as handsome as you. If I had your things, would I have to suffer so much?"

Fatty's words seemed to have hit a spot on Shen Chang. He sat up abruptly and stared at the fatty, "If I don't have money and am not handsome, what will happen?"

The fatty laughed mockingly, "What can you do? You can push me as hard as I can …"

However, after he finished speaking, Fatty seemed to have realized something and quickly explained, "What I mean is …" "Even if you don't have money and you're not handsome, young master Shen, you're still better than me …"

Fatty's flattery was useless.

All Shen Chang could think of was of Bai Jinjin's words: after leaving the Shen family, let's compete with her again.

He let out a long sigh. His expression was clearly filled with grief. "Fatty, I really don't understand what love and love are anymore."

The fatty was stunned. Shen Chang repeated this line several times a month, but he did not care. He casually asked, "Oh, who is that? Lucky for you, our family's Young Master Shen has taken a fancy to it."

Shen Chang glared at him, "Can you stop talking? The feeling this time is different, it is..." Just like, you know? I didn't want to go to bed with her the first time I saw her. "

"Yo, how ugly is that woman."

"It's not ugly!" Shen Chang corrected him, "She is very beautiful. Her skin is white and her looks are beautiful. Her figure is also very good …"

"Is there such a person?" Fatty turned around and looked at him, "If you do, then based on Young Master Shen's ability, isn't it a piece of cake for you?"

Hearing that, Shen Chang fell silent.

He did not reply, but rather surprised Fatty. He asked again, "Do you really like her?"

Shen Chang nodded, "Yes, I saw her together with another man. I wanted to strangle her to death!"

Fatty could not help but laugh, "If she dies, what will you do?" If you want me to say it, then just say it directly. The other party will definitely take the bait. "

Shen Chang rolled over and sighed, "It's a pity that she's not this kind of person. Damn fatty, that trick from the past was useless, don't come up with any bad ideas."

After he finished speaking, his mind was filled with memories of her smiling face on the field. He had never realized before that although she was a beautiful and poor looking woman, she had a unique aura about her.

Fatty saw that Shen Chang was lost in thought and said, "Young Master Shen, if she wasn't such a person, then you should just chase after her."

"Chase …" Shen Chang muttered to himself. Thinking of this word, he actually felt a little scared. In his impression, he had given her a lot of face. If he went back to chase after Bai Jinjin, would he be despised?

For the first time, Shen Chang felt sick. He sat up abruptly, got off the bed, opened the wardrobe and began testing the clothes.

The fatty stared with his mouth agape: "Young Master Shen, you, what are you trying to do?"

"Be a good student!" Shen Chang turned around and smiled, "Study hard, Upwards Ho!"

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