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C2 Men's Bathroom Search

After washing up, Bai Jinjin prepared to sleep.

As she was about to turn off the lights, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and saw that it was Zhang Yuan. She pressed the call button and before she could say anything, Zhang Yuan hurriedly said, "Jin Jin, someone in your boys dorm has lost something valuable. You should go take a look."

"What?" Bai Jinjin stood up like a carp, "Who is it!? Can the surveillance cameras see it clearly? "

"No, it's already past ten and the lights in the dorm are out. I suspect it's a spy. Hurry over and have a look, even the male dorms are in an uproar."

Bai Jinjin quickly hung up the phone, put on a coat, and left the room.

Whatever it was that was precious to them, it was a life and death experience for them. Not to mention that most of the things in the school came from the countryside.

The boys' dormitory was right next to the teachers' building, so she rushed there. There was already a ruckus on the third floor, and many people had gathered to watch as well. The boys were all in their twenties, and even Bai Jinjin felt a bit embarrassed when he saw this scene.

After passing through the crowd, they arrived at the dormitory where the incident had occurred. However, the interior of the room was peaceful. The two people in the dorm were sitting at a table, playing with a computer.

What surprised Bai Jinjin was that this dorm room was actually Shen Chang's dorm room …

She gathered up her courage and asked, "What happened to you guys? Who lost something?"

The boy pointed at Shen Chang and said, "He lost something. He could not be seen when the lights went off. Even the surveillance cameras could not see him."

Shen Chang? Throw something away?

She frowned and said, "What did you lose? Money or something? How did it get lost? "

Shen Chang slowly turned to look at Bai Jinjin.

She was wearing a white nightgown with a pink jacket over it. Her tied up hair had also been let down. She must have come running over here, and her face was a little flushed.

She was a good-looking girl to begin with. She tried her best to be mature in order to get close to the job as a counselor. But in reality, she was only twenty-two years old.

Shen Chang was also surprised. Even during the day when he saw Bai Jinjin, he only thought of him as a young counselor, but he didn't expect that when Bai Jinjin let go of his head, he would look so nice. His small oval face was smooth and fair, and his eyes were bright and moist.

A trace of amazement flashed across his eyes. He suddenly became interested and said with a playful smile, "Instructor, the earring that I gave to my girlfriend didn't drop. What should I do?"

He lazily leaned against the chair. There was no panic on his handsome face from losing money. Instead, he revealed a faint smile.

Bai Jinjin furrowed his brows, as if he was slightly anxious, "How did you get lost? Where did you get lost? Are earrings valuable? "

Shen Chang pursed her lips and smiled, "It's a new Cartier earring. It's only worth two hundred thousand yuan."

Just as he finished speaking, a burst of exclamations came from outside the door!

Yes, a pair of earrings for over 200,000 RMB was astonishingly large. It was even possible that she would not even have 200,000 RMB if she made it for a few years. However, to Shen Chang, it was only the number of earrings!

This was his first time seeing such a thing as a counselor, and Bai Jinjin couldn't help but feel a little scared. She tried her best to find the counselor's methods, and calmed herself down before saying, "Then, I'll accompany you to the place you were at before. Maybe you've accidentally left something behind?"

Shen Chang nodded slightly, but did not reject his offer. "Alright, then let's go."

Bai Jinjin didn't think too much into it, and walked towards the door with Shen Chang.

As they left the crowd, Bai Jinjin asked, "Where have you been?"

"The men's room."

Men's Room...

Bai Jinjin was shocked, he sized Shen Chang up and said, "Then go in and look for yourself, I'll wait for you outside."

Shen Chang looked annoyed. She took a few steps forward and turned to look at him. "The men's restroom is very big. I can't find it all by myself. If you don't help me find it …"

Shen Chang looked at Bai Jinjin meaningfully, as if she was doing this on purpose.

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