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C3 Insult

Logically speaking, it would be hard to find earrings if they were dropped. It would be difficult to find them clearly if she was all alone and weak. If she could not find them and Shen Chang got into trouble with the school, it would be hard for her to explain herself.

After thinking for a moment, he reluctantly nodded his head. "Alright, then go in and see if there's anyone else. Otherwise …"

"Who's there?" I'm going to the toilet, so they all have to move out of the way. "

Shen Chang chuckled, walking in with a swagger. His playful and disrespectful attitude reminded Bai Jinjin of what happened today between Shen Chang and Meng Jiaru.

After thinking for a while, Bai Jinjin slowly walked into the men's restroom.

It was very quiet inside and there was indeed no one inside. Shen Chang stood at the side, leaning lazily against the wall and said slowly, "Instructor, please find them for me."

Bai Jinjin frowned, looking at Shen Chang's natural expression, he was very unhappy. Could it be that he was going to let him find her alone? She said coldly, "Shen Chang, let me tell you, you lost this earring. Although I am your counselor and have responsibilities to you, but..."

"But what?" Shen Chang suddenly bent down to look at her, her black eyes were as cold as ice, "You are my counselor, so you should help me find it. Do you know how much this earring costs? Maybe you haven't had two hundred thousand dollars in this job for a few years. "

Shen Chang's words were filled with dissatisfaction and disdain, causing Bai Jinjin to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yes, to her, two hundred thousand yuan was an astonishing amount. She might not even be able to save that amount for a few years, but she hated Shen Chang's malicious disdain.

At that moment, she couldn't help but clench her hands. In less than a second, she slammed her elbow into his throat, then leaned against the wall, her arm tight around his throat.

He looked at Shen Chang and said word by word, "Shen Chang, I know you have money, but remember, don't be willful even if you have money. I'm a Stage Three Black Belt, if you continue to be rude to me in the future, be careful that I don't have to be rude to you."

Fortunately, during her university years, she had studied Taekwondo for a semester, so she could take it out to fool people. However, she didn't have much confidence and was a bit afraid.

Shen Chang was surprised by Bai Jinjin's actions. She didn't know if it was because Bai Jinjin suddenly made a move or because she knew Taekwondo.

However, in a split-second, he pursed his lips into a smile. His right hand grabbed her right hand, and with a flip of his hand, he pressed her against the wall.

In just a few seconds, the two of them had a huge difference in position.

Shen Chang was very tall, so it didn't take much effort to hold her down. Her handsome face was right in front of her, and he blocked all the light, making her hide in the darkness.

At that time, Bai Jinjin panicked, because she did not expect that Shen Chang would know Taekwondo, and that she would be much stronger than him!

She tried to move, but Shen Chang held her back and accidentally touched her.

A hint of surprise flashed through Shen Chang's eyes, and Bai Jinjin shouted loudly, "Shen Chang, you rogue! "Let me go quickly!"

Shen Chang did not expect Bai Jinjin's figure to be so good.

He was reluctant to let go and said with a smile, "Teacher, this is what you call a black belt, do you know? Who are you trying to scare with these three kittens' skills? "

He intentionally moved closer to Bai Jinjin, even closer to him.

Bai Jinjin suddenly thought of the matter between him and Meng Jiaru. His face was red from embarrassment, and he wanted to resist, but the other party's strength was too great.

In the end, she gave up. Leaning against the wall, she looked at Shen Chang's handsome face and said, "Shen Chang, I'm not messing with you. Hurry up and let me go. We'll leave after finding the bank card."

"Go back?" Shen Chang smiled, "But I suddenly don't want to go back that early. What should I do?"

He moved closer, as if he could kiss her lips if he lowered his head slightly.

Bai Jinjin's heart started beating rapidly. He tried his best to calm himself down and said with a shaky voice, "Shen … Shen Chang. I'm your counselor. Don't think about doing anything else."

"Hmm?" His deep voice rang out, "What can I do? And you're only my senior, aren't you? "

"How about this, let go of me. Whatever you want to do, I'll accompany you, okay?" Bai Jinjin knew that Shen Chang must have other intentions. She could only reassure Shen Chang before she could proceed with the next step.

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