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Love with Dangerous CEO/C4 Keep to Watch the Play
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C4 Keep to Watch the Play

After all, Shen Chang was still a 20-year-old young man. He thought for a while and said softly, "Alright." Words.

He unexpectedly agreed.

Bai Jinjin was surprised for a moment, but she quickly understood. Shen Chang only liked active women. Let go of her, she just wanted things to be more fun.

Shen Chang slowly loosened her grip and took a few steps back. Placing both her hands in her pockets, she said, "Where are you going to get a room?"

Shen Chang's smile was like the spring wind. It was hard to imagine that the words would come out of his mouth so directly. He was not the least bit embarrassed. No wonder he and Meng Jiajia had done that kind of thing in public.

Now, Bai Jinjin finally understood that this Shen Chang wasn't some so-called fuerdai, he was just a scum with a mind full of dirty thoughts!

She smiled and said, "Alright, let's go."

Shen Chang smiled and extended her arm, wrapping it around Bai Jinjin's slender waist as she walked out.

She tried her best to control her emotions. When she reached the door, Bai Jinjin gave Shen Chang a shove. When he was caught off guard, she stretched out her leg and kicked his crotch! After a series of movements, she heard Shen Chang scream! She was so scared that she immediately closed the bathroom door. Then, she turned around to see Shen Chang lying on the floor with her hands on her crotch. Her face was pale and in extreme pain.

He mumbled, "White Gold! "You …"

This was also the first time that Bai Jinjin had done such a thing. His face was also slightly pale as he said while trembling, "Shen Chang, you, you better remember this, not some woman, you can even touch them!"

Shen Chang was curled up on the ground, her handsome face was scrunched up in a frown, as if she was unable to say anything.

Was he being too excessive?

As Shen Chang's expression turned more and more unsightly, Bai Jinjin started to panic.

She started to feel scared. After all, she was now a counselor and Shen Chang was her student. If something were to happen to Shen Chang, then she …

When he thought of this, Bai Jinjin started to get anxious.

In the bathroom, only Shen Chang's humming could be heard and the lights dimmed.

Suddenly, the toilet in the stall creaked and the door opened … It actually opened.

In the last booth, a person slowly walked out …

Bai Jinjin's face immediately turned pale.

Yes, she didn't expect there to be someone in the toilet, nor did she expect that person to … Surprisingly, it was Wen Chu, a senior doctoral lecturer in finance.

She had only seen him once. During the graduation season, Wen Chu had once made a speech on stage. At that time, he was wearing a suit and stood at the principal's side, appearing exceptionally eye-catching.

This was because his beauty was outrageous. He didn't even look like a teacher. He was like a beautiful youth in the Japanese department. Occasionally, he would wear gold-rimmed glasses and looked refined and handsome.

So since then, there has been a rumor in the school that if anyone could get Wen Chu, then it must be because of the saving of the Milky Way in his previous life.

Wen Chu was an external teacher, so he rarely attended school. Only when he was needed to give lectures did he show up. Therefore, Bai Jinjin didn't expect to see Wen Chu here.

She was so frightened that she could no longer speak. The beauty and love she had felt when she first saw Wen Chu was nowhere to be found.

Wen Chu wore a white shirt with the collar open. He lightly rotated the watch in his hand and looked at the expression on Bai Jinjin's face. He then looked at Shen Chang, who was lying on the floor, and pursed his lips without saying a word.

Bai Jinjin's brain turned white, all he could think about was what to do if Wen Chu saw this scene, would he be criticized by the school, and he still wouldn't be able to get a job in Xiaxu City?

In that instant, many images flashed through her mind.

However, he didn't expect Wen Chu to overtake Shen Chang with just a single glance. He walked up to Bai Jinjin and said, "Are you going to stay and watch the show?"

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