Love with Dangerous CEO/C5 You Stole My Earring
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C5 You Stole My Earring
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C5 You Stole My Earring

Bai Jinjin trembled as he looked at Wen Chu with his almond eyes, until he turned off the lights in the toilet. It was pitch black.

Wen Chu did not say anything and just opened the door and walked out.

The light from outside the door shone in. She turned around to look at Shen Chang, who was lying on the floor, then closed the door.

Her back was already soaked. The male restroom was at the end of the male dorm, so it didn't attract any students. However, even so, the appearance of Wen Chu was enough to make her feel scared out of her wits!

After taking a deep breath, she caught up with Wen Chu's footsteps. She raised her head to look at his side view, feeling somewhat apprehensive. "About that, Teacher Wen, can I discuss something with you?"

Wen Chu's personality was a bit cold, as if he didn't plan to pay any attention to Bai Jinjin.

Bai Jinjin knew clearly in his heart that if this matter was leaked, or if he acted as a witness, then she would be no different from a nail on the head. Even if she knew that it was all because of her recklessness.

She tried her best to control her emotions and said through gritted teeth, "Teacher Wen, you were here just now and heard it. It was Shen Chang who was rude to me first. I'm a girl, so I don't know what else I can do besides this."

Wen Chu seemed to be thinking about something. He suddenly stopped and looked at her with his inky black eyes. "I think you should go and talk to Shen Chang, not me. After all, he is the victim."

"But …" Bai Jinjin bit his lips and begged, "Then, then can you not tell me?"

There was no trace of emotion on Wen Chu's handsome face. His eyes flashed and he said coldly, "Go and explain everything to Shen Chang."

With that, Wen Chu turned and left.

As Bai Jinjin watched his back, his heart was in turmoil.

Although Wen Chu didn't care for her feelings, his words were reasonable. He was not in charge of such a small matter, so she should look for Shen Chang. He was an influential figure in the school, and if he were to speak of this matter, he would become a problem even if he were to enter Xichang City in the future.

As he thought of this, Bai Jinjin turned around to look at the tightly shut toilet door, and an idea formed in his mind.

The next day at dusk, when the construction department was in session, Bai Jinjin, as the instructor, was going to host the class reunion.

Strangely, Shen Chang, who she had been worried about all night, did not tell her what happened yesterday. He even walked past her naturally as if nothing had happened.

Bai Jinjin tried his best to calm himself down, and after he finished, he said, "As for the New Year party, you guys should report as soon as possible."

The students started to discuss amongst themselves. Bai Jinjin's gaze landed on Shen Chang, who was seated on a chair. His expression was calm, without any hint of anger.

After some discussion, a student suddenly raised his hand and said, "Instructor, I heard that you went with Shen Chang to look for something that was lost in the male god's dormitory yesterday. Why is there no result?"

The moment the words left his mouth, everyone turned their attention to the white gold ingot.

Bai Jinjin was a little uncertain in his heart. After all, the kick she gave Shen Chang yesterday was really heavy.

She calmed herself and said, "I didn't find anything. Today, I will report it to the authorities and prepare a case report."

Shen Chang's gaze slowly shifted to Bai Jinjin. He pursed his lips and pointed at a spot in the dark with his pinky finger.

At that moment, Bai Jinjin's face suddenly turned red.

This Shen Chang, even at this time, she was still so shameless. She did not know where the reputation of the school grass came from, but could it be that she was really born with a good set of skin?

Bai Jinjin gritted his teeth and said, "Since no one has any objections, then let's end today's class here."

Shen Chang leaned lazily on the chair and said slowly, "Who said there's no objection? The earring I gave to my girlfriend was lost, and I'm now seriously suspecting that you stole my earring."

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