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C6 Perfection

The moment Shen Chang said this, the whole room was in an uproar as discussions broke out everywhere.

Bai Jinjin knew that Shen Chang was not that easy to deal with, how could he just let it go? She glared at him, annoyed. "How did I steal your earrings? Did the surveillance cameras find anything? "

"I didn't find anything, but the day before yesterday, you came to check the dorm. Coincidentally, my dorm's only occupied by Fatty. He was playing games and didn't know that you had come in, so he said you were suspicious too."

Shen Chang looked at her with a smile, seemingly ready to provoke her.

Bai Jinjin sneered, "How would I know where you put your earrings?" And why take your things? "

"That pair of earrings is worth over two hundred thousand yuan. You're famous for being a poor student in the whole school, receiving relief funds and scholarships every year. To you, two hundred thousand yuan should be a lot of money, right?"

When Shen Chang said this, Bai Jinjin's entire body stiffened.

The gazes of the students in his class started to feel strange. Disdain, contempt, contempt, ridicule …

Actually, Shen Chang was right. She was very poor, poor to the point that only those who study hard can get scholarships. This was something that the design department only needed to ask a little bit of questions about.

Her face turned pale and she clenched her fists. She tried her best to straighten her back and said coldly, "Shen Chang, come out with me."

Shen Chang stood up slowly, dusted off her clothes and smiled, "Sure."

Outside the door was an open field of grass. The University of Mingzhou attached great importance to greening, so as long as there was an open space, almost all the places were planted with greenery.

After walking for a while, Bai Jinjin reached the lake at the side. Shen Chang followed behind her lazily and said, "Now you know what happens when you go against me right? "Baijin Jin, let me tell you, my dad from Mingzhou University also invested. I casually waved my hand, and it was worth hundreds of thousands. If you hit me, I'll make you lose your reputation."

Bai Jinjin just stood there without saying anything, and didn't do anything.

Shen Chang frowned, displeased by Bai Jinjin's nonchalant attitude.

Bai Jinjin was silent for a while before he said slowly, "Shen Chang, I know you have money and power, but you forgot that there is something else in this world."

"What is it?"

Just as Shen Chang finished his sentence, Bai Jinjin raised his hand and viciously slapped Shen Chang's face. 'Pa!' Shen Chang was stupefied from the blow and was unable to react for a long time.

Bai Jinjin laughed coldly and said, "Shen Chang, just relying on the power of a dog, sooner or later we will be in trouble. Ten years in the river, ten years in the river, who can say for sure?"

Anger swept over Shen Chang's chest. He had been here for so many years, yet he was beaten up for the first time? And it was a woman?

He glared furiously at Bai Jinjin and raised his hand, as if to strike back.

Bai Jinjin was not afraid at all as he smiled at him, "Shen Chang, do you know why all the students in your department are so obedient?"

Shen Chang was stunned.

Bai Jinjin continued, "Because they have a good coach."

Shen Chang was confused. "What do you mean?"

Bai Jinjin smilingly patted his shoulder and softly said, "Shen Chang, your father had great hopes for you. I heard that your father beat you up because of your bad character. If I told your father that you made Meng Jia Ru pregnant and that you had an abortion …"

Shen Chang looked at her in fear and pursed her lips without saying a word.

Bai Jinjin took a deep breath and turned around to look at the lake, "Of course, your father knew about this long ago and he suppressed it very quickly. But Shen Chang, don't forget, your evil deeds are not only limited to this."

Shen Chang's father started his life from scratch, so he had very strict requirements for Shen Chang. He wanted Shen Chang to be a perfect person, but unfortunately, Shen Chang was born rich, so it was hard for him to understand such a feeling.

At school, Shen Chang had been informed that he was in trouble several times and thus, his father had taken strict care of him. He had heard from a counselor that Shen Chang's father had stopped his credit card, which meant that he was giving the two hundred thousand earrings to Meng Jiaru for unknown origin.

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