Love with Dangerous CEO/C7 Cat Eating Mouse
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Love with Dangerous CEO/C7 Cat Eating Mouse
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C7 Cat Eating Mouse

Bai Jinjin slowly turned around and looked at him, "Your father wants you to be a person of good character, but you are actually a rich second generation with a stinky copper smell. Did you lose these earrings? "Shen Chang, there's a reason your father's company could be so big. Similarly, if we were to hand it over to you, I'm afraid it wouldn't even be equal to 1%."

Shen Chang stared at her coldly, "What right do you have to say that about me?"

"On what basis?" Bai Jinjin sneered, "Since I'm your counselor, I have the responsibility and duty to change you. Shen Chang, I don't want to say anything else, but if you don't want your father to be angry, then go and explain things clearly. Also, let me warn you, don't be full of the stench of copper, please be careful …"

Her gaze shifted to the bottom.

Shen Chang shuddered and could not help shrinking her body.

"You, you're threatening me?"

"Mhmm." Bai Jinjin smiled happily, "That's why you have to listen to me obediently."

How was Shen Chang a person who had been threatened by others? He frowned and said stubbornly, "For what reason, no one can threaten me!" "Who do you think you are?"

"You can try." Bai Jinjin looked at him with a provocative gaze, "Try offending me and see what happens. I don't have your power, but there's someone more open-minded than you, who can suppress you."

This was the first time in his life that he was bullied! He was even humiliated without any dignity. If he didn't have the ability to refute, how could he accept it? What kind of logic was this!

Shen Chang gritted her teeth and said, "Can you promise? "After all, there are so many people in the school. My father can easily find out what happened to me."

Bai Jinjin smiled meaningfully, "You can bet on it. Anyway, it's not unfamiliar to you."

"Bai Jinjin!" Shen Chang gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with ferocity.

Bai Jinjin was sure that if he did not have this weakness, Shen Chang would have probably ripped her apart on the spot.

The two of them looked at each other without speaking. Compared to the calmness of Bai Jinjin, Shen Chang was extremely impulsive. He first took a deep breath towards the sky, before hurriedly pacing back and forth on the spot.

She thought that he was prepared to use his ultimate move, but a few seconds later, Shen Chang was defeated. He said unwillingly, "Alright, I promise you, but Baijin Jin Jin, you better remember this. If you mess with me, I'm not going to end up well."

Bai Jinjin pursed his lips into a smile. Under the sun, her smile carried a layer of gentleness, and her skin was white and extremely beautiful.

"Shen Chang, I already said that the Feng Shui cycle is changing. When you can bully me, maybe I will already be on your head."

With that, Bai Jinjin turned around and walked towards his class with the documents in hand. As he walked, he said, "Organize your own words and speak them properly. I won't participate in this. After all, Young Master Shen is the best person to clean up this mess."

Looking at how Jin Bai left with a pat on his butt, Shen Chang felt angry for no reason.

He angrily kicked at the side, and shouted in a low voice: "Fuck, what world is this? Threatening and being threatened, this is the first time you have suffered a loss from it!" "F * ck!"

He kicked again. The tree that he kicked fell off its leaves.

The evening sun shone through the emerald green leaves, its mottled shadow casting a reflection on the green grass. Standing not far away, a tall silhouette was standing under the Pear Blossom Tree, wearing a black shirt. His collar was slightly open, and his hands were in his pockets.

She did not seem afraid at all. Facing a playboy like Shen Chang and the rich second generation, she could actually suppress her aura. Especially the part where she threatened Shen Chang, he would find it hilarious if he thought of it.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly.

Behind him, the Finance Department professor drew closer and said, "Director Wen, about the issue regarding the launch of the Begonia product this time …"

Wen Chu came back to his senses. Looking at the watch in his hand, he said in a deep voice, "Alright, let's talk after we return to the company."

The professor looked at Wen Chu's profile and was somewhat surprised. In his memory, Wen Chu was not one to laugh, and his speech was short. He was neither cold nor hot, and always gave people a sense of distance between them.

But just now, he seemed to see Wen Chu laughing?

"Director Wen, did you see something?"

Wen Chu shook his head and turned around. "It's nothing. I saw a little white mouse biting a cat."

"Huh?" The professor was confused. "What mouse is so amazing? Our school's cleaning work is pretty good. How can there be a mouse?"

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