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C9 Found Her

Shen Chang sat up straight like a carp and looked at Fatty in surprise, "What did you say? "Did Bai Jinjin really go to find someone?"

"What else can I lie to you about?" Fatty gripped the buzz cut young man's head anxiously. "Look, something's happened to this White Gold Coin, right? If he was washed away by the mud avalanche, or if he was in danger after entering the mountain, I'll be damned …"

Fatty paced around the room anxiously.

Shen Chang had never expected that Bai Jinjin would actually follow them. Furthermore, he had put in so much effort into doing so.

Has this grandson not gone back yet? He had been playing the game for two days?

He hurriedly got off his bed and turned on his computer. When he saw that Sun Zhao was still online, he immediately sent a message to his grandson: Sun Zhao, hurry up and go back.

After typing these words, he immediately put on his clothes, grabbed his umbrella, and walked out of the room.

The fatty shouted, "Where are you going? It's raining heavily."

"I'm going to find Baijin Jin."

Clang! The door was closed. Fatty was so scared that his whole body trembled.

This was the first time he saw such an expression on Shen Chang's face.

Outside, it rained heavily for the entire night.

When Shen Chang drove to Tong Ming Mountain, there were many people gathered at the foot of the mountain. There were some teachers from the school and even some policemen. Shen Chang got off the car in a hurry and asked, "What's going on? Where's Bai Jinjin?"

The teacher turned around and saw that it was Shen Chang. He was surprised for a while, the sound of the rain was so loud that it was almost inaudible. He shouted at Shen Chang, "Didn't you say Sun Zhao entered Tong Ming Mountain? "Bai Jinjin came back this morning after searching all night. Now that he's lost his connection with us, we plan to split into two teams and search for them in the mountains."

Upon hearing this, Shen Chang cursed to herself as she turned around and got into the car, heading in the other direction.

These people were not clear about the terrain of Tong Ming Mountain. He was very clear that they often came here to pick up girls. The terrain was very dangerous and mudslides often occurred. According to this weather, the degree of danger would often increase.

After parking the car, he immediately put on a raincoat and hurried into the mountain.

When he was living in the United States, Shen Chang frequently explored with her friends, so he had been to some remote mountain forests and mountains in the United States.

He walked on the muddy mountain path with great difficulty, calling out his name as he headed deeper into the forest.

The rain continued to fall for the whole morning and Shen Chang searched for the entire morning.

Suddenly, he staggered and fell onto the muddy hillside. His palm was cut open and blood flowed out. He held onto the pain and clenched his teeth!

"Damn it, Bai Jinjin, where are you?!"

He crawled to his feet and continued to walk forward.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and his feet were already in the water, causing him to feel sore from the soaking. He leaned against a tree trunk and muttered to himself, "Why on earth would I come to find her? I must be crazy …"

Even though he said so, Shen Chang continued walking forward after struggling for a while.

Even though he was extremely mischievous, he knew that life was not something that could be played around with. Even if that person was the one he loathed, Bai Jinjin.

In the end, he saw Jin Jin in a secluded valley deep in the forest.

When he saw her, she was curled up under a sheltered rock, soaked to the skin, her long hair matted with rain, sticky on her body and face, her long eyelashes quivering slightly, her lips bloodless.

Shen Chang hated Bai Jinjin. However, when he saw the look on her face, he felt a little guilty.

This was because he had never thought that this Bai Jinjin would really go to the mountain alone to look for Sun Zhao.

Where did she get so much guts? In this place, let alone women, even men would be afraid.

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