Love With No Regret/C1 Chapter 1
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Love With No Regret/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

The sky was gray, the vision poor, and the guards turned on their searchlights.

The man who had been forced to identify himself turned and grinned at the blinding light.

"Young, Young Master?" Shocked by the uncertainty, the guard raised the back of his hand, rubbed his eyes hard, then curled his fingers and tapped his forehead to make sure he wasn't losing his sight.

Heavens! It really is Young Master! Five years ago, the heir to the Shao Group had finally returned home!

"It's me, Uncle Li." Not surprised by the guard's overly surprised reaction, Lu Jianxun patted the guard who had underestimated him since he was young, and was still in shock and unable to return to his senses. After greeting him, Lu Jianxu walked into the side door and walked in, leaving the guard standing blankly on the spot.

The guard who was called Uncle Li looked on dumbfoundedly as the tall and straight back disappeared into the night. He still couldn't believe that the young master who left a note five years ago had really returned.

Something was not right!

The instant he pushed open the door, an indescribable strangeness surged within his heart. It was once the closest of spaces, but instead, it gave him a strange feeling that was no longer harsh on him.

He shook his head, putting aside the ridiculous thoughts. Even the tie that he had casually thrown on the sofa five years ago was still lying there as an abandoned wife. No one would use his room …

The faint fragrance in the air attracted his attention.

An aura that belonged to a woman was causing trouble!

Would she be afraid of the smell in the bathroom and deliberately spray the perfume to cover herself?

He took a deep breath, and his lungs filled with a faint fragrance.

Remembering the five-star luxurious bathhouse that he missed so much, he could not wait to take off his clothes and walk naked and stocky into the only paradise he could not bear to leave behind, to wash himself clean.

The moment he pushed open the glass door, his eyes were attracted by the scene in front of him. He had never imagined that what would greet him would be a lively and fragrant Hibiscus Bath picture!

He held his breath as he looked at the scene in front of him. The burning desire deep within his body was awakened by the shock of his vision, and his bright black eyes turned dark.

The beautiful woman lying down beside the bath was completely unprepared as she slept, her beautiful neck revealed from her curled up black silk …

He stepped into the pool and knelt beside her, his big hands gripping his slender ankles gently in the water. He moved slowly up his calves all the way to his inner thighs.

"Such tender skin …" He closed his eyes in pleasure.

Lu Jianxun gently placed her on the soft bed. The beauty was still sleeping soundly, but he discovered that her ability to sleep that was not affected by outside interference was amazing. It was like she was hypnotized, allowing him to move her without feeling anything.

Who could she be? All questions were cast aside as she shifted her position comfortably and let out a satisfied croon.

Who was she? Once again, she didn't become the main focus. Her soft and seductive voice carried a numbing pleasure. His heart trembled. An uncontrollable biological need once again swept through him …

"Ah Xun, my grandson, are you in there?"

She had just attended Evergreen's party, and from the mouth of the guard, Old Li, she found out that the grandson she had been looking forward to for five years had finally returned. She couldn't wait to see her grandson. When she saw that his slippers weren't in the shoe closet, she hurriedly opened the door.

At the moment of opening the door, her happy expression quickly turned into one of shock. Her mouth was wide open, unable to utter a sound, and her eyes were fixated on the passionate scene of men and women naked on the bed. She never expected to be greeted by a scene so intense that it almost made her have a stroke.

"Pain …" Ah … Perverted Wolf... "Help!" The sleeping woman opened her sleepy eyes and realized that she was lying under an unfamiliar man. She screamed out in fear and continued to beat him with her hands and feet in an attempt to resist.

"Lu JianXun, you, you actually …" My god, how could this happen! " Grandma Lu was so angry that she couldn't speak after looking at the woman on the bed.

Her grandson had left for five years straight. He had finally managed to get her back, but he had sent her a gift that nearly made her heart beat.

"Hey! Grandma, long time no see. " Unable to keep his cool any longer, Lu Jianxun hurriedly clenched his rain-like fists as he greeted them. His naked body looked very pathetic, and he looked somewhat like a rapist.

"Even after five years, your infuriating nature has still not changed." Grandma Lu trembled as she pointed at her grandson who was causing trouble. She was so angry that she didn't know what to do.

After what she had to do, her mind was blank and she had no idea what to do.

"Big perverted wolf, big obscene insect … I'll kill you. "

Not paying attention to their conversation, the frightened woman used all her strength to slap Lu Jianxun on the face. With a "pa" sound, the atmosphere immediately froze.

For the first time in his life, he had been slapped by a girl. He had thought that she was extremely weak, but he had never expected that she would be a "Cha Cha Cha Cha". He couldn't help but to look at this beautiful woman who had a hot body and a fiery temper.

"Zuo Yan, he's not a pervert."

Grandma Lu closed her eyes, old and powerless. She had never imagined that their first meeting would begin with sexual violence.

Hearing the familiar but no longer spirited voice of her grandma, Zhu Zuo Yan stopped resisting. Her body was covered up by a thin blanket at the same time. She tightly wrapped herself in it. Her trembling body curled up in the corner of the bed, scared to the point where she didn't have the courage to look at the man who threw her a sheet to cover her, then slowly pulled on a pair of pants.

"He is …" Your future husband, Lu Jianxun. "

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