Love With No Regret/C12 Chapter 12
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Love With No Regret/C12 Chapter 12
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C12 Chapter 12

"Ugh …" When Lu Jianxun's lips, which had originally been closed, touched hers, he took the opportunity to open his mouth and hold them. He arched his arms as she moved closer to him. His lips, which were tied together, were dancing with a fiery passion.

Zhu Zuoyan's eyes widened in disbelief as he stuck his tongue into her mouth. A wave of physical pleasure swept over her body, which had become sensitive because of him, and she fearfully tried to pull back a bit. When she touched the makeup table behind her, she was forced into a corner, and her rational head gradually grew heavy …

It was only a kiss, but why was she so weak, so weak that her head turned to pulp?

Keeping himself at a close distance from her, Lu Jianxun took hold of her lips and slowly bent down. He placed his hand on the makeup table and placed her in his own world. After he was sure that she was unable to resist, he began to carefully savor her taste.

Because of the kiss, the addicted Zhu Zuo Yan took the initiative and put the tip of her tongue on her lips, covering it with a bit of wild fire.

"Mm …" She took the initiative to wrap her arms around his neck, and her soft body slumped against his. It was hard to tell if it was his kiss or his smell that confused her. In his arms, she had long since forgotten the harm he had done her.

"Yes, my heavens …" He could not wait for her to be ready to accept him. He could not wait to finish what he was supposed to do on the night of the wedding and leave her to him.

"Zuo Yan, you're almost late for work. You're not ready yet …" She always came down on time to have breakfast with her. Grandma Lu thought she had overslept and came up to take a look. After boldly opening the door, she saw her grandson again, naked, abducting his legitimate wife.

Zhu Zuoyan, who had been scared out of her wits by Grandma Lu, pushed away the man who was holding her lips tightly. She was upset that she had fallen too deep into the desire that he had stirred up, and was unable to extricate herself. Wasn't she afraid that he would hurt her again? Why did the feeling in his arms this time feel completely different? She was confused.

"Grandmother, next time, remember to knock on the door." Once again, his grandmother had ruined his plans. Lu Jianxun wasn't in a good mood and complained that she really knew how to pick her time.

"Your mouth has been washed clean. You can come down to eat now." Ignoring his grandson's teasing, Grandma Lu had a cola. At the rate at which they were burning, she would be just around the corner with her great-grandson's wish.

"Lu JianXun, I will be killed by you." Zhu Zuo Yan closed her eyes and covered her burning cheeks, not daring to face reality. She didn't have the courage to take a step out of the room.

"It's normal for a couple to close their doors and have sex. Grandma's someone from the past, and she won't laugh at you." He coaxed her, he was pleasantly surprised by her ever-changing appearance. No one could have imagined that such a strong woman would have skin thinner than a child's, and that she would be so conservative in her love affairs that she wouldn't be able to keep up with the times. When he thought that he would be the first man to take her on a peep at, he couldn't help but feel his blood boil.

"You still dare to argue?" She wouldn't admit it even if she was beaten to death.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's all my fault, old woman." He tactfully found a way out for her, so that his right to touch her would not be denied.

"You've already taken advantage of me, hurry up and go wash!" She glared at him and vowed not to let him get any more excuses to approach her.

"Let go, this is the company." After the morning's sacrifice, he finally managed to turn the main character into a company. The big shot who didn't play according to the rules came up with new tricks.

"Husband holding the hand of his wife is a matter of course, what is there to be ashamed of?" The employees who were rushing to work quickly paid their attention to them one by one. Lu Jianxu, who was already used to everyone's gazes, did not mind and did not let go.

"Eldest Young Master, we're not shopping." She wanted to pull back her hand to prevent others from seeing through her. Unfortunately, the other party was so domineering that she couldn't let her succeed. She could only grind her teeth and growl.

"That's good!" He deliberately held her hand up high and kissed the delicate skin on the inside of her wrist, satisfying the curious peeping nature of the crowd.

"You …" Zhu Zuo Yan, who had always been calm and collected in front of her employees and had been teased by him without warning, quickly pulled her hand to stop her embarrassment. She ignored the employees who were watching her and quickly walked forward with her man.

"Good morning, General Manager." For the first time ever, he saw a super strong female general manager arguing with a handsome man in the early morning. Secretary Fang mustered up his courage and curiously looked forward.

"This is …"

"Secretary Fang, the information you need for the meeting will be delivered to my table in a minute." Zhu Zuo Yan didn't even turn her head back as she quickly dismissed the curious baby's voice.

"Yes, General Manager, this …" Peeping on people's privacy was human nature, especially the usually aloof and powerful figures. They were the best subjects for everyone to fall for. Secretary Fang, who refused to give up, was not afraid to step into the mine area to gather information.

"Fifty-eight seconds left."

"General Manager..." Secretary Fang wailed.

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