Love With No Regret/C3 Chapter 3
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Love With No Regret/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

He did not know how much he felt about her, perhaps because he had wandered away for a long time, and when he wanted to settle down, he met her. Emotion is a wonderful thing. When you think you shouldn't come here, it will appear by your side, but you won't be moved. Once you have a change of heart, a simple look will cause you to be extremely moved.

He did not deny that the timing of Zhu Zuoyan's appearance five years ago was inappropriate. He longed for a free and unfettered lifestyle, and had no choice but to accept their existence due to the family burden that came naturally to him. Just when he had finally found a balance between himself and his company, her appearance had destroyed everything.

At first, he was angry that his grandmother had decided on her own, so he had rejected her from the bottom of his heart. However, when he thought about how Zhu Changtian and his wife's daughter was a business genius, and how the only good thing about her was that her head could work, he found a way to save himself.

In the eyes of others, his departure might have been an act of passion, but he had never argued for himself, knowing that what mattered most was what he wanted.

He was betting on the Lu Corporation for five years with a single gamble. Zhu Zuoyan passed the test, but when he returned, he didn't expect that he would be attracted to her without his knowledge. He obeyed his grandmother's wishes and married, completing the task he should have done five years ago.

He had spent five years betting on the Lu Corporation as his wife, and it was worth it for him to spend the rest of his life on recycling.

"I've finally kicked an iron plate." Grandma Lu teased him bluntly. He could not bear to see his grandson's proud love life, so he should let him taste the feeling of being rejected before he could cherish his hard-earned fate.

"When a metal board meets fire, no matter how tough it is, it will still melt. Don't worry, I have the confidence to make grandma's beautiful dream come true." He blinked mischievously. He could not see the meaningful look in his eyes.

"Young Master, if you put this confidence in the company, it will be the well-being of the Lu family's employees." Zhu Zuo Yan replied indifferently, her tone emotionless.

"With my wise and capable wife leading the army, those employees are already happy enough." He didn't mind his wife taking over his position at all.

"You don't want to go back to the company?" His words caused Zhu Zuo Yan to be stunned for a moment, and she wondered if she had misheard him. No matter what, she was still an outsider, so what if he couldn't support Ah Dou? She could not accept him as the successor of the Lu family, but he had no sense of responsibility towards the company.

"My own wife managed the company very well. How could I sit back and let it happen?" He spoke with conviction, not believing that the management of a family business must be managed by a pure heir. It is in the best interests of the company to put the best people in the right place and let the best people lead the company forward and seek the greatest benefits for the employees.

"What are you going to do if you don't pick up the company?" Grandma Lu asked the question in Zhu Zuo Yan's heart. How could a man who had left his career listen to others?

"My capable wife works so hard. I don't mind being her backer so that she won't have to worry about anything else." Not everyone liked a position that was as cold as the cold. After becoming the eldest brother, Jiang Tian, for five years, he discovered that there was a wide road for him to walk in life.

"You mean, other than the female lead, the male lead?" Grandma Lu's eyes widened, thinking that she had misheard. It was one thing for her grandson to be uninterested in the family business, but he still wanted to be a family husband?

"This kind of thing is very normal." He replied with a smile that he did not think his thoughts were too avant-garde. As long as one had the ability, anyone could occupy a high position and seek the greatest benefits for more people.

"I don't need a man to back me up." Zhu Zuo Yan was shocked by his thoughts. Should she be glad that the husband she married was a man of great measure and not as old-fashioned as the average man, or should she complain that he was a man who could not support Ah Dou and did not know how to advance?

"I don't agree either." Grandma Lu raised her hands in protest.

"Grandmother, aren't you just anxious to carry your grandson?" He released the bait.

"What does it matter?" Grandma Lu was confused. Now he was talking about his work. What did it have to do with grandson?

"If we were both busy with business, where would we get the time to talk about love and cultivate our feelings? Not to mention having a baby. " He deftly turned the subject to the old man's most important concern.

"You make sense." Upon hearing about her future great-grandson, Grandma Lu's refusal immediately softened.

"Grandma, in these five years, you have also seen Zuo Yan's ability. We shouldn't tie down her ability with the traditional ways of thinking about how to be conservative outside the male and inside the female main body." He spoke boldly, striving to make his wife equal in the right to work and paving the way for a free and unfettered life in the future.

"I can't possibly teach you to spend all day doing nothing for your wife to raise, can I?" Grandma Lu said snappily. After being separated for five years, she had been unable to understand what her grandson was thinking. The dignified heir to the Lu Corporation, actually gave the company to his wife to manage. He was the household cook, would these words even be heard if they came out?

"Grandmother, everyone has their own aspirations. If you want to live a life, you have to fight for it. Aren't you threatening us just to carry your grandson?" He told the truth.

"Zuo Yan, say it." Grandma Lu could not keep her pride any longer, so she kicked the ball away and decided to watch the fight from the other side of the river.

"I have no objections." Zhu Zuo Yan frowned, she was a girl with two heads, her husband would not only maliciously bully her, but he would also cause trouble for her.

"No problem, just listen to my opinion. The most important thing is to have children. There's no rush about the company, we can talk about it in the future." He decided on his own.

Hearing that his grandson wanted to give birth to a child, even though she disapproved of his idle attitude, Grandma Lu could only reluctantly accept it. With this grandson having so much to do, it would not be too late for her to slowly enlighten him.

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