Love With No Regret/C4 Chapter 4
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Love With No Regret/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

No overtime night, Zhu Zuoyan will usually accompany Grandma Lu to watch TV, chat, happy her day situation. After her husband returned home, in order to reduce the chances of meeting her, so as not to lament the days to come, she changed her schedule and brought her business back home. Only by focusing on her favorite job could she not feel that her peaceful life had become a mess.

Based on the current situation of the company, although the Shao family owned more than half of the company's shares, but after confirming that Master Shao had returned, the majority of the company's shareholders would think of a way to force her back. No matter what, she was still an outsider.

It was not difficult to hand over the Koreans. The only thing that troubled her was that Young Master Lu, who was so fortunate that he did not know the hardships of the human world, did not seem to have the will to return to the company.

"Knock, knock!"

A knock on the door interrupted her confused thoughts about how to deal with the company's current thorny problems.

"What's the matter?" She opened her bright eyes that were lost in thought and raised her head to look at the man that did not invite her in. Her tone was indifferent, concise to the point that one could not hear the temperature.

"Don't be too tired, my dear wife." Not surprisingly, the workaholics were still working at night, working on the business.

"Please call me Zhu Zuo Yan." Without an audience, her face was cold, and she didn't want to pretend to be in control. This man was a nuisance. His unreasonable character had troubled her. She wanted to ignore him, but she couldn't ignore him.

"I, Lu JianXun, only have one wife. Dear old woman. " He casually leaned his tall and sturdy body against the edge of the table. He had a warm smile on his face and was not afraid of his hot face touching his cold buttocks.

"Forget it." "You came just in time, I have something to talk to you about." She had never wasted her energy on trivial matters, so she quickly changed the topic. It was all the same to her. The most important thing was to solve the problem smoothly.

"My dearest dear wife, your husband is listening attentively." Not surprisingly, she slightly raised her eyebrows with an unadorned air of heroism. Seeing that she was very displeased with his new title, he smiled even more happily.

"You are the sole heir to the company. When do you want to return to the company?" She went straight to the heart of the problem and was frustrated by the immaturity of his speech. How could she be at ease when a company that had tens of thousands of employees living on it was run by someone who was frivolous and emotional? But if she didn't let go, she was afraid that the majority of the shareholders would think that she loved her position of power.

"My wife has the ability to manage the company well, so it doesn't matter if I go back or not." He repeated what he had said at dinner. Who said that a master must personally supervise a war? Finding an outstanding general would allow him to make the best use of his skills in battle. Only by doing his best would he be able to achieve the greatest economic efficiency.

Ever since he was young, the people he came in contact with were all top talents in various fields, which resulted in his ability to recognize people accurately. Now, the enterprise was no longer under the sole responsibility of a single master. Only an excellent management team could lead the enterprise into the future. He was responsible for searching for the thousand li horse, putting the most outstanding people in the right position.

In the eyes of others, he might not be working, but his life was carefree and carefree. Who said that as a master, he had to work hard every day in order to serve the company? He would never want to waste time on boring jobs.

"You are the only heir to the Lu family." Unbeknownst to him, she repeatedly emphasized his inborn identity and did not allow him to refuse.

"Couples as one, it doesn't matter who manages the company." Life has many interesting things to do, his precious time is not spent working for the staff bowl.

"Don't make things difficult for me." His smile, which was too bright, was too dazzling. She was angry that he didn't seem to care about the responsibility he was shouldering.

"How can your husband bear to make things difficult for your dear wife? I've always been easy to talk to. " Seeing the anger in her eyes, he laughed even more. After meeting her, he found himself prone to abuse, and he was overjoyed to see her calm, angry, frustrated expression.

"What are you trying to say?" He kept a pen in his pocket and spoke in a way that annoyed her. If it wasn't for the circumstances, she would have already attacked him, lest she wasted her time.

"Since the old wife has spoken, how can I refuse? "Of course, it's not a problem for me to go back to the company and work as a lackey for them." ""Now that he had changed from that irksome young master to a young master, he could not be any more serious and calm.

"How do you want me to meet your conditions?" She did not think he was easy to talk to. Without his repulsive frivolity, she had never seen his serious side, and her heart skipped a beat, reluctantly admitting that he was quite attractive.

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