Love With No Regret/C6 Chapter 6
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Love With No Regret/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

She flustered away from his deep eyes, which were too aggressive. They were also coveting her body, but why didn't she feel any fear right now?

"Get to the point. Also, don't be careless." Why would a person who could throw away everything so ruthlessly move her heart? She hatefully thought about it. She hated herself even more for not only not rejecting his shameless behavior, she was even looking forward to it.

"I don't want to live a married life in the same bed." He finally told her the reason why he had come to find her, and set out the rules of his game. It had taken him five years to finally find a woman that suited him, and it was even harder for him to have a free heart to stop at her shadow. He wasn't willing to give up so easily.

"We won't be in the same bed." Ignoring the turmoil he had caused her, she said with certainty. Those who left first would never know how it felt to be abandoned. She could sell it to the Lu family for her entire life, but she would never allow him to play with her feelings.

"Didn't you want me to go back to the company?" He picked up the photo of the family on the table and looked at it, his tone casual.

"Is this your price?" She couldn't believe that he was using her position to threaten her while she was in a difficult position! Knowing that she could not abandon the Lu family, and using her only weakness to force her into submission, she became furious.

"Although I am a little despicable, my dear wife, please forgive me." He glanced at the happy family of three in the photo and opened his eyes. There was no trace of apology in his gentle and harmless expression.

"No." She had snatched the picture frame from his hand out of her pettiness. It had been a nightmare, and she could not believe that he had dared to openly exchange it for something else.

"We're different beds, how can we fulfill our promise to Grandma?" Even he found it inconceivable to point out that his grandmother had been too petty.

"It's not urgent about the children." She rubbed her throbbing temples tiredly. She didn't want to be a burden and her mental state wasn't good enough to face further contact with it. How could she resolve this issue? His head hurt.

"Grandmother is already old. When will she leave us? No one knows. Are you willing to let her fail?" His family love called out to her, reminding her of her duty as a grandson.

Faced with him slowly advancing, gradually attacking the city, being forced to retreat, she discovered that his sophisticated personality was not something she could grasp. She was used to planning things in her heart, his restless soul was filled with unknown variables, this was the first time she felt a sense of frustration that she couldn't catch up with the other person. She had always been chased by others, but when she faced him, she could only be led away.

"Don't force me." She tightened her thick eyebrows, her tone revealing her helplessness. Ever since he came back, her routine had changed. She didn't like this kind of change that she couldn't control at all. However, the situation where she lost control was not something she could control.

"Don't worry, there will never be another incident of an overlord forcing his way onto a bow. Without my lord wife's permission, I swear I will never do anything that would cause you to become pregnant." He raised his right hand solemnly and gave a promise to a gentleman.

"You promise?" She suspected that his untrustworthy personality would keep his word.

"Trust me." He displayed an extremely sincere attitude, as if from this moment on, he would be reborn and become a good man that followed the rules.

"Alright! I'll think about it. " Her shrewd mind quickly worked out the most advantageous solution. Sooner or later, she would have to deal with the issue of succession. Since he had a request from her now, why not just take him back to the company.

"There's no need to consider it. Other than this condition, there's no need to discuss anything else." He had written a book which expanded the little man's actions to the limit.

"What if you go back on your word? Wouldn't I lose both my husband and my soldiers?" She carefully thought of a way out so that she wouldn't be taken advantage of and unable to ask for help.

"As you wish." He answered quickly.

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