Love With No Regret/C8 Chapter 8
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Love With No Regret/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

Unable to wait any longer, Lu Jianxun strode over to the bed. Looking at her stiff expression as she pretended to be asleep, he could not help but laugh. With the Lu family as their backer, who would wantonly call the shots in the mall, would there be a moment of nervousness?

"He fell asleep so quickly? My dear wife. " He stroked her delicate cheek with the back of his finger, and his soft voice, low and husky, seduced the woman in the bed.

"How can I live through the emptiness and loneliness of the long night when I think of you sleeping beside me and I can't do anything to you?" His words were pathetic, but his black, intent eyes did not blink as he watched the subtle reaction under her calm expression.

"These cute and enchanting little earlobes, when can I openly suck them with my lips and lick them with my tongue?" She pushed back her slightly messy hair and gently rubbed her ears with two fingers until it was as hot and tender as a diamond.

Zhu Zuo Yan, who was trying his best to pretend to be asleep, got goosebumps from his provocative words. This man was truly a lecherous person. As long as he had a chance to steal some incense, he definitely wouldn't miss it.

After he finished flirting with the small earlobes, he shifted his attention to his tightly pursed red lips. The erotic fantasy that appeared in his mind made him swallow his saliva. His thumb gently slid across his lips.

"All of my wife was a masterpiece created by God. The ancients loved cherry lips, and I liked sexy mouths that could fit a man in one bite. Just looking at my wife's lips, I could already imagine things.

The discontented tone was both infuriating and laughable.

"This body of slippery skin, I can't help but want to nibble on it to see if it's as smooth and tender as silk." When he saw that her heroic spirit and thick eyebrows were almost entangled together, he happily raised the mischievous corner of his mouth, appreciating her expression of being angry but not saying anything. She seduced him, he teased her, it was a great pleasure to be able to make a calm, self-contained person lose face, he would never give up such a rare opportunity.

"And this …"

Finally unable to bear it any longer, Zhu Zuo Yan interrupted his enjoyable exploration.

"Enough." If she didn't stop him from doing so, she definitely wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully all night.

"Eh? Didn't you fall asleep? " He feigned an innocent smile as he looked at her, "Oh no, didn't you eavesdrop on the words that were filled with desire earlier?" He bent his body down, and his bright eyes stared at her shy, evasive gaze.

"Don't say anymore, you promised me." Her face was red as she forcefully pushed away her face that was so close to her that it seemed to be about to be crushed in pain. She was too embarrassed to listen to such disgusting words, yet he still dared to chit talk about them.

"Promise you what?" He pretended to take her in his arms through the sheets, then rolled her on the bed in his arms.

"What are you doing …" Get up, I can't breathe. " Shocked by his unexpected actions, she tried to resist too late, but she was pinned down beneath him.

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