Love With No Regret/C9 Chapter 9
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Love With No Regret/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

"Intimate physical contact helps maintain the relationship between husband and wife." He gave her a kiss on her rosy cheek, and didn't finish his words. In the end, he used his tongue to lick her face until it was covered with a layer of glistening wetness. Only then did he stop, satisfied.

"A starving dog, it's all your saliva. Dirty to death." She wiped her face with the back of her hand. In his previous life, he must have been a starving dog. Only in this life would he not have changed his dog nature and instead would he have liked to lick around.

"Who taught you to be so delicious that you want to take a bite?" He deliberately opened his mouth wide.

She couldn't move because her four limbs were pressed down. She could only stare as he took advantage of her and agreed to let him into her bed.

"That must have been the smell of starvation in my past life." He was addicted to licking her, and he agreed with her. He loved the smell of her body.

"You lied to me." After escaping from the clutches of death, she accused him of incongruous actions and actions. Even though she knew that he had no integrity to speak of, in order for him to return to the company, she had deceived herself into thinking that he was a gentleman who would be well-mannered … See, the Modern World papers immediately confirmed her wrong decision.

"My dear wife, you have wronged your husband!" A pair of bright red lips repeatedly seduced him, who had little self-control, into a corner of his mouth. His heart itched as he lowered his head and sucked them in.

"Damn it, what are you doing now?" Once, when she had been fooled, she had turned her head away from him, not allowing him to take advantage of her. This pervert's mind was filled with thoughts of taking advantage of women, how could he have blindly mistaken the pervert for a prince charming?

"With my dear wife, of course." His bright eyes were like those of a thief in the dark night, waiting for the right opportunity to attack again. However, his answer was as if it was obvious and his expression was confident.

"I don't mean that." Now she knew what it meant to lead a wolf into a room. As long as she let him have the chance to be alone, he would definitely do his best to bully her.

"Did I do anything?" He pretended to be clean and had a puzzled look on his face.

"Don't touch me." Since she couldn't learn how to behave like a scoundrel, she told him plainly. She used her hands and feet to kick him to the other side of the bed, then turned her back to him, making it impossible for him to take advantage of her.

"Don't worry, kissing isn't a small matter like making you pregnant." He grew braver and braver as he fell, Pippi pressing his tall body close behind her, his hands reaching forward to embrace her, his big hands fumbling irregularly at her chest.

"What are you doing? Let go!" She stiffened her body that had been eaten up and was defeated by his heinous act of taking advantage of everything.

"I did not break the rules, my dear wife." He pulled his head back into his hair and inhaled the faint fragrance that had once attracted him. Because of this smell, he fell into an inescapable trap and would never be able to get up again.

"You still say you don't have it?" Her tone was so high that even a blind person would know what he was doing without even looking.

"Kiss me and I will never let you get pregnant. This is common knowledge that everyone knows."

"Lu Jianxun!" Even her surname was shouting out, but her voice was too angry, indicating that she had reached the limit of her endurance. No wonder he agreed so readily. So there was really some trickery involved. When Nooblet met the old Jiang Hu, she would be completely eaten by them.

"Relax, old woman. Your muscles are too stiff. I just want to massage you." Hearing that she was infuriating, he tactfully changed his strategy to lure her skin into adapting to his presence.

"The place you press will never be hard." She clasped her big, dark hand to her chest and refused to let him move, but she could feel the strange numbness he gave her.

"I heard that a man's hand can help a woman's cup level up. I just wanted to make sure you didn't need any help." His words came out loud.

"I don't need it." Even with all her strength, she was still unable to shake the man's boundless strength. She furiously hit the hand on her chest that was playing tricks on her.

"I can feel it." The size allowed him to hold it with one hand, making others drool and touch it with the other. Thinking about the water out of the Hibiscus Mutabilis, he couldn't help but feel itchy. If it weren't for the fact that he wanted to make up for the damage he had done and let her slowly experience the pleasure of intimacy between men and women, he would have climbed up to have sex with her.

"Why aren't you letting go!" It wasn't a pleasant thing to be ambushed in the chest. She tensed herself up and squeezed his palm so hard that he held her small waist down.

"It's as soft as a sponge." He was as tough as a man, but he had a body that could not be more feminine, and her perfection was like a woman God had customized for him. The deeper they got into contact, the more surprising it was for him.

"Enough." Her octopus-like hands clamped tightly around her, even her thick thighs were of use, and she squeezed the back of his hand in exasperation.

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