Love You is a Calamity/C1 Jane mo are we that unfamiliar?
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Love You is a Calamity/C1 Jane mo are we that unfamiliar?
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C1 Jane mo are we that unfamiliar?

Another year of midwinter had begun.

The first snowfall began in Fu City, spreading out over the entire city.

Jane Mo came out of prison wearing only a thin shirt.

Trembling from the snow, a black Venerable stopped in front of her. Two men got out and dragged her into the car.

"What are all of you doing ?"

After three years in prison, she had lost her ability to resist, and could only stare in horror at the man in black beside her.

"Jane Mo." The man sitting in the innermost room suddenly spoke up. His voice was as cold and arrogant as that of an emperor, causing Jian Mo's back to tighten and his scalp to go numb.

No, it definitely wouldn't be him!

Shen Ji Lun took off his sunglasses with his slender fingers and his disdainful gaze met with Jane Mo's trembling gaze. The corner of his mouth curled up in a mocking arc.

Jane Mo's pupils violently trembled.

The lines of the man's face were cold and sharp, the perfect features like God's elaborately carved work of art, the solid nose, the thin lips.

The deep eyes were as sharp as an eagle's, and they were as cold as ice. The ten thousand year chill shot towards Jian Mo.

"Why?" Shen Jilun looked at her with disdain, "You've only been in there for three years, yet you don't even call out to anyone after meeting them?"

"Shen ?" "Mister Shen." Jane Mo hurriedly lowered her head. Her dark eyes were filled with fear.

This man was Jane Mo's nightmare. Three years ago, he was framed of colluding with the Ye family and sold out the Shen family. Because of this, Grandpa Shen died of a heart attack.

And Shen Jilun didn't even want to listen to a single explanation and just threw her in jail without a second word, regardless of three years.

He even ordered people to beat up her child in the prison!

"Mister Shen?" Shen Jiren laughed disdainfully, roughly pulling Jane Mo's hair to pull her to his side.

"Are we that unfamiliar, ex-fiancee?" Shen Jilun's voice was as elegant as ever as a gentleman.

Yet, it was so cold that it caused one's bones to tremble. His pride as an emperor wanted to crush the last bit of one's dignity!

However, her dignity had long since been destroyed by him!

Having spent three years in prison, Jian Mo had already learned to lower his head in apology. She could not afford to offend this man.

"I know I was wrong ?" I beg you, please let me go! "

Jian Mo let out a shaky voice, and the pain in his scalp made it difficult for him to even speak.

"Let you go?"

The man's gaze shifted to her face, inadvertently shifting from one side to the other, suddenly becoming cruel. "Why?!"

"Jian Mo, you dared to violate my taboo, you should know what kind of fate will befall you!"

Shen Jilun angrily grabbed her neck, domineering and defiant. "Speak, why are you betraying me?"

"Just how much did the Ye Family give you?!"

For three years, this woman had never explained herself to him. Even when he was angry and sent her to jail, she would not say a single word.

Jian Mo was almost unable to breathe, but he did not dare to resist at all. He could only open his dry lips and beg in a low voice: "Let me go ?" "Please ?"

Jane Mo's face turned purple as he begged for mercy with great difficulty.

It was unknown why, but when Shen Ji Lun saw how Jian Mo was begging for mercy, his snow-white, slender neck broke immediately. Unexpectedly, he wasn't as pleased as he had expected.

He felt annoyed and frustrated.

He loosened his grip and casually threw Jane Mo like a straw. His gaze was disdainful and disdainful as he said, "Jane Mo, your current appearance really makes one feel disgusted!"

In the blink of an eye, Jane lost her breath ?.

Her small face was as white as a sheet of paper.

He originally thought that he didn't care, but when he heard those words from Shen Jiran ?

Her heart still ached so much that she could hardly breathe.

The pain in her eyes faded away as she bore with Shen Ji Lun's disgust and didn't say a word.

The black Viscount drove for a while and then slowly stopped in front of Jane's house. She was thrown down the car like a piece of trash.

"Boom ?"

Jane felt her legs go soft and she fell to the ground in a kneeling posture.

"Jiran ~" An extremely luxurious pair of crystal high heels stepped right in front of her without stopping.

"Thank you so much for helping me bring Little Mo home. I'll accompany you to Zhong Shan for dinner tonight."

An intellectual female voice rang out.

Jane Mo raised her eyes to look. This was her cousin, Jane Ruyun.

A strong sense of inferiority struck him. His cousin was even more beautiful than she had been three years ago, and three years in prison had made her look like a middle-aged woman.

Jane Ruyun had exquisite makeup on her face and a compassionate smile on her face. People couldn't help but take a few more glances at her.

"Yes." Shen Jilun nodded his head and indifferently agreed.

Even though she didn't have much intimacy with him, she had already shown a difference in how she treated Jane Ruyun.

Jane Ruyun smiled. When she caught a glimpse of Jane Mo from the corner of her eyes, she could not help but feel a sense of disgust.

In the next moment, a plan suddenly popped up in his mind, and he turned to look at Jian Mo, "Little Mo, why are you still kneeling on the ground?"

"I don't have time today. Your brother-in-law drove you out of jail. Why can't you even say thank you?"


It was as if something pulled hard on her heart, causing her to feel a burning pain ?

Ever since he had been sent to prison, the Jane family had started to arrange a marriage between his cousin and Shen Jilun. He had already heard about it when he was in the prison.

"Say something!" Jane Ruyun impatiently urged, "You don't even know the most basic of manners?"

Shen Jiren frowned, a trace of dissatisfaction appearing in his heart, but he did not retort. He also wanted to see what kind of reaction this woman would have.

Since her fiance had become her brother-in-law, could she really call him that?

Jian Mo raised his eyes and met Shen Ji Lun's probing gaze. Then, he hurriedly lowered his head.

Her black eyes were filled with panic ?

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