Love You is a Calamity/C2 Pick up the money on its knees
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Love You is a Calamity/C2 Pick up the money on its knees
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C2 Pick up the money on its knees

"Thank you ?" Brother-in-law! "

The woman's hoarse voice came from the ground. Jane Mo slowly stood up from the ground and stood to one side.

Hearing this, Shen Ji Lun raised his brows. His eyes darkened. With a mocking smile, he said with a bloodthirsty smile, "You've become a lot more obedient after going in to stay for three years."

The three years in prison had gone by in complete darkness, and she didn't want to think about it again for the rest of her life.

Shen Lun sneered, closed the car window and drove away.

Jian Mo heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally left.

To her, being in the same place as this man was a form of torture!

Jian Mo turned around and slowly walked out of the house. Unexpectedly, his wrist was grabbed by someone, causing him to gasp in pain.

"Stop right there!" Jane Ruyun tugged at the foam, then retracted her hand as if it was dirty. She took out a tissue and carefully wiped it before she finished counting. "What do you want?"

Looking at how Jane Ruyun did it, there was not the slightest ripple in her heart. Strangely enough, it was as if only Shen Jiran could effortlessly injure her.

"I just want to go home." Jane Mo ignored her cousin's contemptuous gaze and honestly replied.

"This isn't your home anymore!"

Jane Ruyun looked her up and down with disdain, "You are just an illegitimate child who has been left behind. Grandfather has pity on you so he brought you back, yet you betrayed your bottom line for the sake of money! And you've even been in prison, so you're the biggest disgrace to the Jane family! "

Jane Ruyun said without holding back, "To tell you the truth, grandpa asked me to come here and explain myself. From now on, you have nothing to do with the Jane family, I won't give you a single cent! "Just die before you go back to the Jane family."

Jian Mo kept his eyes closed until Jane Ruyun finished her sentence, "I don't plan on bothering the Jane family anymore, I just want to see how my mother is doing."

"That's what you'd better think." Jane Ruyun stared at her, a calculating look suddenly appearing in her eyes.

"Your mom knew you were going to jail, so she was so angry that she fell out of bed and became a vegetable. She's been in the hospital, living off the IV."

"According to grandfather, I can break your mother's nutrient solution at any time for a woman outside!"

It was night, and the seductive charm was giving him a life of luxury.

Jane Mo walked through it, struggling to hold the wine cup.

This was the largest entertainment club in Fu City, and Jane Ruyun had told her that if she didn't want her mother to be expelled from the hospital, she had to work here.

Be the lowest attendant.

"203!" The person in charge of the Sky No. 1 Room called out.

Here, 203 was her code name, and her function was to make the guests happy.

Even if he sold his dignity.

Holding the bottle of wine, Jane Mo bent her body and walked into the private room.

There were three men and four women. Two of the men were hugging each other, except for a man sitting in the dark, whose face was hidden by the light.

After pouring the wine, he quickly left, trying to reduce the feeling of his own existence as much as possible.

Suddenly a low, magnetic voice from the darkness stopped her.

Hearing the voice, Jian Mo turned his head.

A sharp gaze fell straight on Jane Mo, and her eyes were filled with a cold aura, causing her to shiver uncontrollably.

Shen Ji Lun stood up and walked to a spot not far away where he stood. He wore a grey windbreaker which was very well-groomed and clean, which made the man appear tall and handsome.

Jane Mo lowered her head, she was so nervous that she couldn't breathe, she really didn't think that she would be able to see Shen Ji Lun in this kind of place!

The man's deep eyes slightly narrowed as his gaze slowly sized her up from top to bottom. Every second was slow for her!

The corner of Shen Jielun's mouth curved into a cold smile. "Jane Mo?"

"You've just come out and you're already serving as a student in this sort of place. You really can't help but feel despicable deep down in your bones!"

Jian Mo lowered his head and said nothing. After a long while, he nodded his head and replied with a light voice, "Yes."


When Shen Ji Lun saw how Jian Mo was yielding to his demands, he felt extremely infuriated.

Rubbing his tie roughly, his voice seemed to suppress his anger, as he mocked disdainfully, "What, the money that the Jane family gave you is not enough? Do I need you to sell it? Do you like money that much? "

Jane Mo lowered his head and opened his eyes wide. He felt a strong pain in his heart. Did he not like money?

With money, she could afford her mother's medical expenses.

With money, she would be able to live a simple life away from Shen Quilan, away from Jane's family.

"Yes." Jane Mo's body seemed to be frozen, as she stiffly nodded her head.

So, because the Ye Family gave her the money, she betrayed him back then?!

A layer of frost instantly covered Shen Ji Lun's face. He looked at Jian Chen with eyes of ice.

The next moment, Shen Jilun suddenly took out a thick stack of money from his jacket and threw it at Jian Mo's face. His gaze was cruel and cold. "Pick up the money! Kneel down and pick it up!"

Jane Mo's body trembled as the RMB floated before her eyes and landed on the ground.

"Pick it up!" Don't you like money? "Three years ago, you could have sold me out for money. What else could you not have done?"

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