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C3 Tip to you

Shen Jilun's gaze was like that of a falcon's, firmly locking onto Jian Chen. He was unwilling to let go of even the slightest of the change in expression on her face. His gaze was bloodthirsty and cruel, as if he wanted to tear apart her bones and swallow her stomach.

In his heart, a voice kept shouting, "Explain! Explain!"

Jane Mo stood there woodenly. The pain from being smashed on the forehead by Shen Jielun gradually disappeared, but the pain in his heart was magnified infinitely.

Shen Qilan was right. His mother was still in the hospital. She could do anything for money.

Jane Mo tried his best to ignore the pain in his heart. Under Shen Ji Lun's silent and cramped gaze, he slowly bent over and stretched out his hand. He really knelt down on the ground and picked up the money one by one and arranged them neatly.

The originally noisy private room was now silent. Everyone's gaze was attracted to this side.

Everyone had a mocking smile on their faces as they watched Jian Mo make a fool out of himself.

Shen Ji Lun frowned. He wanted to publicly humiliate Jian Mo, but when Jian Mo did as he was told, he inexplicably felt his eyes clogging up.

"So despicable!" Shen Ji Lun coldly spat out these words before turning his face away in disgust. "Scram!"

As if he had received an amnesty, Jian Mo immediately stood up and turned to leave.

In the red and green room, someone suddenly asked, "You don't have any money with you?"

Jane Mo stopped in his tracks.

The people in the number 1 box of the Son of Heaven were either rich or noble.

It wasn't just Shen Jilun who she couldn't afford to offend. She couldn't afford to offend anyone else!

That person became interested in Jane Mo and wanted to make a prank. He threatened and joked: "Didn't you just kneel down and pick up the money? Now that you're so generous, you don't want it anymore? "

"This is Young Master Shen's tip. How dare a small assistant like you reject it!"

The warning in those last words was quite obvious.

Jane Mo could only expressionlessly turn around and respectfully bow to Shen Jilun, "Thank you for the tip, Mister Shen."

Then he stretched out his skinny hand and shakily went to get the money.

However, just as Jane Mo touched the stack of money, she suddenly stretched out a slender and strong hand to hold down the money.

Jian Mo looked up timidly. Shen Ji Lun's expression was ice-cold as his thin lips slightly parted, "I regret my actions. Such a lowly person like you is not worth the money!"

"Now, get out of my sight!"

In an instant, Jian Mo's expression turned extremely ugly.

The disdain and disdain in Shen Jilun's eyes were so glaring that Jane Mo blankly stared at him. Her eyes felt sore and she wanted to cry, but she was unable to do so.

Having been imprisoned for three years, she had been tormented to the point that she could no longer learn to shed tears. Because if you cried in that place, there would only be more people bullying you.

Jane Mo lowered his eyes and did not react for a long time.

Yet, her lack of resistance only further infuriated Shen Ji Lun. Was this woman so despicable now?

Where's that lively and lively foam?

Where was the gentle smile that used to move people?

A wave of nameless fire attacked his heart, Shen Jielun was extremely angry, he threw the bottle of wine in his hand to the ground and angrily roared at Jian Mo, "I told you to scram!"

Jane Mo quickly picked up the broken bottles on the floor, opened the door of the private room and left.

Outside the door, Jane Ruyun and the charming manager stood not too far away. The two of them seemed to be happily chatting with each other.

Remembering how Jane Ruyun had made things difficult for him, she quickly lowered her head, pretended not to see it, and walked to the other side in quick steps.

Due to walking too fast and not being able to see the road clearly, he ended up running into a drunk young man!

Ah!" I'm sorry! "I'm sorry!

Jane Mo was afraid that he would bump into some rich and powerful family, so he trembled in fear and kept on bowing to apologize.

The man ignored her and rushed to the bathroom to vomit.

Jane Mo was so scared that she did not dare to leave, and just stood there blankly.

At the turn, a voice that was as simple as the clouds sounded faintly. It was only half a wall away, so the voice that was as simple as the clouds could be heard clearly.

"Manager Zhang, since when could any random cat or dog enter a first class box with a charming appearance?"

Jane Ruyun looked at the room that Jane Mo just came out of, her gaze stopped on manager Zhang's face, full of ridicule.

The charming Sky No. 1 box was Shen Ji Lun's personal box.

Only he was qualified to bring in his friends, so this room was left empty for Shen Jiran all year round.

Other than Jian Mo, who had just left the prison, everyone in Fu Cheng knew this very clearly!

Hearing Jane Ruyun's words, manager Zhang quickly said: "Miss Jane, please do not misunderstand, our charming service is definitely first-rate."

Jane Ruyun sneered.

Manager Zhang said with a fawning smile, "Isn't it out of respect for the Jane family to let Jane Mo into the room?"

When Jane Ruyun heard this, the ridicule on her face became even stronger, "For the sake of the Jane family? The Jane family has long since disowned someone who betrayed Shen Ji Lun and went to jail. "

"Shen Ji Lun detests her to the extreme. Manager Zhang is a smart person, he should be able to see through the situation!"

Jian Mo hid in the dark and watched as Jane Ruyun walked into Shen Ji Lun's room after she finished her words, as if she was the victor.

For a moment, she thought about arguing with Jane Ruyun.

However, with just a spark, it was immediately extinguished.

Because she didn't have the confidence to talk about it.

She had indeed been in prison, abandoned by the Jane family, and loathed by Shen Ji Lun. No matter what he said or did, she was nothing to him.

Jane Mo lowered her eyes and suddenly felt a little sad. She knew that what Jane Ruyun said was the truth.


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