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C4 Leaf

A rogue male voice suddenly came from above.

When she looked up, she saw that the man she had bumped into had somehow turned back and was now standing in front of her, looking down at her with a smile that was not a smile.

"I ?" Jane Mo immediately became nervous and stammered as if trying to explain what just happened.

"You're Jane Mo?" The young man suddenly approached, one hand on her head, the other on her chin, his bright eyes locking onto her like a hawk.

"I'm Ye Xiao!" The man parted his lips, revealing an intoxicating smile.

It was someone from the Ye Family!

Jian Mo's small face instantly turned pale. Back then when she was framed and colluded with the Ye family to sell out Shen Ji Lun, besides being exposed, Shen Ji Lun also found some evidence in the Ye family.

That was to say, the Ye Family also had a part in harming her back then!

A great panic struck her. Jane Mo's eyes began to tremble as she stared at Ye Xiao. She struggled to leave, "Please... Let me go! "

When Ye Xiao saw her like this, a deep smile appeared in his eyes. Suddenly, he drew closer and nearly kissed her with his thin lips.

A warm and moist breath was let out by her ear, "I heard that you helped the Ye Family topple Shen Ji Lun. Hey, tell me, what exactly did you do?"

He was obviously proud of his words, but when he heard Ye Xiao's words, there was an indescribable sense of anger mixed within.

It was just that Jane Mo only wanted to get out of the shackles as soon as possible, so he didn't care.

"Jiran, why are you drinking so much? Drinking alcohol is bad for your health. I'll feel sorry for you." The private room's door opened and a sweet voice that was so sweet it was as though it was made of oil could be heard.

Then Shen's slightly drunk, yet still sober, reply: "It's fine. Let Artoo drive you home tonight."

The sound of footsteps gradually drew closer, heading in the direction of Jian Mo!

"Please, please let me go!" His eyes were filled with great fear, and all he wanted to do was flee, his voice trembling like he was about to cry.

Ye Xiao noticed the strangeness of the woman in his arms and frowned slightly. The cynical smile on his face intensified. "Are you afraid?"

Ta ? ? Ta ? ? ? Ta ? ? ?

"I ?" Listening to Shen Jiran's voice getting closer and closer, Jane Mo became incoherent with fear.

"What are you doing!" A cold voice was heard.

Ye Xiao frowned as he looked at the approaching person in displeasure. It was as though he was dissatisfied with Shen Jielun for interrupting his interest in watching a show.

The change in the expression of the little girl in his arms was truly interesting.

"Ye Xiao, when did you return?" Shen Ji Lun's cold gaze noticed the existence of Ye Xiao and his eyes darkened. "The one who came back with unclear knowledge from women is indeed the good son of the Ye family!"

When Jian Mo heard Shen Ji Lun's voice, his entire body shuddered and his face instantly turned deathly pale.

When Ye Xiao saw this, he subconsciously felt a strong urge to protect the woman in his arms and did the same.

Long arm extended to embrace Jane Mo in his bosom, arrogantly looking at Shen Jilun with a smile and said, "Yes!"

With that said, Ye Xiao held Jane Mo even more tightly, as though he wanted to squeeze her into his embrace.

Jian Mo frowned slightly as he tried his best to resist the other's touch, but he did not dare to struggle at all.

In Shen Ji Lun's eyes, such a lack of struggle was tantamount to obedience!

Shen Ji Lun's face turned ashen. He clenched his fists under his shirt and shifted his gaze to Jane Mo's face. His eyes turned cold. "Jane Mo, I've underestimated you!"

Jian Mo lowered his head. His eyelashes quivered because of Shen Ji Lun's words. Naturally, he could hear the mockery in Shen Ji Lun's words, but he still did not utter a single word.

Shen Ji Lun had always looked down on him. What did it matter to him if he spoke up again?

"As soon as you came out, you hooked up with the third young master of the Ye family, Jian Mo. Your ability to seduce men has improved over the past three years!" Shen Jilun coldly lifted his lips, the sarcasm in his eyes intensifying.

"Shen Jiren, what do you mean by that?" Ye Xiao's eyes, which were as deep as the night sky, hid a sharp glint as he stared at Shen Jielun with a smile that was not a smile, "foam, she's your ex-wife. It's none of your business who you are with now."

Ye Xiao lived abroad all year round, so he only had a little understanding of people and matters in the country. He was not familiar with them. But for some reason, she couldn't help but want to protect this weak little woman.

Shen Ji Lun smiled coldly without saying a word. His ferocious gaze landed on Jane Mo's face, seeming as though he wanted to eat her alive.

The moment Jane Ruyun's gaze landed on Jian Mo, a complicated look appeared in her eyes.

Shen Ji Lun had always been a person who didn't show any emotions. However, he was different when it came to Jane Mo. It was obvious that he still held feelings for her!

When she thought here, the look in Jane Ruyun's eyes became even more hateful!

However, following that, Ye Xiao did something that Shen Jielun could not tolerate.

"Mo, let's go." Ye Xiao lightly kissed on her forehead.

Jane Mo looked as though she had been scalded. She pushed Ye Xiao away and stared at him with her eyes wide open like a fawn.

A kiss that was like a dragonfly touching the water made Ye Xiao savor it.

This woman, how could her taste be so good?


Shen Jiren bellowed like a lion as he punched Ye Xiao in the face. He looked at him with an irrepressible rage.

Damn it, they actually dared to touch Jane Mo in front of him?!

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