Love You is a Calamity/C5 Don't allow others to get their hands on you
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Love You is a Calamity/C5 Don't allow others to get their hands on you
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C5 Don't allow others to get their hands on you

Ye Xiao crawled up from the ground. There were traces of blood seeping out from the corners of his mouth. Ye Xiao licked his lips and without any hesitation, he punched out at Shen Jielun.

However, he was caught by Shen Jiran's powerful arm.

Ye Xiao looked at him with great anger. "Didn't you break off the engagement with Jian Mo? Since all of you are no longer related, what are you doing now?"

Ye Xiao looked provocatively at Shen Ji Lun and said, "What, you want to eat the grass now?"

Jian Mo's face turned completely white. He wouldn't ?

Shen Lun's lips curled up into a cold smile. He softly said a few words, "I'm disgusted."

"This woman is Ruoyun's little sister. She doesn't want her face to be associated with any wild men. Ruoyun even wants her face!"

Jane Mo lowered her eyes. As expected, Shen Ji Lun didn't have any feelings for her and this was within her expectations.

However, Jian Mo's face turned even paler.

"Shen Ji Lun, you'd better not regret what you said today." Ye Xiao glared at her fiercely as he prepared to leave with Jane Mo.

"Ji Lun, let's go as well." Seeing this, Jane Ruyun smiled and went forward to stop Shen Jiran's arm.

However, in the next second, he was quickly thrown away by Shen Ji Lun.

He strode forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his embrace without a word.

"Even if I don't want a woman that I, Shen Jilun, have used, it's not a man's turn to meddle in my affairs!"

Shen Jilun tightly held Jane Mo in his arms, unable to break free.

Jian Mo curled up into a ball as his pupils violently quivered. He was unable to describe the terror and panic within his eyes.

"You ?!" Ye Xiao's eyes widened as he glared at Shen Ji Lun, his rage akin to that of a lion's.

Shen Jiren looked coldly at Ye Xiao and a cold glint appeared in his eyes. He said in a cold voice, "Ye Xiao, if you want to be sent out of the country by the Ye family, you can continue infuriating me!"

As the voice faded, the profound meaning in the words became self-evident.

The fist Ye Xiao hid in his sleeves clenched again and again. In the end, it still hung down powerlessly, giving up on resisting.

Shen Ji Lun's lips curled upwards as he coldly snorted.

A few good friends walked out of the box that Ye Xiao had booked. They walked to their location, but they did not know what had happened to the group of people. They chatted and laughed as they supported Ye Xiao back to the box.

Before Ye Xiao left, he turned around to glance at Jian Mo in worry. He did not know why, but he felt an inexplicable desire to pity this extremely ordinary looking woman.

But in the end, he still followed the others back to the room.

The moment Ye Xiao left, Shen Jilun said to Jane Ruyun, "Let Adu drive you home," and quickly left with Jian Mo.

Jane Ruoyun stood at the back, staring at Jane Mo's back with burning jealousy, as if she wanted to make a hole in her!

"Shen ?" Shen Jilun strode forward with his wrist tightly clenched. Following behind him, Jane Mo stumbled a few times and almost fell down. He was just about to ask Shen Jilun to slow down a little.

However, he suddenly remembered that they were no longer the same as three years ago. He had already spoken and forcefully swallowed his words.


Shen Jilun roughly threw Jane Mo Luo into the car. He didn't feel the slightest bit of pity. Ignoring the fact that he had drunk a cup of wine, he drove the car into the air, causing Jane Mo's vision to spin uncontrollably.

Arriving at Shen Court, Shen Jielun didn't say anything further and directly dragged the person out of the car, dragging Jian Mo along with him.

Ahh!" Before Jian Mo could even stand firmly on his feet, he stumbled and fell onto the ground before he could even enter the Shen family's gate.

At one point, the situation was extremely ugly. The Shen family still had other servants at work, so when they saw how Jian Mo was acting, they all whispered amongst themselves and mocked him.

As for Shen Ji Lun, he watched as Jian Chen made a fool out of himself. His deep eyes narrowed slightly and his lips that were as elegant as the lips of God, yet beautiful, could spit out words that could pierce through one's heart.

"Kneeling in such a hurry, Jane Mo, can you be any more despicable?"

Shen Jilun pulled Jane Mo up from the ground, pulled her hair back, and forced her to look at him face to face. Seeing the obvious pain on Jane Mo's face, he felt a bit of relief in his heart, and stared at her as if he was talking to Satan. "Does it hurt? "If it hurts, just beg me."

The pain in her scalp was so intense that she could only endure it. Her gaze shifted to Shen Ji Lun's face as if she was holding onto the last straw. "Mister Shen, please, can you just let me go?"

If that was the case, she would simply plead for it!

As if he had seen through her thoughts, Shen Jilun's cold lips curled up into a smile that was like Satan as he hugged her by the waist in an instant.

After which, Shen Ji Lun didn't wait for anyone to react and carried Jian Mo up to the room on the second floor.

He kicked open the door and threw Jane Mo at his feet. He looked down at her like he was an emperor, contemptuously saying, "Please, Jane Mo, use the lowliest method to beg me!"

Jane Mo sat on the ground, feeling the chill in her bones. Was this really what Shen Jilun wanted to do to her?

She had gone to jail for three years with the black pot of betraying the Shen family. She no longer wanted to wash away her grievances and explain what had happened that year.

If he felt she was wrong, she would admit it;

He felt angry, and she let him.

She only wanted to be able to protect her vegetative mother. She only wanted Jane Ruyun to not let the hospital stop her mother's oxygen tank.

That being the case, was he still unwilling to let her off?

A slender and powerful finger lifted his chin. Jane Mo raised his head and met the cold gaze of Shen Jielun.

He raised his brows slightly and finally asked, "Jian Mo, do you regret betraying me when you've fallen to this state?"

Deep down in his heart, he actually wanted to hear the word 'regret' coming from this woman's mouth. He actually wanted to believe that this woman had once repented.

Jian Mo's body lightly trembled like a broken leaf in the wind. The depths of his eyes were unconcealably filled with a hint of sparkling light ?

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