My Bad Boy Billionaire/C1 Seeking Help on A Forum
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C1 Seeking Help on A Forum
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C1 Seeking Help on A Forum

"Which crime would I have committed if I slept with a young hunk after getting drunk? I'll be online waiting for responses, it's urgent..."

Scarlett Mitchell hid in the toilet, holding a phone with her hands while her body trembled.

Last night, due to a breakthrough in the company achievements, the manager threw a celebration party, and she got drunk!

However, when she woke up, she realized that she had spent a night with a young hunk who was newly recruited by company.

In the meantime, the young hunk was still asleep, lying on the bed outside while she hid in the toilet trembling, seeking help on the forum.

This was how she ended her 28 years of virginity in a daze.

What was worse was that Yem Ruyu had only been in the company for less than a week and already had high popularity among women. If those female colleagues in the company found out that she had slept with Joseph Wilson, who knew what might happen!

Perhaps she might be close to death.

Just in a glimpse of an eye, she had received quite a lot of replies on the forum.

[You're so lucky to be able to sleep with young hunk!]

[This is quite a serious matter. If a young boy who has just graduated and started working is slept by a middle-aged woman, it may cause sexual and mental disorders for him in the future. From then on, he may cause harm to society, transferring the torment within him to other girls. With that, you have successfully created a monster who could harm women!]

[Perhaps you'll be found by young hunk's family, and then they'll hire dozens of middle-aged men to take revenge on you. You're on your own now, good luck!]

[Such behavior will be sentenced to three years or less of imprisonment. The conviction will be determined depending on the criminal means and motives. It's best if you can settle this in private, or else you will be imprisoned!]

Scarlett fell into extreme anxiousness after seeing these replies. Should she escape before he woke up?

'What if he reports to the police?'

Scarlett secretly opened the door slightly and saw that the person was still sleeping soundly on the bed. She then tiptoed out of the toilet, taking out the remaining few hundred yuan from her bag, throwing it on the bed, and escape as soon as possible.

After returning home, Scarlett called her colleague, Leah, asking her to apply two days of sick leave for her.

In the hotel room, Joseph Wilson, who had a hangover, woke up and realized that there was a pile of cash at the bedside. 'What is this...?'

After some time of thinking, he finally remembered that he had been drugged last night and seemed to have been dragged into the room by a woman.

Fortunately, he had not lost his mind at the time and took a few photos of the woman with his phone.

With this thought in mind, Joseph picked up the phone at the bedside, unlocking his phone, and saw that this woman was...

Looking at the pile of cash at the bedside, a playful look flashed across his eyes.

After hiding at home for two days, Scarlett felt that she really could not stay at the company any longer. Hence, she turned on the computer and found the template for her resignation letter, copying it, and wrote a ten pages long resignation letter.

With that, she headed to the company with sunglasses and mask on to avoid running into her colleagues. When she arrived at the company, she went straight to the director's office and handed in the resignation letter.

At that instant, the director was shocked by her sudden resignation. When the director came back to his senses, he asked "Mo Nanxi, what are you..."

Scarlett gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as if she was making a life or death decision. She bowed at him at a 90 degrees angle and said, "Manager, please approve my resignation."

"What a coincidence! Joseph told me the same thing yesterday. Have both of you planned this together?" The director's eyes sparkled as if he had seen through everything as he stared at her.

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