My Bad Boy Billionaire/C12 It Can't be Such a Coincidence Can It!
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C12 It Can't be Such a Coincidence Can It!
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C12 It Can't be Such a Coincidence Can It!

Scarlett was so scared that her blood almost froze. She suddenly pushed Joseph away. She didn't see the cunning look in Joseph's eyes.

"Mom, it is not what you think!" Scarlett looked at her mother who was striding over and her legs were trembling in fear.

"If it's not what I think, then what is it?" Mrs Mitchell threw away the trash and pulled them upstairs.

In the living room, Scarlett wanted to find a hole to hide in. What was this all about?

Mr Mitchell and Mrs Mitchell both used tax to look at the two of them. Only Layla was watching the show the entire time. She even teased them.

She said, "Mom, just let my sister go! After all, it's not easy for her to find such an excellent boy!"

Scarlett slapped her and hit Layla on the head, "Don't talk nonsense!"

What's your name? " Mr Mitchell suddenly asked. It was obvious that he was the one asking.

Scarlett was worried that things would get more complicated. She quickly said, "Dad, he just sent me home..."

"Am I talking to you?" Mr Mitchell glared at her, scaring Scarlett so much that she weakly shut her mouth.

"Uncle, my name is Joseph. You can call me Joseph." Joseph was really a good kid who pretended to be good. Scarlett could feel her father's joy.

Then, Joseph was hugged by his father's shoulder and said that he wanted to go downstairs and talk to him about his life's ideals.

Just as Joseph's foot stepped out of the door, Scarlett was grabbed by Mrs Mitchell's hand and taught her how to think!

In the end, Scarlett really couldn't take it anymore. She roared, "He is not my boyfriend! I will never be together with him in this lifetime!"

Then, in front of Mrs Mitchell and her sister, Scarlett fiercely slammed the door to the room as a protest.

In the winery, Joseph and Mr Mitchell finished talking about their lives and returned to the shop.

Asher Ashford had already picked up the bills on the floor and folded them neatly on the table. Seeing him return, he laughed even more happily. "Yo, you're back. I thought you weren't coming back tonight."

Joseph walked over and said, "This is from my mother. Put it away for me."

"Wow, she's so handsome. She gave you your mom's money. I like it! Asher Ashford immediately felt Joseph's murderous gaze and shut his mouth.

Joseph's eyes fell on the red banknotes and the corner of his mouth curled up.

In these few days, besides getting married by her parents, Scarlett had also submitted her resume to look for a job. Surprisingly, not a single company had informed her to go for an interview.

Could it be that she had downloaded a fake app?

Alright! Since the rock had sunk into the sea, she had no choice but to personally bring her resume out to look for a job. She didn't want to take another step into the Wilson's's door in her entire life.

What was depressing was that she didn't get accepted by any company during her interview. Some of them even let her leave after reading her resume.

Half a month had passed, yet not a single company was willing to accept her. This was too unusual!

Scarlett was checking the job market in her room. When Layla knocked on the door and asked her to eat, a wave of nausea suddenly surged into her heart.

She covered her mouth and rushed into the toilet to retch. Suddenly she thought of her menstrual period and her heart sank to the bottom.

Could it be such a coincidence?

During the entire meal, Scarlett resisted the nausea that was about to gush out of her throat. She forced herself to finish the meal with a green face but still could not resist going to the toilet to vomit completely.

The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became. The next day, Scarlett wore a mask and sunglasses and went to the hospital. She drew blood for the examination.

When the report was out, Scarlett wanted to die.

Permanent value - 60.2

HCG Human Edelweiss Promoting Adenoid hormone value - 703.12

Diagnosis: Six weeks in the early stage of pregnancy

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