My Bad Boy Billionaire/C14 He's Dead Again
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C14 He's Dead Again
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C14 He's Dead Again

Joseph looked at Scarlett who left in anger because she didn't want to get an abortion. He didn't seem to be that angry anymore. At least this woman still had some conscience and didn't dare to abort his child.

Seeing her walk far away, Joseph followed her out.

Asher Ashford tactfully followed her. This was the first time two men had followed a woman in their lives. It felt a little strange.

"Hey, young Mr Wilson, how did you find out that this woman was pregnant and confirm that the child she was carrying was yours?"

"You talk too much." Joseph did not want to say it. Actually, he was not sure if Scarlett was really pregnant, but the message Leah sent him seriously affected him.

He did not know why he cared so much about Scarlett and could not even be so cruel to confront her.

They followed Scarlett to another western restaurant and also chose a hidden corner to sit down so that it was convenient to observe.

Asher Ashford picked up his cup and said, "Hey, could it be that she has a meeting with another man?"

Just as Asher Ashford finished speaking, a man in a shirt wearing glasses walked to Scarlett's side and asked, "May I ask if you are Miss Scarlett? I am Zachary Whitlock. I am very happy to meet you."

Asher Ashford could not help but laugh again. He gave Scarlett a thumbs up.

There was actually someone in this world who could make Joseph so angry that he did not explode. So far, only she was still alive.

"Hello." Scarlett smiled and tried her best to look polite and friendly.

This man was much better than the last. Although he was very ordinary, at least he would not make people sick.

But she didn't expect this man to ask the same question as the previous man from the start.

"Miss Scarlett is currently pregnant?"

Scarlett's smile was stiff and she nodded.

"That child's father?"

"He died. The child's father died in an accident!" Compared to her previous hesitation, this second answer was very smooth.

From the corner came the sound of a cup breaking. Scarlett was scared. She turned around and could not see what was happening around the corner. She could only give up.

In fact, if Asher Ashford did not press Joseph on the chair, Joseph would have rushed out.

"Calm down! Calm down! If you go out like this, you'll be exposed. Even if you don't want face, "I still want face!" Asher Ashford did not want to be accused of being a stalker.

"Actually, Miss Scarlett, I am quite satisfied with you. To be honest, if you do not have children..."

"Wait. What did you say?" Scarlett felt that these men were all sick. In the beginning, they said they did not mind the children, but now they all talk about the children.

"Oh, don't mind. I was just telling the truth. After all, it's not cheap to raise a child in society. " The key is that your child is not mine. "

Let's stop here! " Scarlett picked up her bag and put her drink money on the table. She said seriously, "We will never see each other again!"

Scarlett walked out of the western restaurant again. Asher Ashford could not help but laugh.

Joseph regretted bringing Asher Ashford out. Because of this, he could be ridiculed by Asher Ashford for the rest of his life.

After Scarlett walked out of the western restaurant, she immediately contacted the third man. She had to hurry up and decide on this time. She could not waste it.

Scarlett still agreed to meet the third man in another western restaurant. Asher Ashford grabbed Joseph's hand and asked, "She seems to like going out at the western restaurant very much."

Joseph slapped Asher Ashford's hand away. Joseph was already fuming with anger. It was not easy to maintain a cold expression.

"Hello, are you Miss Scarlett?" Scarlett heard a gentle voice from behind and turned her head abruptly.

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