My Bad Boy Billionaire/C15 That's Enough
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C15 That's Enough
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C15 That's Enough

The man was dressed in casual clothes, he was smiling and handsome, and his overall image was eighty-five points.

"My name is Samuel Elrod. Nice to meet you!" As he spoke, the man reached out his hand to her. Scarlett smiled and shook his hand.

Samuel Elrod sat opposite her. He smiled. Miss Scarlett You look like your picture. You're beautiful.

As he spoke, the man's face carried a faint smile, making people feel very comfortable looking at him.

Scarlett felt that if this person did not mind the child, then it was decided!

Asher Ashford nudged Joseph's shoulder slyly. "This man," he said. Although he is not as good-looking as you and does not have money, and does not have a good family background, he seems to have a good chance."

"You can shut up!" Joseph said fiercely.

Asher Ashford quickly covered his mouth, indicating that he would not speak again. In fact, he had been happy for a long time. He thought, Joseph, you have been despised by women today. This is so damn good!

"Miss Scarlett, I think you already know my information. I will not introduce myself. I have a question for you. Who is the father of the child..."

"He is dead. He died in an accident!" Scarlett could think of what he wanted to ask and directly interrupted him.

In the corner, Asher Ashford seemed to hear the sound of teeth grinding. Joseph's expression could be said to be very scary.

"Brother, calm down!" Asher Ashford patted his shoulder weakly. To be honest, at this moment, his heart really ached for him. He had actually been cursed by the same woman three times in a day!

"What a sad story. Miss Scarlett, don't be too sad. Your future is still very long. If you are willing, please let me take care of you and the baby." The man was calm and elegant. His face was full of a warm smile.

Scarlett was suddenly moved. Just now she almost thought that he would be the same as the other two and make her give up on this child. She did not expect him to be willing to accept her.

"You really don't mind me getting pregnant?" Scarlett looked at him and said. She carefully observed the man's eyes, wanting to find traces of lying or even unwillingness.

What made her gratified was that this man really seemed to genuinely accept her and the child.

"I don't mind. Giving birth to life is the most sacred thing in nature. I look forward to the arrival of the baby." The man smiled, making her feel as if she was bathing in a spring breeze.

Scarlett nodded in satisfaction. If there were no big problems, it would be him!

It just so happened that she could fulfill her parents' requirements and also find a father for the baby. It was simply perfect!

"I think we can..."

"I heard that you tell people everywhere that I'm dead?" Joseph suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Asher Ashford had no time to stop him.

Scarlett was scared silly. She looked at him and her heart was in a mess.

"Sir, you are?" The man looked at him in surprise and then looked at Scarlett who was already in a daze. He frowned and asked, "Miss Scarlett, can I trouble you to explain?"

"There is nothing to explain. My wife had a quarrel with me and wanted to find a man to anger me. Coincidentally, you are that unlucky man. I am really sorry to disappoint you!" Joseph pulled Scarlett up from the chair and walked out. His whole body was cold.

Asher Ashford took out a few notes and put them on the table. He said to the man who was already in a daze, "Sorry, this meal is mine."

Outside, Scarlett was being dragged by Joseph all the way, but her legs were still short. She had to walk very hard to keep up with his footsteps.

Asher Ashford walked out and saw this scene. He wisely chose not to follow her.

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