My Bad Boy Billionaire/C18 Spare Me with a Million!
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C18 Spare Me with a Million!
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C18 Spare Me with a Million!

Scarlett silently cursed in her heart. The little wolf dog of the dark forces fiercely despised him!

She could not follow him in. If she went in, she could only let the mermen eat her. There was still an hour left and she had to leave this place.

In the waiting room, Scarlett sat opposite him. Damn it, this guy didn't let go. He held her tightly, and his wrist was red.

"What do you want?" Scarlett really didn't understand why Joseph suddenly appeared and dragged her here.

Joseph did not say anything and looked at her silently. His eyes were like the stars in the sky. They were like stars that shot into her heart.

Scarlett turned her face away. She didn't dare to look at his face anymore. It was easy for her to fall into his eyes.

After a long time, Joseph suddenly asked, "Do you really want to get married that much?"

Scarlett was slightly stunned and said, "Yes, I want to get married."

Joseph's gaze landed on her abdomen. "For the child?"

"Don't think too much. The child is not yours." Scarlett subconsciously used her bag to cover her stomach. She was worried that she would be seen through and was even more afraid that the child would be hurt.

"Since it's not mine, why are you so nervous?"

"Me, me, me, I was nervous because you dragged me here to scare me. It's not because of the child that I'm nervous, okay?"

She did not know that to Joseph, her current performance was just like this. She smiled and let go of her hand.

Scarlett rubbed her red wrist. After greeting his family in her heart, she thought of a plan. She smiled and said, "Well, I need to go to the washroom."

Just as she was about to turn around, Joseph grabbed her hand again. Scarlett took a deep breath and took a deep breath before explaining stiffly with a smile. "I just want to go to the toilet. I won't leave."

The receptionist came over with the room card. "Sir, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. This is Room 802 card. I wish you a good life."

Joseph smiled as he took the room card. He stood up and held her in his arms. He whispered in his ear, "There is a toilet in the room."

Scarlett looked like she was eating. She was dragged into the room under everyone's envious gaze.

As the door was locked, Scarlett's heart sank to the bottom. She weakly leaned against the wall and watched Joseph walk towards her step by step with a smile on his face.

"Young Master Yan, if you are magnanimous, you should let me, this poor man, go! I admit defeat, I can't afford to play, okay?" Scarlett's legs were weak. At that time, she used money to throw at him just for a moment's time. She did not think of the consequences at all!

Joseph walked over and habitually pushed her against the wall. He said with a smile, "Okay! Back then, you were like a strong person to me. Let me also be strong once, just treat it as a draw!"

Scarlett's heart was trembling. She shrunk her neck. "That, can you use another way to humiliate me? For example... you can use me to double your price and use a million to smash me!"

Joseph blinked his eyes and tried to understand what she was talking about. He was upset that the puppies in the TV and novels were all very nice to him.

Why did this guy get more and more scary the more he looked at them?

Scarlett felt that she might have met a fake puppy. Otherwise, how could she be so miserable?

"That's quite a good idea." Joseph laughed in anger. He really did not know what the brain structure of an old woman was like.

"You, you, you, you... calm down. If your mother knew that you were still entangled with me, she would be angry. " You have to be a good son and not do anything to your mom. "

Scarlett broke out in cold sweat. However, Joseph was close to her. Her heart was beating so hard that she could not control it at all. She spoke incoherently even to her mother.

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