My Bad Boy Billionaire/C2 You Have Left Something Behind
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C2 You Have Left Something Behind
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C2 You Have Left Something Behind

With the director's suspicious stare, Scarlett was drenched in cold sweat, feeling extremely guilty. She then weakly said, "Manager, I'm not very close to him."

The manager smoothly tore open the envelope of the resignation letter that she prepared, reading a few pages, and said, "Such a coincidence. Even the contents of the resignation letter are exactly the same. Did the two of you..."

"No, there's nothing happened between us. Trust me!" Scarlett felt so nervous that she stuttered, feeling that the director had found out something.

"I did not approve Joseph's resignation. Instead, I've given him a month's leave. The same goes for you. I'll give you a month's leave, so please settle down your emotions before coming back to work," As the manager spoke, he threw the resignation letter into the trash can.

Scarlett walked out of the office in shame and was immediately stopped by her colleague, Leah at the door, "Scarlett, are you actually planning to resign?"

"No, the director did not approve it!"

Leah lifted her eyebrows in doubt and said, "Scarlett, Are you hiding something from me?

"What can I hide from you?" Scarlett would never want to tell anyone that she had slept with Joseph. Even though Leah was her best friend, she must not tell her too, wanting to keep this a secret.

"That's strange. Joseph had also applied for leave. Until now, I've not seen his fabulous body figure and the women in the company are no longer enthusiastic about working. All of them are looking forward to Joseph's presence to motivate them. Sure enough, the saying that things will be less exhausting for females and males when they work together is true."

Seeing Leah's yearning look, Scarlett became even more worried about her life. She pulled Leah to the bathroom and softly asked, "Tell me, did something terrible happen after I got drunk that day? I... couldn't remember anything!"

Leah smiled beamingly and said, "There was so much that you don't know that night. Joseph looked so seductive when he sang. All the women in the company went crazy over him! If spending a night with Joseph on a bed would cost our life, we're willing to die for him!"

These words directly caused Scarlett's heart to sink to the bottom. Damn, if the group of women found out that an old woman like her had slept with Joseph, they would probably kill her.

It was better for her to run now!

Scarlett walked out of the company expressionlessly, thinking that she absolutely could not remain here any longer. Just by imagining the covetous gazes of her colleagues, she could imagine how tragic her death would be.

One month would be enough for her to find another job.

After leaving the company, Scarlett sat in her small car. Just as she was about to start the car, she received a WeChat message. She gave a glance at it and it seemed to be from... Joseph?

Scarlett felt panic in that instant, immediately opened the message on her phone and saw that Joseph had sent her a photo.

Scarlett downloaded the photo and saw gray underwear with 'Peppa the Pig' on it. At the bottom of the photo, Joseph sent a message saying, "Sis, you've left something behind."

At that moment, the heat grew in Scarlett's cheek, feeling extremely embarrassed and mad at the same time. Yet, she could not vent it out while her teeth trembling uncontrollably.

Due to that Scarlett left in a hurry that day, before she could find her underwear, she had already escaped from the hotel. She did not expect Joseph to find her underwear.

She gave it a deep thought before replying him message, "It's not mine. You've found the wrong person."

Not long after, Joseph sent another photo to her. The woman in the photo had a flushed face and messy hair, lying on the pillow with the bedsheet covering her lower waist. It could be seen clearly that there was a mole on her fair delicate shoulder.

Joseph, "Don't tell me it's not you."

Scarlett was so furious that her teeth were grinding and body was trembling in anger.

After some time of suppressing her anger, she sent a few words, "Sorry, I was drunk that night. If I did something mad, please forget it!"

"Sorry, but I'll never forget it for the rest of my life."

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