My Bad Boy Billionaire/C20 Why Don't You Think about Me?
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C20 Why Don't You Think about Me?
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C20 Why Don't You Think about Me?

"Since you're getting married, why don't you consider me?" Joseph's sudden words scared Scarlett so much that she could not react for a long time. She sat on his body and did not move.

"What... did you say?" Scarlett felt that either she was hallucinating or Joseph was retarded.

Joseph suddenly flipped over and said in a serious tone, "Since anyone can do it, why can't I?"

Scarlett reached her hand to his forehead. "Child, are you okay? Do you want to call your mother over to take you to the hospital? Hmm?"

After she finished speaking, her mouth was once again sealed.

Joseph was a little annoyed. This woman's brain structure seemed to be different from other things. Did she just grow old and not have intelligence?

Damn it, she had already said it so bluntly, but she still couldn't figure it out!

"Wu... What are you... crazy about?!" Scarlett forcefully pushed him away. Was this guy really going to bite at a disagreement?

The more Scarlett struggled, the more Joseph sealed her mouth and even punished her.

Until she finally realized that resistance did not have a good result and gradually relaxed her resistance. Only then did her strength drop.

Scarlett did not resist anymore. Joseph left her lips and panted slightly. His voice was hoarse. "I have never seen a woman as stupid as you. How did you grow so big?"

"I was stupid. Otherwise, why would I get drunk and provoke a wolf dog like you!" Scarlett's face was red and her ears were dry.

"Wolf dog?" Joseph was stunned. This woman actually compared him to a wolf dog? What the hell?

How would he know? She suddenly closed her eyes. Her heart jumped as she said, "Come on! I will make up for what I did wrong!"

Joseph was stunned. The corner of his mouth could not help twitching. Was this an expression of death?

Feeling uncomfortable, Joseph let go of her and sat up. He was completely defeated by her brain circuit.

Scarlett opened her eyes and asked, "Didn't you say where to start and where to end? Why aren't you making a move yet?"

Joseph looked at the bathroom under her gaze. Scarlett took this opportunity to get out of bed quickly. She was about to run when she suddenly thought of the photo and stopped in her tracks.

Sometimes, doing bad things was because she had no choice. God would definitely forgive her, right?

Thinking like this, Scarlett laid her eyes on Joseph's phone at the head of the bed and weakly stretched out her hand.

In the shower, Joseph stood under the shower and let the water drip onto his body. His thoughts were in a mess and he was in a dilemma. It seemed like he had never desired any woman so much.

A few days earlier, Asher Ashford's words were still lingering in his ears. "Don't tell me you like this sister?"

"Although this sister looks silly, she is very cute!"

"It's fine if she's a little older. As long as she's taken care of, it'll be the same when used!"

"Why don't you stop waiting for Yu'er and think about older sister?"

"Actually, in this society, in the vast sea of people, it's not easy to meet people who are tempted. " If you meet people who have feelings, don't say that I didn't remind you, brother! "

This silly woman actually occupied all of her mind for no reason, but she lacked a single muscle and didn't know anything!

Joseph was drenched in water, and his heart was in a mess. He had never doubted himself like this before.

Half an hour later, he turned off the water, picked up the towel, wrapped himself around his body, and opened the bathroom door.

The sound of something falling into the water was heard. Joseph lowered his head and found a phone lying in a small fish tank by the door.

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