My Bad Boy Billionaire/C23 Settle the Score
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C23 Settle the Score
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C23 Settle the Score

Scarlett propped herself up and looked at Joseph cautiously. "What... do you want?"

Joseph threw the phone in front of her, which had died of old age yesterday, and said righteously, "You destroyed my phone. How are you going to settle this score?"

"You opened the door and dropped the phone. How can you blame me?" Scarlett wanted to be a person who would not admit her crimes even if she died.

"Then how can you go to another man with my child?"

"Nonsense. It's not your child." Scarlett straightened her neck and shrank into the bed.

Joseph was sitting by the bed. Yan Zheng said, "I have asked someone to check your medical records in the hospital. Judging from your pregnancy cycle, it is most likely my child."

"You think too much. You are not the only man I have. Don't take a seat."

Joseph's eyes suddenly turned cold. Was this woman so unwilling to see him?

Was she so unwilling to admit that she was the father of the child?

Thinking about those women who had been rushing for him, they wished they could grow wings and wrap around him 365 degrees. She was good, but she had completely forgotten about it. It was as if he was an unpardonable evil.

Since when had he, who had always been arrogant and uninhibited, become so incompetent!

Feeling Joseph's cold aura, Scarlett was a little scared. She weakly retreated back into the bed. " You, you, you, you... don't look at me like that. Because the child is not yours to begin with. Even if you make a big hole in me...

He swallowed the rest of his words. Joseph realized that the method Asher Ashford told him was very effective against women.

As long as the woman was disobedient, he would seal her mouth immediately and cure her of her illness.

Scarlett wanted to push him away, but he held her head down. Her mouth was full of his smell. There was a faint grass smell in her mouth. She was clearly resisting, but she had to die.

Joseph kissed her lips hard. As long as she resisted, he would kiss her even more fiercely, until she completely lost her resistance and was paralyzed in his arms.

The temperature in the room suddenly soared. Scarlett was kissed until her mind was a little muddled.

Layla did not knock and pushed open the door. How did she know that she saw such a scene? She quickly used her hands to cover her eyes and whispered anxiously, "Hello, Sister, Mom and Dad are back. I saw them on the balcony and they are already downstairs preparing to go upstairs!"

Scarlett instantly came back to her senses. She was so scared that her soul was about to disperse. She used the power of desolation to push Joseph away. She quickly said to Layla, "Go, hurry up and stall Mom and Dad. Don't let them come up so quickly."

As she spoke, she pulled Joseph's hand and walked out. "Please, young Mr Wilson. I will compensate for Young Master Yan's phone, but please leave my home immediately. Please!"

Layla walked out of the house and saw Mr Mitchell Mrs Mitchell opening the elevator door. She was so scared that she quickly turned back. "Sister, it's too late. Mom and Dad are back at the door!"

Scarlett was very nervous the whole time and did not notice the slyness in someone's eyes at all. She even slightly raised the corner of her mouth.

Pulling Joseph back to the room, Scarlett opened her cabinet and pushed him in regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

Joseph stood still. He did not move. His anger rose immediately. "Am I really not worthy of your family's attention?"

Scarlett could not care about the meaning of his words. She put her palms together and begged sincerely, "Please, I beg you. Just let your noble body be wronged and hide in my cabinet, okay?"

"Not good!" Joseph replied instantly and did not consider it at all.

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