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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C30 The Best Choice
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C30 The Best Choice

Scarlett wanted to seal her aunt's mouth immediately. This was too fake!

But her mother liked her way of doing things. She immediately nudged her and whispered, "Mom thinks that this man looks good. Why don't you think about it?"

Scarlett broke out in cold sweat. She forced a smile and did not know what to say. She was afraid that she would say something wrong and start a war. After all, these elderly women were really scary.

"I think Miss Scarlett is very good!" Samuel Elrod's sudden words made her the focus of everyone's attention. It was as if she would kill her if she dared to shake her head.

She wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and smiled awkwardly. "Mr. Xiao sure knows how to joke."

"What I said is true. Miss Scarlett is very good. I hope you can consider it seriously." Samuel Elrod suddenly became serious, and the entire scene became silent, and they were extremely surprised.

It could be said that he really liked a man who could make a man confess in front of so many relatives.

At the same time, he also pushed her to the top of the line. Scarlett felt that it was hard to be a person, so her impression of him was instantly reduced. Because everyone was watching, it was not good for her to give him face. "Is that so? I think Mr. Xiao is also not bad and will consider it carefully."

Suddenly, everyone was happy to hear the news. They wanted to go out to eat and ask Samuel Elrod to treat them.

Scarlett was a little unhappy, but she could not say anything. She walked out of the balcony to take a breather.

Samuel Elrod walked out. "Hey, what a coincidence. I did not expect to see Miss Scarlett here."

"I didn't expect that either." Scarlett pulled the corner of her mouth. She was not very willing to stay with him and was about to enter the house when he suddenly grabbed her hand, "Miss Scarlett, are you really not going to consider me? After all, you can wait. The child cannot wait."

Scarlett shook off her hand and turned back with a frown, "Is this a threat to me?"

No, I am only thinking for Miss Scarlett, am I not? " He laughed willfully, as if he was sure that she would not refuse.

Scarlett's good impression of him stopped abruptly, and she smiled at him and said, "I will not trouble Mister Xiao to take care of it."

"You don't want everyone to know about your own matters, do you? I... am your best choice. I hope you can consider it seriously. I really like you." Samuel Elrod leaned close to her ear and whispered in a threatening tone.

Scarlett forced a smile but did not say anything. She went into the house and said to Mrs Mitchell, "Mom, you go to dinner with everyone. I have something to do and can't go with you. Bye bye."

As she spoke, she did not care about Mrs Mitchell's surprised expression and left her aunt's house.

Samuel Elrod chased after her and pulled her downstairs. "What do you mean?"

"Please let go." Scarlett resisted his touch. Even if she was desperate to find a shelter, she would not abuse it.

"Good, good, good. Calm down first. I was too impulsive just now. I apologize to you." Samuel Elrod realized that she was rejecting him from the bottom of her heart. She did not want to ruin his plans, so he took a step back.

Scarlett did not answer him. She just got into the car and left.

"Miss, where are you going?" The driver asked.

"Let's go to a nearby mall!" Scarlett did not want to go home and did not know where to go. She might as well go to the mall!

Her heart was in a mess. Scarlett seemed to have returned to three years ago when she saw her best friend with the person she loved the most. She was so helpless and at a loss.

After getting out of the car, Scarlett walked into the shopping mall and found that she did not know what she wanted to buy. She looked up and saw that it was a baby's item.

She subconsciously walked in. Perhaps it was a pregnant woman, but her heart became unusually soft. Looking at these baby products, she actually felt that it was pleasing to the eye.

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