My Bad Boy Billionaire/C35 The Feeling of Being Moved
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C35 The Feeling of Being Moved
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C35 The Feeling of Being Moved


Scarlett felt the pain and wanted to push him away. However, he held her tightly and could not push her away at all.

Joseph bit her lower lip again, and Scarlett immediately went mad. She hit his chest with both hands, making banging sounds. He could only sigh that any small hammer was a lie.

This guy's fist was as strong as a hammer. Every punch hit his flesh. It was very painful!

Helplessly, he held a fist with one hand until she completely lost the ability to resist.

"Father, what are they doing?"

"Don't look, they might be having a toothache and biting each other!"

The adults who passed by quickly covered the little guy's eyes and walked past him.

Joseph moved away from her lips. His breath was in disorder as he said, "Wait for me obediently. Don't let your imagination run wild. Otherwise, I'll hit your butt!"

"After I went to elementary school, my parents did not..." Scarlett hurriedly shut her mouth when she came into contact with Joseph's frighteningly cold gaze.

Joseph raised his hand and gently wiped the corner of her mouth. "If I find out that you dare to look for a man for a blind date again, I do not dare to guarantee that you will do something terrifying."

Scarlett blinked her eyes and nodded her head in a daze. A certain part of her heart was softening and sinking slightly.

He sighed and held her hand as they walked back.

Scarlett was stunned as she was led back. She was in a passive position throughout the entire process. The feeling that she had always thought that she had completely lost suddenly returned.

Lowering her head to look at the hands of the two people, it was as if they had returned to a few places in an instant. He was also holding her like this before the New Year. At that time, she thought she was the happiest woman.

She had been looking forward to holding hands for the rest of her life and stepping into the palace of marriage. She did not expect that in the end, a man would not be able to withstand the test. He held her best friend's hand and walked into the palace.

From then on, her heart would die. She would completely die!

She thought that in this life, her heart and heart had already been cut off. She would never experience it again.

At this moment, her heart was beating abnormally, as if it was wavering.

Unknowingly, she held Joseph's hand and walked downstairs. He let go of her hand and Scarlett suddenly came back to her senses. She raised her eyes to look at him.

"Let's go back! No matter if you listen to what I said tonight or not, Tomorrow I will come to find you. Don't try to avoid me, because..." As he spoke, he walked closer to her and kissed her forehead like a dragonfly skimming the water. He said indifferently: "Because, you won't be able to escape at all!"

"Go up, I will watch you go upstairs."

Scarlett's heart shook. That familiar feeling almost suffocated her. In an instant, there were tears in her eyes. Worried that Joseph would see through her embarrassment, she quickly turned around and entered the elevator.

After three years, she seemed to have found the feeling of love again. Scarlett covered her chest with her hands and jumped uncontrollably. Her cheeks were slightly red and her breathing was disordered.

"Will he really come back tomorrow?" Thinking of his words, Scarlett could not help but fall into some anticipation. She did not notice that the corner of her mouth was constantly raised and the smile that was sent to the bottom of her heart.

What she did not know was that Mr Mitchell and Mrs Mitchell had already seen the interaction downstairs from the balcony. They were both secretly guessing that Joseph was the father of the child.

At this moment, seeing Scarlett return, the two elders immediately pretended not to know anything and went back to the room to avoid making their daughter feel embarrassed. They opened the door and saw her foolishly smiling back to the room. Only then did the two elders smile and close the door to sleep.

Inside the room, Scarlett was still in a daze and felt that it was not very real. She opened her phone and saw a message from Joseph: Rest early and see you tomorrow!

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