My Bad Boy Billionaire/C42 I Don't Agree
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My Bad Boy Billionaire/C42 I Don't Agree
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C42 I Don't Agree

Mrs Mitchell opened the door and asked curiously, "Aren't we going to the birth inspection? Why are you back?"

Joseph pulled her into his arms. She looked at Mrs Mitchell with a blank expression. He put his chin on her neck and smiled. "Mom, I want the household register!"

Mrs Mitchell was stunned for a moment. Her brain ran at high speed for five seconds and she instantly understood.

"Okay, wait a minute. Mom will get it immediately!"

Then, Scarlett saw her mother rush back to the room at a speed of 100 meters. After more than ten seconds, she came in front of them with a red book in her hand, "Hey, household register!"

Joseph ended up smiling like a flower. "Thank you, Mom!"

"Hurry up and go! Otherwise, the Civil Affairs Bureau will have to get off work." Mrs Mitchell urged and pushed them out of the door. With a bang, the door closed.

Scarlett finally came back to her senses. Joseph kept asking her what she wanted the household register for!

When she turned her head foolishly, Scarlett said in a daze, "Do you want... to get a certificate with me?"

"What else? Why don't you have brains?" Joseph poked her on the forehead like a drowning pet. He smiled happily when he saw that she was still as silly as before, as if she could not differentiate reality from reality.

"I suddenly feel a little worried. What if the baby's IQ is like yours in the future? What should I do?"

Scarlett was stunned. Her forehead was touched by his big palm and gently ravaged. Not only did she not get angry, but she also felt like she was being protected.

An hour later, in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Scarlett and Joseph prepared to take photos. "Three, two..."

"Wait a minute. Sorry, wait a minute." Scarlett went out today casually. The wedding photo was about to be taken. Shouldn't she put on some makeup?

Joseph looked at her flipping through her bag and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Put on some light makeup! Otherwise, it would be... too ugly!" Scarlett became nervous. She did not know how to put on makeup. She did not even know where to throw the pancake.

"Actually, there is no need to go through so much trouble. I have seen you look even uglier!" Joseph hit her hard without any warning. Then Scarlett obediently pulled the zipper of her bag and decided to be ugly to death.

The staff who helped take the photos said to them, "Three, two, one. Eggplants!"

With a cracking sound, the dust settled. Scarlett looked at Joseph like a big boy, full of expectation, waiting for the photo to be printed.

The two of them handed over the photo with the household register. The staff asked, "May I ask if Mr. Joseph is willing to marry Miss Scarlett? Would Miss Scarlett be willing to marry Mr. Joseph?"

Scarlett saw her hand being held and Joseph smiled at her. Just as he was about to speak, an angry roar came from the door, "I don't agree!"

Everyone looked over and saw Ke Ping's miserable face appear at the door. His face was swollen and his face was swollen as he walked towards her angrily. As he walked, he said, "I don't agree. Scarlett, you said back then that you would not marry anyone other than me in this lifetime. Now you want to marry another man, how can you be like this!"

Scarlett looked at him and laughed in anger. She had been the most blind person in her life. It was probably because she knew a baseless bastard like Ke Ping!

When Ke Ping was about to touch Scarlett's hand, Joseph suddenly grabbed his hand and coldly said, "My woman is also something you can touch?"

As he spoke, Ke Ping did not even have time to react before his entire body was thrown over his shoulder and onto the ground, wailing in pain.

The staff member looked like he was madly beating the crap out of him. He was too cool!

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